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The Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) is a prestigious institution providing outstanding research opportunities for many years. This Summer, the Academy offers a unique internship and research fellowship program, allowing aspiring scientists to gain valuable experience and cultivate their skills. The IAS Summer internship program is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in various scientific fields and explore potential research topics. Participants will be encouraged to develop their knowledge base and collaborate with other professionals.

This article will discuss the benefits, requirements, and other details of the IAS Summer internship.

Overview of IAS Summer internship

IAS Summer internship is a research fellowship program offered to eligible teachers and students across India by the institution. The program allows interns to work with renowned research scientists and professors across the science academies in India.

The program is open to students who have spent at least one year in the University for either undergraduate or postgraduate program in the courses below:

  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics.

In addition, teachers or tutors in the University who are eligible can also apply for this internship program.

IAS Summer internship duration and application deadline

The application for internship starts in September and lapses in November, ending the application year. The internship program is a 56-day intensive research fellowship activities and engagement during the Summer.

Overview of the Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS)

The Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) is a premier scientific research organization in India established in 1934. It is one of the country’s largest and most influential scientific organizations. The main objective of the IAS is to promote science and foster scientific research in India.

Also, the Academy’s activities focus on advancing knowledge through research, publication, and communication. It publishes several journals and books on various topics related to science and technology. The IAS also organizes conferences, symposia, lectures, seminars, workshops, and outreach programs to create awareness about science among people from all walks of life.

The IAS also awards fellowships and scholarships encouraging young scientists to pursue their research interests. Through its various initiatives, the Academy strives to promote excellence in science education across India. In addition, it advises the Government on matters related to science policy. It encourages collaboration between scientists from different countries for joint research projects. Other similar science academies in India are:

Benefits of IAS Summer internship

Some of the benefits you will enjoy during the summer research internship are:

#1. Experience

This program allows interns to work on a research project in their chosen field under the guidance of an experienced mentor. The intern also has the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops, as well as present their research findings at conferences.

#2. Stipend

Each intern will pocket a monthly stipend of 12500 INR during this program. Also, the interns will be paid a traveling allowance and other living expenses during the research fellowship program.

#3. Networking Opportunities

The summer internship program allows interns to network with other researchers in their field and make valuable connections which could lead to future opportunities.

#4. Research resources

Interning at IAS allows the participants to access world-class laboratories and computer facilities to aid their research projects.

Also, the interns can access cutting-edge research topics and techniques that could advance their search projects or help them find new ideas for future projects.

Documents required for IAS Summer internship

Here are the documents you should make available for the IAS Summer internship application.

Expression of Interest: Write a maximum of 200 words article highlighting why you wish to participate in the internship program. You should also include any experience or skills relating to the program.

Letter of recommendation: As an applicant, you should provide IAS with the contact details of your referees. The Institute will contact them and get the recommendation letters on your behalf. Ensure your referees are people familiar with you.

Other documents include your academic transcripts and other supporting documents that could give you an edge.

Eligibility Criteria

Recall that the IAS Summer internship is open to teachers and students across India. However, you can only be considered for the program if you meet the criteria below:


You must be studying one of the following courses below:

  • BS / B.Sc / BVSc (II year only)
  • BPharm (III and IV years only)
  • BE / B.Tech / BCA (II and III years only)
  • BArch (II, III, and IV years only)
  • MS / MSc / MVSc / MPharm (I year only)
  • ME / MTech / MCA / MArch (I year only)
  • (5-year integrated) MS / M.Sc /M.Tech / MBBS (II, III, IV years only)
  • PharmD (III, IV years only)
  • (Dual Degree) B.Tech + M.Tech (II, III, IV years only)
  • (Dual Degree) BE + MSc (II, III, IV years only)
  • (Dual Degree) BS + MS (II, III, IV years only)
  • Integrated Ph.D. (I, II years only)
  • MSc Tech (I, II years only)


  • Must be teaching at a College/University
  • Ph.D. students are not eligible.
  • Must not have participated in the program before

How to apply for an IAS Summer internship

To apply for the summer internship, you should follow the steps below

  1. Visit the official website of the Institute
  2. Complete the application form with accurate and verifiable information
  3. Upload all the required documents
  4. Submit your application

After the application deadline, the selection committee will review your application and contact you to arrange an interview if they are interested in offering you an internship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the tips to succeed in IAS Summer Internship?

To ensure success in the application process, here are some tips:

Firstly, ensure that you have a solid academic background. The Indian Academy of Sciences looks for candidates who have excelled in their studies and can demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter. Also, highlight any relevant coursework or research projects you’ve completed in your expression of interest letter.

Secondly, stay organized throughout the application process. Please keep track of deadlines, follow up with references, and double-check all documents before submitting them. This will show the Indian Academy of Sciences you are reliable and detail-oriented.

Can my IAS Summer Internship application get rejected?

Yes, it is possible to make a double application or submit an incomplete one.

How do I contact the Institute for further inquiries?

You can forward all your inquiries to Mrs. C S Ravi Kumar—the Coordinator for the Summer Research Fellowship Programme Indian Academy of Sciences, through the address below.

CV Raman Avenue, Near Mekhri Circle

Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru 560 080

Tel. (080) 2266 1207, 2266 1202, 2266 1221


In conclusion, the Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) internship is an invaluable opportunity for students to gain experience and knowledge in their field of study. It allows them to engage with prominent academics, scientists, and speakers from various fields. This internship also provides extensive support and guidance for its participants by introducing them to the vast research opportunities at IAS. This program allows interns to develop the necessary skillset for a successful science and technology career. Ensure you apply before the deadline.