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If you want to intern with one of the world’s largest banking and financial services providers, consider an HSBC Summer Internship Program for unique options in propelling your career and gaining relevant experience. HSBC Holdings Plc offers a range of global internships to facilitate professional development for students and graduates as they work temporarily in one of the company’s numerous offices. Participating in HSBC’s Global Internship Programs will allow you to have hands-on experience in financial services, build valuable relationships, as well as develop the skills necessary for success in the banking industry. Since most people find getting an intern position at HSBC very challenging, this blog post will guide you and provide tips to guarantee that you start an internship with the bank this summer.

Let’s get rolling.

Overview of HSBC Internship Programs

HSBC Holdings Plc., one of the largest banks in Europe, offers 26 global internships and graduate programs for students seeking a chance to explore the banking industry and gather industry-related experience. These internships are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, regardless of their field of study and school. Interning with HSBC usually lasts up to 12 weeks, providing you with training and development opportunities.

In addition, HSBC Summer Internship Programs allow students and graduates to have first-hand experience working for a global bank. As such, you have a chance to grow your knowledge and build a professional network of senior executives. HSBC hires more than 600 interns yearly from about 50 countries. These include students from over 200 universities and colleges.

Here is a brief description of HSBC’s 26 global internships.

  • Global Banking & Markets: 6 internships in 6 markets and 6 graduate programs in 6 markets
  • Digital Business Services: 2 internships in 4 markets and 2 graduate programs in 5 markets
  • Commercial Banking: 2 internships in 12 markets and 2 graduate programs in 12 markets
  • Wealth and Personal Banking: 3 internships in 7 markets and 3 graduate programs in 11 markets

About HSBC Holdings Plc.

HSBC is a British universal bank and financial services holding founded as the HongKong and Shanghai Bank in 1865. It is a multinational company that serves approximately 40 million customers through its branches in 64 countries and regions. HSBC’s headquarters is in London, England, UK. Besides, it is the largest European bank in terms of assets.

HSBC operates in North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, South America, and Asia. It has a workforce of about 220,000 employees. The company’s business areas include wealth & personal banking, global banking & markets, and commercial banking.

Why Intern with HSBC?

There are many benefits of having your internship with HSBC Holdings Plc. Here are a few reasons to consider interning in one of HSBC’s offices.

Professional development

  • As an intern at HSBC, you will gain the opportunity to receive free training, develop new skills, and acquire industry-related experience. The business-oriented and technical training will enable you to perform your roles successfully by expanding your knowledge and skills. Moreover, you will be able to access numerous live courses and digital learning resources, allowing you to make good progress in your career.

Financial benefits

  • You will receive a monthly stipend while interning with HSBC. The amount varies depending on your intern role, estimated at £1,600 per month.

Mentoring opportunities

  • HSBC assigns a senior manager as a mentor for interns. Of course, the manager will support you in advancing your career. You will also have the chance to build a professional network within the workplace. Apart from the mentor, interning with HSBC will give you a buddy to advise and guide you throughout your internship.

Hybrid working

  • Participating in HSBC Summer Internship Programs also offers an excellent work-life balance, as you can intern remotely or in-office. Whichever you choose, the company’s organizational culture supports teamwork and a flexible working schedule.

To derive from the training and development opportunities offered by HSBC global internships, you must meet some requirements without exception.

Eligibility Criteria for HSBC Summer Internship 2023

The summer intern programs hosted by HSBC Holdings Plc. are open to individuals who satisfy the criteria below.

  • Must be an undergraduate or postgraduate student in your first, penultimate, or final year
  • Must have good academic progress

As long as you meet the abovementioned requirements, you can now apply for HSBC’s global internships to help you realize your career goals.

How to Apply for an HSBC Summer Internship Program

The application procedures for HSBC’s Summer Internship Programs vary depending on the position you are looking forward to holding and its location.

To express interest in interning with HSBC during your next summer break, you must take the following steps, one after the other.

Step 1: Fill out the application form

  • The first step in applying for HSBC Summer Internships is to meet all requirements and complete the application form. It involves answering a few short questions on the application form regarding your eligibility.

Once you’ve filled out the form, proofread it to check for possible errors before submitting it. If you qualify for the intern position, you will receive an email about the next steps.

Step 2: Undergo an online assessment

  • After filling out the internship application form, expect to receive an email featuring a website link where you will have to take a number of online assessments. They aim to ascertain your suitability for the intern position and if you possess the required skills to handle assigned tasks. On the contrary, the type and number of assessments you will undergo depend on the intern position you seek.

Be aware that there is a deadline to complete these assessments, as seen in the email.

Step 3: Attend an in-person, telephone, or live video internship interview

  • You must pass a phone, in-person, or video interview at this stage. If your internship interview with HSBC requires physical appearance, you must prepare more extensively than you would for a live video or telephone interview.

Assuming your interviewer asked for an interview over the telephone, consider staying in a place without noise obstruction. No matter which method, you must rightly answer some pre-set questions within a timeframe. HSBC’s internship interviews last about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the internship position.

HSBC Summer Internship Interview Questions

The following are typical questions to expect from HSBC’s interviewers during an internship interview.

  • Please introduce yourself and how interning with HSBC would make an impact.
  • Why are you applying for this intern role?
  • Could you walk me through your Curriculum Vitae?
  • What motivates you to handle tasks better?
  • How would you describe yourself as part of a team?
  • Why do you want to join HSBC interns?
  • What are your hobbies outside of the workplace?
  • How do you manage multiple tasks?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you feel about having new work colleagues and keeping valuable relationships with them?
  • What quantitative courses have you taken?

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FAQs about HSBC Summer Internship Programs

How much do HSBC interns earn?

The average monthly salary of interns at HSBC Holdings Plc. in the United Kingdom is approximately £1,600. Their earnings are 7% less than the national average salary of UK workers.

What does HSBC look for in interns?

HSBC looks out for students and graduates who are team players and willing to learn new things.

Can foreigners intern with HSBC?

Yes, international undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for global internships at HSBC Holdings Plc. However, they must obtain a Temporary Worker GAE Visa from the nearest British embassy or consulate in their country of origin.

How hard is it to get an internship at HSBC?

Securing a placement through the global internship programs hosted by HSBC Holdings Plc is usually very challenging. The reason is that they are highly rewarding and beneficial to students and graduates, which is why they are competitive.

How long do HSBC Summer Internships last?

The global internship programs HSBC hosts run for two to three months. They are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students in their first, penultimate, or final year of study.


Choosing HSBC’s Global Internships over other internship programs will positively impact your career advancement and help you gain a head start. As such, there are opportunities for you to acquire hands-on experience, grow your knowledge, expand your skill set, and build connections within a professional environment. Moreover, you won’t pay any fee to gain all these benefits, as the company will pay you each month of your internship. So what is keeping you waiting from utilizing this superb opportunity? Apply now and take the next step to make good progress in your career.