Ied barcelona scholarships

IED Barcelona Scholarships: How to Apply and Eligibility

IED Barcelona scholarships consist of a limited number of full-tuition waivers open to undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students. These scholarships recognize students’ creative skills and offer financial compensation for them.

Undoubtedly, IED Barcelona scholarships allow brilliant and motivated students with superb design skills to get an opportunity to further their design education.

Who Sponsors IED Barcelona Scholarships?

IED Barcelona provides funding for its scholarships, together with the external support of the Francesco Morelli Foundation. The scholarships are part of the NGO’s scheme and goal to enlighten youths on design occupations and encourage them to become an entrepreneur in the design industry.

Overview of IED Barcelona

IED Barcelona is the Spanish branch of the Istituto Europeo di Design, a privately owned design school established in 1966 in Italy. The institution offers wide-ranging diplomas, foundation courses, continuing study programs, bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate programs, summer courses, online courses, and executive programs. The IED campus in Barcelona opened in 2002 and has gained vast recognition countrywide and in all parts of the globe.

Besides, international students account for about 65% of the population at IED Barcelona. The school teaches 36% of its courses in English. All students, regardless of nationality, can apply for scholarships at the Istituto Europeo di Design campus in Barcelona, Spain.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are IED Barcelona Scholarships?

The scholarships awarded by IED Barcelona are not specific in monetary value, as they cover 100% of recipients’ tuition fees for an academic session. There is no restriction on award amounts for any course or program at IED Barcelona.

How Many Students Receive IED Barcelona Scholarships?

IED Barcelona disburses scholarships yearly to multiple undergraduate and postgraduate students. The precise number of these students is unknown.

Are IED Barcelona Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

The only type of scholarship IED Barcelona offers is the full tuition fee waiver, which exclusively covers the fee paid for one-year instruction.

Duration of IED Barcelona Scholarships

IED Barcelona awards scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students per academic year. It considers potential awardees based on their application and helps to settle their tuition fee for one year.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study are IED Barcelona Scholarships Meant For?

IED Barcelona scholarships are open to students in specific fields of study, such as fashion, design, visual communication, design strategies, and management. Undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in one of these design-related fields can join the contest for IED Barcelona scholarships.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for IED Barcelona Scholarships?

Yes, foundation, diplomas, and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree students are undergraduate students eligible to apply for the IED Barcelona scholarships. Note that your participation in the scholarship contest is mandatory for you to get this full tuition financial aid.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for IED Barcelona Scholarships

The following are the requirements for the full tuition scholarships offered at IED Barcelona.

  • Must be an undergraduate or postgraduate student at IED Barcelona
  • Must adhere to the scholarship contest rules
  • Possessing excellent design skills is important
  • International students must hold a valid passport and Spain Study Visa.

Fees & Funding

Does IED offer scholarships?

Of course, Istituto Europeo di Design, even its branch in Barcelona, Spain, offers a range of full-tuition scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Besides, non-Spanish citizens can apply for IED Barcelona scholarships.

Does IED Barcelona have scholarships for international students?

Yes, IED Barcelona awards a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to non-Spanish citizens who need financial aid to further their studies.

Are IED Barcelona scholarships easy to get?

No, getting a full tuition scholarship from IED Barcelona is difficult, as each applicant’s participation is essential in a design contest.

Can master’s students apply for IED Barcelona scholarships?

Yes, domestic and international students enrolled in IED Barcelona master’s programs can apply for full-tuition scholarships, provided they have satisfied its requirements.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for IED Barcelona Scholarships

IED Barcelona opens calls for scholarship applications every academic session for undergraduate scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, international scholarships for undergraduate programs, and scholarships for master’s students.

The following are the steps to take in contesting for scholarships at IED Barcelona.

  • Before anything else, you should check out the scholarship contest rules and requirements.
  • Select an IED Barcelona course
  • Register by completing the online form and expect to receive a confirmation in your email. It features your login details, which are required to access your account.
  • Then proceed to scan and upload each of the required documents
  • Submit all before the closing date and time, as there will be no consideration for applications received after this date.