Hult International Business School Scholarships: Detailed Guide

Hult International Business School is one of the top leading centers for international business studies. If you’re worried about how to fund your university education, hult business school offers numerous scholarships, internships, and financial assistantship programs to help international students fund their education. There are several merit-based scholarships and/or need-based awards that reward your academic achievements and potential both in and outside the classroom.

These Scholarships are available to students at various levels of study. Students who are seeking admission into undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs all have access to loads of scholarships. However, students must demonstrate an excellent academic record to be qualified for most of these scholarships. Although whether you are an academic high flyer, an entrepreneur, or a proven leader, there might be a scholarship for you.

More ever, each scholarship amount varies and depends on the funding organization. 

To access any of these scholarships, students must apply for the scholarship they are sure of meeting the criteria at the same time they are applying for admission into any high business school. Hult schools have campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York City. So, start your application early enough so you can stand a chance to be considered for a high school scholarship.  

Who Sponsors Hult International Business School?

Hult business school partners with many top companies and organizations to offer up to 40% tuition slash for students. Some companies like Unilever, shell, and Guinness collaborate to sponsor several hult scholarships. There are also foundations, trusts, and corporations that offer grants to students. Students must have a track record of academic excellence to benefit from any of these scholarships.

Overview of Hult International Business School 

Hult international business school is an award-winning institution with campuses in top business environments in the world, including Boston and Dubai. The institution is a nonprofit business school that has received recognition and recognition from some of the most respected independent rating bodies and has been listed among the top business schools in the world.

In addition, when it comes to socialization, the institution is a vibrant, multiracial community that cultivates, inspires, and connects some of the brightest business minds on the planet. By employing learning-by-doing experiences, Hult turns the traditional educational model on its end and transforms students’ skill sets from the moment they enroll in the program into the time they graduate.

Scholarship Benefits

Hult scholarships are one of the most generous and inclusive scholarships ever. Some of the scholarships offered at Hult scholarship cover everything from tuition, to room while providing additional money for books and other expenses. Moreover, students stand a chance to get up to 40%  or 100% tuition fees reduction and they can be used for either undergraduate or graduate programs. Some scholarships award up to $15,000 USD or £,10,000 GBP each academic year. Which adds up to about $60,000 USD or £40,000 GBP over four academic years.

How Many Students Receive the Hult International Business School scholarships?

Hult School offers a range of scholarships for students who want to study at the institution. But the exact number of students awarded the scholarships are not stated. However, it is likely that a significant number of students benefit yearly from this noble opportunity. So, it is best you apply early for any of the scholarships that suites your interest and for which you think you’re qualified.

Applicable Courses

Hult scholarships are available to students studying a wide range of courses on any of the Hult overseas campuses. Students studying undergraduate or postgraduate programs in Hult schools are eligible for a scholarship as long as they meet the specific scholarship requirements.

What Level of Study is eligible for the Hult International Business School Scholarships?

There is a scholarship for everyone in Hult. Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate level student. Just make sure you apply among the early birds and apply along with your admission application.

Eligibility Criteria

Hult schools offer various scholarships depending on students’ qualifications. Each scholarship has specific requirements that students must meet in order to be considered. Basically, for undergraduate students, the following are the eligibility criteria: 

  • To be considered for a hult scholarship, you must apply for your desired scholarship during the time you’re applying for admission.
  • You must show proof of excellent academic record to qualify for academic excellence scholarships.
  • For the global generation scholarship, students must have overseas experiences or multilingualism. Selected scholars are expected to possess open-mindedness, cross-cultural exposure, and the capacity to see variety as a strength.
  • For the growth mindset scholarship, students must submit a 400 to 500-word essay or a five-minute video, explaining their perspective on what a growth mindset means to them.
  • For the future leader’s scholarship, you are to submit a 400 to 500-word essay or a five-minute video, describing your view on leadership and answer key questions like; What entails a successful leader? how have you displayed these attributes? what are your career goals etc? 
  • For the technology development scholarship, submit a 400 to 500 words essay, demonstrating your strong desire to learn and contribute to the technology that is shaping tomorrow.
  • Keep in mind that you must demonstrate a strong financial need to be considered for the need-based scholarships.
  • You must have outstanding grades and test scores to be considered for a scholarship.

For a master’s scholarship, working students must list their relevant position(s) including the:

  • Name of the organization they worked in.
  • Title of position held.
  • Dates positions were held.
  • Overview of role and responsibilities
  • A brief essay describing the impact you had (max 300 words).

For an academic excellent scholarship, You must submit

  • Relevant documents showing your academic achievements.
  • Degree certificates including course name and university attended.
  • A brief essay describing what academic achievement you are most proud of and why (max 300 words).
  • GMAT score report (if applicable).

Requirements for Admission: For entrance, the school accepts SAT and ACT test scores. To qualify for an academic excellence scholarship, students must have a sat score of 1400+ is required while a GPA of 3.6+ is required.

Language Requirements: In order to gain admission into Hult business school, you must meet the school’s language requirements.

Fees & Funding

Does Hult Business School give full scholarships?

For students pursuing a full-time, three- to four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at Hult’s undergraduate campus in Aldgate, there is the Hult Scholar Grant, which covers all tuition costs. Hult Scholars are innovative thinkers, accomplished individuals, and powerful decision-makers.

How much scholarship does Hult give?

Different Hult scholarships have different scholarship values awarded to students. For instance, the academic excellence scholarship is worth about $10,000 USD or £7,000 GBP for each academic year. 

How do you get a scholarship for Hult International Business School?

To be considered for a scholarship in Hult, you must apply for scholarships as part of your online admission application. Candidates who excelled in their coursework and achieved a high GPA are eligible for the Academic Excellence Scholarship. 

How much is the tuition at Hult Business School?

Hult Business School’s tuition and fees for undergraduate students is $49,950 while the tuition and fee for graduate students is 43,577. 

Application Procedure

To be considered for both graduate and undergraduate scholarships,

  • Students must apply for scholarships along with their general admission application.
  • Select a scholarship that you are sure to meet the requirements. 
  • Submit the relevant documents including your degree certificate, test scores, or other achievements you have had along with your financial declaration. 
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