Imd college scholarships

IMD College Scholarships: Eligibility, Application & Value

IMD College scholarships consist of many partially and fully funded scholarships awarded only to MBA students at the International Institute for Management Development. The institute receives vast support and external funding, creating possibilities for a wide range of scholarships.

List of Scholarships Available to IMD College Students

The following are various scholarships for MBA students at IMD College.

  • IMD College Financial Need Scholarships

This IMD College scholarship is worth up to CHF 30,000 and is awarded based on financial need, academic achievements, career development, and references.

  • The NestlĂ© Scholarship for Women

IMD College awards this CHF 25,000 scholarship, preferably to students from developing countries.

  • The Staton Scholarship

This IMD College scholarship valued at CHF 50,000 is available to international students from Latin America (excl., Brazil).

  • Stewart Hamilton Scholarship

IMD College offers the Stewart Hamilton Scholarship of CHF 50,000 to students who demonstrate enterprise governance and ethical values.

  • The BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women

IMD College prioritizes this fully funded scholarship for female students going through the aftermath of a natural disaster, conflict, or religious persecution in their home country.

  • The Hilti Scholarship for Women

This CHF 25,000 scholarship offers preference to engineers of the women’s gender.

Additionally, IMD College automatically awards some other scholarships to entering MBA students who possess extraordinary abilities and skills. These include Military Scholarship, Leadership Scholarships, Swiss Resident Scholarship, Sustainability Scholarship, Young Leaders Scholarships, Entrepreneur Scholarship, Forté Women Scholarships, Healthcare Scholarship, etc.

Who Sponsors IMD College Scholarships?

While the International Institute for Management Development internally sponsors some of its scholarships, it receives external funding from the Swiss foundation, Nestlé, and Hilti Corporation.

Overview of IMD College

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) College is a private business educational institution founded in 1990 and is home to about 9,000 students. It offers MBA, Executive MBA, M.Sc. in Sustainable Management & Technology, wide-ranging diplomas, and online programs. Besides, IMD College has several notable alums, such as the CEO of Kone Corporation, Glitnir Bank, Hilti Corporation, Telenor, etc.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are IMD College Scholarships?

While a few IMD College scholarships offer complete education funding, others have various award amounts ranging up to CHF 50,000, depending on the specific scholarship. However, IMD College has a fully funded scholarship valued at CHF 133,500.

How Many Students Receive IMD College Scholarships?

About 59% of overall Master of Business Administration students receive scholarships per academic year from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD). That amounts to about 5,251 MBA students receiving IMD College scholarships yearly.

Are IMD College Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

The International Institute for Management Development offers fully and partially funded scholarships with varying award amounts. Its full scholarship is the BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women.

Duration of IMD College Scholarships

Master of Business Administration students at the International Institute for Management Development get one-year scholarships based on financial needs, academic standing, and references.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study is IMD College Scholarships Meant For?

The scholarships offered at the International Institute for Management Development are only for Master’s students focusing on business administration.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for IMD College Scholarships?

No, undergraduate students cannot apply for IMD College scholarships, as they are exclusively open to Master of Business Administration (MBA) students.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements of IMD College Scholarships

IMD College scholarships vary in their eligibility criteria, meaning that the requirements for a scholarship differ wholly or slightly from that of another scholarship.

Below are the general requirements for IMD College scholarships.

  • Studentship at IMD College in an MBA program
  • Provable need for financial aid
  • Exceptional academic standing
  • Reference letters
  • Essay (Title depends on the specific IMD College scholarship)
  • Other supporting documents, depending on the scholarship

For detailed information on IMD College scholarship requirements, check its official website or email the college scholarship office at [email protected].

Fees & Funding

Does IMD College give scholarships?

Yes, IMD College provides financial support to students through various partially and fully funded scholarships.

Are there IMD College scholarships for international students?

Yes, the International Institute for Management Development has several scholarships available to students looking forward to a great study abroad experience with access to financial aid.

Are IMD College scholarships easy to get?

Yes, getting a partially funded or full scholarship at the International Institute for Management Development is easy, as there are few eligibility criteria to satisfy.

Does IMD College offer a full scholarship?

Yes, the International Institute for Management Development offers a fully funded scholarship, particularly for female students who had to depart their native land due to religious persecution, natural disaster, or conflict. It is worth CHF 133,500 and is named the BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women.

Can I apply for multiple IMD College scholarships at once?

Yes, MBA students at the International Institute for Management Development can apply for more than one scholarship, even by filling out just one application form.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for IMD College Scholarships

The International Institute for Management Development does not automatically award some scholarships to students. Thus, each eligible MBA student needing financial aid must apply before a target date in order to express interest in a scholarship.

  • The first step IMD students should take towards getting a scholarship is to meet its criteria and gather any supporting documentation.
  • Then click the Apply Now button to open the IMD MBA scholarship application form.
  • Provide answers to each field on the scholarship application form.
  • Afterwards, you can submit the form online and complete all required of the application form.