Humanitas university scholarships

Guide on how to apply for Humanitas University Scholarships

Humanitas University is an Italian private university that was founded in 1972. The university provides a diverse range of undergraduate and graduates degrees in subjects such as medicine, surgery, and biomedical sciences. International students can also apply for scholarships at Humanitas University.

In addition, Humanitas University allows students to earn merit-based scholarships and grants to help pay for their education. The school places a high value on offering a well-rounded education, with a particular emphasis on the humanities. Humanitas University also provides a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and organizations. The school is committed to diversity and inclusion and provides a wide range of services and support to pupils from all backgrounds. For the academic year 2022/2023, 9 scholarships are available to EU students, while 4 scholarships are offered to non-EU students, each valued at €16.000 per year.

Who Sponsors the Humanitas University Scholarships?

The Humanitas University Scholarships are sponsored by Humanitas University, which is a private university located in Milan, Italy. There are also private sponsors and donors who contribute to these scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and who are enrolled in the university’s undergraduate or graduate programs. The scholarships can be used to cover tuition, fees, and other educational expenses.

Humanitas University is committed to helping students access higher education regardless of their financial situation. The scholarships are just one way that the university is working to make higher education more affordable and accessible for all students.

Overview of Milan, Italy, and Humanitas University

Milan, Italy is a thriving metropolis recognized for its fine fashion, delectable cuisine, and rich history. Humanitas University, a top-ranked institution for medical and health sciences, is also located in the city.

Humanitas University provides a wide range of degree programs. The university is well-known for its excellent educational and research facilities. Humanitas University is likewise dedicated to social responsibility and community involvement.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship benefits are listed below:

  • 1 full scholarship sponsored by Fondazione Rocca, worth €10,000.00 to €20,000.00, for students whose ISEE 2021 is less than €40.000, plus an additional €6.000 if the student is located outside of Italy.
  • 1 partial scholarship between €6,000.00 to €16,000.00 in memory of Paolo (Primo) Fesce
  • 5 merit-based scholarships of €6,000 to €16,000 per year are available.
  • 1 scholarship of €6.000 to 16.000 per year designated for High School students eligible for the Premio Alfieri del Lavoro award
  • One scholarship of €10,000 per year is available to high school students who participated in the Natural Science Olympics (Olimpiadi delle Scienze Naturali)
  • 4 scholarships available to Non-EU students, worth €16.000 per year each

The benefits of receiving a scholarship go beyond simply covering the cost of tuition; they can also provide recipients with opportunities to gain new skills, network with other professionals, and pursue their dream careers.

Applicable Courses

Humanitas University Scholarships are available for all programs set by the sponsor. The courses that are applicable for the scholarships depend on the sponsor’s preferences. However, all courses at Humanitas University are open to scholarship students.

There are a few tips that can help students when choosing their courses. First, it is important to check with the sponsor to see if there are any specific courses that they recommend or require. Second, students should consider their own interests and strengths when selecting courses. Third, it is always a good idea to consult with an academic advisor before making any final decisions. By following these simple tips, students can be sure that they are choosing the best possible courses for their Humanitas University Scholarship.

How Many Students Receive the Humanitas University scholarships yearly?

Each year, Humanitas University awards scholarships to a number of students. The number of beneficiaries varies from year to year, but the university typically awards scholarships to between 13 and 20 students. The Humanitas University scholarships are awarded to students who show academic promise and who are in need of financial assistance. The scholarships are typically worth between €6.000 and €20.000 per year each.

Eligibility Criteria

Humanitas University offers a number of scholarships to outstanding students. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must:

  • Be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate degree program at Humanitas University.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.
  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Be citizens or permanent residents of the EU or Non-EU countries.
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements as specified by the scholarship program.

Fees & Funding

Who can apply for Humanitas University scholarships?

Candidates that meet the following requirements:

  • Merit-based scholarships will be awarded based on their place in the HUMAT admission test ranking.
  • *Different terms apply to Scholarships earmarked for students who competed in the Premio Alfieri del Lavoro and Natural Science Olympics.

How do Humanitas University scholarships function?

The scholarship is a tuition waiver (a reduction in tuition fees) valued between €6.000 and €20.000 each year.

Can I keep my Humanitas University scholarship for the duration of my degree program?

If you do the following, your scholarship will be automatically renewed each year until you graduate:

  • maintain a weighted average grade point average of 27/30 (GPA)
  • complete a minimum number of University credits (CFU) per year, as defined in Article 7 of the Scholarship Regulations

What is the process for applying for a Humanitas University Scholarship?

  • Apply for the medical admissions examination.
  • Take the Humanitas University admissions exam.
  • Merit-based scholarships will be awarded based on their place in the HUMAT admission test ranking.

Application Procedure

Applicants must first fill out an online application form to be considered for a Humanitas University scholarship. Applicants must provide a personal statement and a letter of recommendation in addition to the application form.

  • Other documents include; Self-written letter of motivation; Transcripts showing grades from the previous two academic years (excluding the present year);
  • presentation letter(s) from instructors or other pertinent parties, if any;
  • Curriculum Vitae (Résumé) of the applicant.

The deadline for applying for Humanitas University scholarships is March 1st. Please visit the Humanitas University website for additional information on the scholarship application procedure. 

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