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Do you want to be part of the International Monetary Fund team in a collaborative and supportive environment? Do you want to address many of the world economy’s most complex and challenging issues? Or do you wish to make a measurable and direct impact on the welfare of people worldwide? Apply for IMF Internships this summer to join a team that works for the good and betterment of the world. 

The IMF attracts people, including interns, who want their work to matter. You will work in a multicultural environment, where you can work as an economist or be part of a highly-skilled specialized professional and administrative staff. Apply today!!!

About IMF Internships

IMF Internships are summer programs that allow students and fresh graduates to work with an IMF staff in a collaborative and supportive environment to address global economic issues. Interns make a measurable and direct impact on the welfare of people worldwide. Participants will gain an insider’s view of the IMF’s member-country-focused mandate and critical international work. In addition, you will build professional networks. At the same time, you apply your research and analytical skills to the organization and explore questions of fundamental importance to IMF’s member countries and global economic stability.

The program is available to students and new graduates who want to start a career in international organizations or for students curious about policy and operational work. It is an ideal opportunity to use cutting-edge skills and expand your research experience.

For this program, IMF employs 50 students worldwide yearly at IMF headquarters in Washington, D.C. Eligible candidates will participate in these paid internships between June and October. The apprenticeships last for 10 to 12 weeks.

Roles of interns

As an IMF intern, you will work closely with an experienced IMF team on a current issue or research question of importance to its members. After the program, you will present your work to IMF staff. Luckily enough, your position may be published by the IMF at the end of your Internship.

Previous interns at the IMF have researched the following topics. They include:

  1. A Bottom-Up Solution to Modeling Inflation Dynamics in LAC
  2. Taking Stock of Digitalization and its impacts on Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy
  3. A Summary of the Experience with Diversification, Poverty Reduction, and Inequality
  4. The Impact of Prudential Policies in Attenuating the Credit Cycle
  5. Macro-Financial Performance, PFM, and Corruption Indicators
  6. The Impact of Intangible Assets and Innovation Policy in ASEAN
  7. What is Behind High-Interest Rate Spreads in Africa?

In addition, the IMF’s Legal Department also offers internships under this program. Thus, Legal Department projects have included:

  • Analysis of the Legal Framework for Capital Controls Under the European Economic Area
  • Study on the Insolvency of Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Research or Study on the Legal Mandate of the IMF In Financial Regulation Policy
  • Cross-Country Comparisons of Effectiveness in AML/CFT Efforts

Benefits of IMF Internships

Interns at the International Monetary Fund will receive the following benefits. They include:

  1. Gain real-world experience working with leading professionals and experts in the field.
  2. Take part in career development programs, seminars, and events.
  3. Network with other professionals at IMF.
  4. Get paid for your job.
  5. You may get permanent employment from the organization.

Who Should Apply

Applicants for this InternshipInternship must meet the following eligibility criteria. They include:

  1. They must have concentrated their studies in the following fields. They include monetary and international economics, public finance, financial markets, economics, or a related field for the Economic Internship.
  2. In addition, you should have strong analytical and quantitative skills with an excellent command of written and oral English.

Requirements for doctoral students

Applicants who are completing their Ph.D. program must meet these additional requirements. They include: 

  • You must be a registered student 
  • You must be under 32 at the start of the InternshipInternship.

Requirements for Master’s students

Students completing their Master’s degree must meet the conditions below. They include:

  • You must be an active student at the time of application (not yet graduated)
  • You must be below the age of 28 at the commencement of the InternshipInternship

Requirements for IMF Legal Department Internship

In addition, you will meet the following requirements if you apply for an internship at the Legal Department. They include:

  • You must apply within one to two years of completing an LLM, J.D., or equivalent advanced degree in law.
  • You must be under 32 at the commencement of the InternshipInternship.

How to Apply

Applications for the Fund Internship Program are open in early December. Thus, qualified students can apply for the program at that time at the IMF’s vacancy postings on the IMF Career Site.

You can use our internship cover letter guide to learn how to write your cover letter for this InternshipInternship without experience. In addition, you can learn from one of our articles on “how to get internship placements” in big organizations like the IMF.

Tips for applying for IMF Internships

IMF Internships is competitive, and applicants must convince the hiring team they are qualified for this program. Otherwise, they may not obtain the job they want. For that reason, we have outlined things you can do to get employed by the International Monetary Fund. They include:

#1. Tailor your application to the specific job you want by highlighting your skills, qualifications, and abilities. Plus how they will benefit the organization.

#2. Learn new skills to excel in your new job and industry. With the required skills, you will increase your chances of getting any position as an intern at IMF.

#3. Research the industry, company, and work you want. You can visit the IMF website for this. The information you get will be helpful for your interview. 

#4. Network with former and present interns. Plus, IMF workers. They will give you vital information about the International Monetary Fund and its services. 

#5. Write a good resume and cover letter highlighting your skills, qualifications, experience, abilities, and strengths. You will also tell your employer how these qualities will contribute to the company’s success and growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid Internship?

You will get paid for the job you do at the IMF. Applicants will get the following monetary benefits. They include:

  • A reasonable salary
  • A round-trip economy class air travel from your university to Washington, D.C.
  • Limited medical insurance coverage.
Can you get full employment after your Internship?

IMF internships last for 10 to 12 weeks. You can only work for the organization for up to 12 weeks. During the InternshipInternship, you will develop first-hand knowledge of the IMF. 

What are the minimum and maximum durations of the Internship?

The minimum duration is ten weeks, and the maximum is 12 weeks.

Will I be notified when your office receives my internship application?

You will receive a system-automated acknowledgment of your application. Only candidates short-listed for further consideration will be contacted by a FIP recruiter.

Does the IMF provide housing for interns?

The IMF does not provide housing or housing assistance. Interns are responsible for their accommodations.


IMF internships allow students and fresh graduates to work in an environment where career development is a priority. They work with leading professionals who will odder them mentorship and advice to advance their careers to the next level. More importantly, they will get paid for their jobs and may receive a job offer from the organization.