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Are you looking for an opportunity to work alongside world-class scientists? The IBM Research Internship allows you to gain real-world experience working with experts and leading professionals in research. Our article provides you with the necessary information you need to apply for this program. Thus, you will learn the benefits, requirements, open positions, application guidelines, and tips on applying for this internship.

Overview of IBM Research Internship

The IBM Research Internship program offers a unique opportunity for exceptional students. Selected candidates will spend two to three months as research interns at the IBM Research Lab in Zurich, Switzerland. In addition, qualified students will work alongside world-class scientists in the world’s leading industrial research organization.

These internships usually take place during the summer. However, each student will determine their starting time, and duration will be agreed upon individually. Of course, you will consider your academic commitments and the availability of IBM staff while making your decisions. Usually, IBM will pay to compensate interns for travel expenses. You will also get free housing. In addition, IBM will also assist successful candidates with visas and work permits.

The IBM Research Internship is in its ninth year. And it has provided enough experience for students and research mentors. In fact, it has been highly positive. It also benefits faculty members and the universities because interns bring back to their universities or departments a valuable understanding of real industry problems, knowledge of advanced IBM technologies, and contacts within IBM Research.

IBM provides equal opportunities to all candidates and encourages applications from both genders and minority groups. It especially likes to encourage qualified women to participate in this training program.

Selected universities for IBM Research Internship

Only eligible students from the following universities in the United States of America can apply for this program. They include::

  1. Rensselaer Polytechnic University
  2. University of Notre Dame

Eligibility criteria for this program

Interested students for research internships at IBM must meet the following requirements. They include:

  1. Only full-time graduate students from one of the participating universities can apply for this internship.
  2. Applicants must be approved by their university before enrolling online.
  3. Students must have a solid command of the English language in both written and spoken form.

Benefits of IBM Research Internships

Students who take part in this program will get the following benefits. They include;

#1. Learn new skills every day

IBM Research interns will have the opportunity of learning new skills every day. They will work with leading professionals to teach them the skills and techniques to become good researchers. Thus, they will be open to future career opportunities after their time at IBM.

#2. Gain practical experience working with professionals in the industry

You will also gain real-world experience by engaging in real projects and tasks. The experience is different from what you learn in the classroom. You will carry out real projects under the supervision of a superior and team leader. Thus, you can ask questions and get feedback from your leaders.

#3. Get mentorship from industry leaders

Another benefit of the IBM Research Internship is the mentorship and coaching from your superiors and supervisors. You will work under supervision, where you will give regular feedback. In return, your head will advise you on any project you perform.

#4. Engage in real projects

Your time at IBM will allow you to work independently on real projects. You will be free to carry out duties in your field and specialty. Thus, you will gain more experience to excel after your internship. 

#5. Work in a conducive environment

One of the reasons interns choose IBM is the conducive and peaceful atmosphere. The company and its workers allow students and interns to work freely. However, you will report to your team leader, who will direct you on what to do. More importantly, the environment allows you to grow in your career. 

#6. Get paid for your job

In addition, you will get paid for your job at the IBM Research Center. The compensation will be enough to cover your accommodation and feeding during the internship. Interns receive an hourly salary of $26.

#7. Stand a chance for a permanent 

In addition, you can get a permanent job at the organization. Many interns get full employment after serving as interns at the firm. You may be among the successful candidates to remain at IBM after the program. Though it is not guaranteed, more e than half of the interns will join the research team at IBM after the internship.

How to apply for IBM Ph.D. Internship

Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for internships at IBM, provided they meet the requirements for each job they want. In addition, they will need to provide their resumes and cover letters. Plus, they must have the necessary skills and experience for each position they want at the company.

Once you have these documents, you can apply for any scholarship using the company’s website. Moreover, you can use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without experience. However, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity.

Nomination procedure for this program

Applicants for IBM Research Internships must first get approval from their universities. Otherwise, they will not be eligible. They also need a mandatory resume and a recommendation letter from a faculty member. Your resume must highlight the skills required in the research projects you choose. The deadline for the submission of applications is Friday, 1 February.

In addition, applicants will need the following documents when required. They include:

  • A CV or resume
  • Cover letter
  • Proof of work experience, if any
  • Educational qualifications, if any
  • A reference letter from an expert, a co-worker, or a university lecturer.

Tips to boost your chances of getting an IBM Ph.D. Internship

Since applying for a research internship at IBM is not easy, we have outlined some tips that will be helpful to you when applying for this program. You must consider them to be successful in your application. 

Here are some tips they provided; we believe they will also be helpful.

#1. Do your Research, But Recognize That It’s NormaI to Know Everything

We advise you to visit IBM’s website and LinkedIn page. You will find vital information about the company, the industry, and the research project you want. You will also get tips and details about available internships. Usually, the company posts internship vacancies in these places. So, applicants must visit them to learn about the skills and keywords to see when writing their cover letters and resumes.

#2. Be Your Authentic Self and Trust Your Strengths

When interacting with former and present interns at IBM, we discovered that you must be yourself. You must trust yourself and your skills, especially when you feel nervous. Yes, you have to possess the required skills for this job. However, the company knows you are a student and have limited knowledge about the industry. Moreover, it is ready to teach the skills to become a leading professional in your job.

#3. Make Sure Your Core Values Align with Those of IBM’s

What is your core value? Do they align with the vision and culture at IBM? If you still need to, you must try to learn the company’s mission and vision. Then, look for a way to align with them. However, IBM still values individual differences. So, you will be accepted once you meet the minimum requirement.

#4. Lean on Your Network as You Prepare

You must have a solid network to succeed in your application for IBM Research Internship. Your connections will give you the information you need to apply for this program. Moreover, you can use the detail when preparing for your interview. 

#5. Make sure your cover letter and resume are topnotch

Another thing that will make you stand out from other applicants is your resume and cover letter. Your resume will highlight the skills, requirements, and qualifications needed for the job. In addition, it must convince your employers that you are the best candidate for the job among other applicants.

You also need a cover letter to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Thus, it must highlight your skills, strengths, and abilities. You must also let your future employer know how they will benefit the company. 

#6. Learn new skills to excel in your job and industry

Another tip for getting a research internship at IBM is learning the required skills and techniques for your desired job or project. Thus, you must know or develop new skills to succeed in your application for this internship. However, if you already have the necessary skills, you must improve them.


Our final advice is that you need IBM Research Internship to take your career to a new level. Moreover, it can be an excellent start to a successful and fruitful carer in research. Plus, you will get paid for your services.