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Huawei, a global leader in communication technologies, is proud to announce its Internship Program. This program provides students with an invaluable opportunity to gain real-world experience and explore the corporate environment.

Through the Huawei Internship Program, interns will develop skills for their future career paths and be exposed to different ways of working in the technology industry. Participants can also benefit from hands-on guidance from experienced professionals in their fields.

Overview of the Huawei Internship Program

Huawei Technologies is one of the world’s leading telecom equipment and services providers. The company’s comprehensive internship program provides students valuable work experience while gaining insights into industry best practices. Huawei’s internship program offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience working in different departments within the company and exposure to its cutting-edge technologies.

The internships range from short-term projects to longer engagements depending on the needs of each student. In addition, Huawei provides mentorship opportunities through which participants can gain insight into their chosen field and build relationships with experienced professionals at the company.

Furthermore, interns are given access to employee development programs such as training, workshops, seminars, and other learning resources that provide invaluable skills for career advancement.

What are the Benefits of the Huawei Internship Program?

The program offers many benefits that can help participants reach their professional goals, such as;

  • One of the main advantages of the Huawei Internship Program is its flexibility.
  • It allows participants to choose from various locations, including China, Hong Kong, the USA, and other countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific region.
  • Additionally, interns will have access to cutting-edge technologies while working on projects with teams of experienced professionals. 
  • Furthermore, the program encourages collaboration between interns and mentors who offer guidance and support throughout each internship project. This provides an invaluable learning experience that can be added to their CV and cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Duties of a Huawei Intern

The Huawei Internship Program allows students to gain hands-on experience in a major tech company. During the program, interns are expected to perform various duties and responsibilities to help Huawei reach its goals;

  1. Huawei interns should be able to work independently and in teams while maintaining a professional attitude throughout their tenure at the company.
  2. They must be capable of carrying out assignments assigned by their supervisors promptly and always prioritize quality over quantity.
  3. Additionally, they should be willing to take the initiative when needed and communicate effectively with co-workers.
  4. Moreover, Huawei interns should stay up-to-date on current technological trends and company policies and participate actively in team meetings or other organization-organized activities.
  5. They must also demonstrate commitment during working hours and act responsibly when handling confidential information or documents.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Huawei Internship Program

Applying to the Huawei internship program is an excellent opportunity for students seeking valuable workforce experience. To be eligible for this program, a few requirements must be met;

  • Applicants must have a valid student visa from outside China and proof of enrollment in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Additionally, applicants should demonstrate proficiency in any relevant technical language and software that may be used during the internship period.
  • Furthermore, all candidates must possess basic knowledge of project management and communication techniques; strong analytical skills; excellent problem-solving abilities; and organizational skills.
  • Huawei also requires interns to be highly committed throughout their internship duration to maximize their learning opportunities during this period.

How to Apply for Huawei Internship Program

To apply for the Huawei internship program, the applicant must meet the following;

  1. Potential candidates must first create an online profile on Huawei’s official career website.
  2. The profile should include detailed information such as educational background, technical skills, work experience, and personal interests.
  3. Once completed, applicants can search through available positions or browse program descriptions to find their ideal role within Huawei.
  4. After selecting a position matching their qualifications and interests, they can submit their application by providing documents such as transcripts and resumes.
  5. After successful applications have been submitted, Huawei will contact eligible candidates via email or phone to further discuss internship details.

Tips on How to Increase your Chances of getting a Huawei Internship Program

You can follow a few tips to increase your chances of securing an internship with this global tech giant;

  • Demonstrating your technical and communication skills in the application process is essential. While these skills are necessary for any job, they are especially crucial when applying for a position at Huawei.
  • Make sure you showcase how strong your knowledge of software engineering, network engineering, or other relevant field is when submitting your application.
  • Additionally, highlight any experience that has required working with people from diverse backgrounds, as this shows off your teamwork and communication abilities.
  • Have a positive attitude towards learning new things and take the initiative during the selection process.
  • Demonstrate your passion for technology by researching current trends related to Huawei’s products and services.

Expected Salary of a Huawei Intern

The average salary for Huawei interns depends on the exact role they are hired for. For instance, software engineers may make around $20 per hour, while business interns could receive up to $25 per hour.

This rate can also vary depending on the individual’s background and experience. Generally speaking, salaries for Huawei interns are higher than those offered by other technology companies due to the company’s prestige and market value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Huawei Internship Program Last?

The duration of this program varies depending on your individual goals but typically lasts between three to six months. During this period, interns will be exposed to various aspects of Huawei’s business operations, including product development, marketing, and customer service. They will also learn about industry trends and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

What type of training is provided for Huawei Interns?

The training provided for Huawei interns is comprehensive, covering multiple topics, including product development, global services, management principles, engineering concepts, customer management strategies, and more. Interns are introduced to the core values of Huawei to explore their interests while learning how to contribute to the company’s success.

Can International Students Apply for Huawei Internship Program?

The answer is yes! Huawei welcomes applications from international students interested in gaining real-world experience and developing their knowledge, field, and skills.


The Huawei Internship Program provides students with an incredible opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the technology sector and valuable insight into what it takes to succeed in the industry. Participants can develop their skills, expand their knowledge base, foster meaningful relationships with their peers, and build good connections.

Furthermore, internships are an excellent way for Huawei to attract top talent and showcase its culture of innovation, and this program will continue to be a success for both the interns and Huawei.