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Top 10 ICT Internship Programs in the USA

If you aim to start a career in the technology industry, an ICT Internship Program can give you the skills, relevant experience, and professional networks required to gain a head start. These programs offer opportunities to explore several careers. That means you can intern in an IT field to work in the future as a web designer, networking/security analyst, database analyst, computer programmer, or project manager.

Many multinational tech companies offer ICT internships. These include Meta, Apple, Microsoft, etc. Participating in an IT Internship Program is a great way to prepare ahead of your career in the tech industry, providing you with hands-on experience and support from industry experts. This article will look into what IT Internship Programs entails, including how to become an intern in a tech-related field.

Let’s get down to business.

What is an ICT Internship?

An Information Communication Technology (ICT) internship focuses on a variety of tech-related activities, such as installing, developing, maintaining, and repairing systems and software. Hosts of these internships are usually technology companies, like Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Samsung, Intel Corporation, Meta, Amazon, and Google LLC. IT interns earn about $2,600 per month in the United States.

Now that you know the basics of these internship programs, proceed to learn what IT interns do.

Duties and Responsibilities of an ICT Intern

ICT interns serve both their employers and clients, tasked with numerous roles to perform each day of their internship.

Here are some of their responsibilities.

  • Helping in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting chunk data
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Working closely with cross-functional teams to facilitate decisions made via data
  • Collaborating in a team to develop data analysis strategies and implement them
  • Performing software updates
  • Preparing reports and making presentations to communicate data insights to stakeholders
  • Contributing to software development
  • Data cleansing and validating to guarantee correctness without losing its attributes
  • Managing data migrations
  • Processing confidential data and information based on instructions
  • Generating reports from one or many systems
  • Assisting in fixing system bugs

Top Ten (10) ICT Internship Programs

Our curated list of the best Information Technology internships for students and graduates across many countries is as follows.

Samsung Internship Programs

  • Samsung Group Internships are one of the best ICT Internship programs, with a financial reward estimated at $8,500. The company is the largest business conglomerate in the Republic of Korea.

Meta Internship Programs

  • Formerly Facebook Inc., Meta is one of the Tech Giants in the United States. Even though its headquarters is in Menlo Park, California, USA, the company is among the world’s most valuable companies. Meta interns make approximately $8,400 per month.

Intel Internship Programs

  • The internship programs hosted by Intel Corporation are open to students in numerous countries as a multinational company. Its interns receive a financial reward each month of their internship, estimated at $7,800.

Amazon Summer Internships

  • Being among the top American technology companies, interning with Amazon will facilitate your career advancement, regardless of your chosen career path in IT. Amazon has vast ICT-related specializations, including cloud computing, e-commerce, AI, etc. Its interns receive a monthly salary of approximately $7,700.

Microsoft Internship Programs

  • Also called Explore Microsoft, this internship program consists of 12-week internship opportunities open to students in numerous locations. They are best for students who seek knowledge about software engineering and development. Each Microsoft intern is entitled to receive a stipend of $5,900 monthly.

EA Internship Programs

  • Electronic Arts Inc. also hires Information Communication Technology interns into various roles, paying them about $5,200 monthly. It operates as a video game company. Besides, EA has a significant impact on the computer gaming industry. Doing your internship with EA Games is a more advantageous way to start a career in IT.

IBM Internship Programs

HP Summer Internships

  • Another of the best ICT Internship programs available to students in several countries is the HP Summer Internship Program. The program gives everything to drive progress in your career goals and gain significant advancements. These include a monthly salary of $4,700 for motivation.

Google Summer Internships

  • One of the world’s largest tech companies and search engine, Google Summer Internship programs are open to tech-savvy students and graduates. Each Google intern will receive a stipend of about $3,300 per month.

Apple Internship Programs

  • As one of the top ten ICT Internship Programs, interning with Apple offers unique professional development opportunities to students of all nationalities. Its host, Apple Inc., is a multinational technology company with its main office in Cupertino, California, USA. Apple interns receive a monthly salary of $2,015.

Before applying for one of the previously mentioned IT Internships, ensure to satisfy all criteria and possess copies of the required documents.

Eligibility Criteria for ICT Internship Programs

To qualify for ICT intern jobs, you must meet specific requirements, varying depending on the internship program.

Here are the general criteria for everyone who wants to work as an ICT intern.

Academic requirements

  • Must currently be studying toward a degree in computer science, information systems, or any related field. Alternatively, you must be a recent graduate of a recognized higher education institution.

Skills requirements

  • Ability to work using Microsoft Office programs, such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Possess excellent communications skills in terms of speaking and writing
  • Have exceptional technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Adeptness in working with data analysis software, like IBM SPSS
  • Outstanding interpersonal, attention to detail, and accuracy skills
  • Be proficient with computer software and technologies
  • Have good time management skills and be able to prioritize tasks
  • Possess superb teamwork skills and the ability to work on your own

After meeting the above requirements, use the information below to apply for an IT intern role.

How to Apply for ICT Internship Programs

To express interest in an Information Communication Technology intern position, visit the company’s official website or careers webpage. Afterward, look for an intern job that matches your career goals and follow the prompts to complete the online application process.

To ensure that you win the intern position, we recommend that you prepare before your internship interview and check out a few questions to ask during your interview.

Document Requirements for ICT Internships

Here are the documents commonly required to support your online application for an ICT intern role.

Most recent academic transcripts

  • This document is obtainable only from the school you are pursuing or holding its degree. An academic transcript shows a comprehensive record of all courses you have taken and your grades per course.

Cover letter or resume

  • While a cover letter is sometimes unnecessary during the application process for ICT Internship Programs, you would always need to provide a resume to complete the same process. Writing a resume will enable you to indicate what qualifies you for an ICT intern position to the employer or hiring manager. Hence, it should entail your skills, work history, and previous experiences.

Your cover letter must convince the employer or HR manager that you are the most qualified person to take its ICT intern position. Check out how to write a captivating cover letter for a summer internship program.

An up-to-date CV

  • The functions of a Curriculum Vitae are similar to the usability of a resume. However, it should have at least two pages to contain more detailed information than a resume, which features summarized details.

Frequently Asked Questions about ICT Internships

What are the requirements for an IT internship?

To get an ICT intern role, you must fulfill specific requirements, such as holding or pursuing a computer science degree or any related degree. You must also have excellent academic achievements/performance with a number of skills.

How much does an IT Intern make?

The average salary of an ICT intern in the United States is approximately $15 per hour and $2,600 monthly, depending on the employer and the specific intern position.

Can graduates work as ICT interns?

Yes, most ICT internships are open to persons with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in any part of the world.

How long do ICT Internships last?

Information Communication Technology internships typically run for three months. They are open to individuals who hold a degree or are pursuing a degree in computer science, information systems, or any related field.

Is a CV required for an ICT internship?

It depends on the internship program. Nevertheless, most ICT Internship Programs require prospective interns to provide a curriculum vitae to facilitate their application.


Interning in an Information Communication Technology field will allow you to kick-start a career and acquire everything needed to succeed. You will get a chance to practicalize your classroom lessons, grow your knowledge, and build valuable relationships. Of course, you’ll realize significant professional development and a fantastic career prospect, opening the door to new opportunities. So why not give it a thought and seize this unique opportunity today?

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