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Are you a university student seeking a better way to spend your summer break? If so, an HP Summer Internship Program is your best bet for professional development opportunities, whether your interest is in finance, software, marketing, supply chain & operations, or administration. These programs can help you grow your career. They aim to allow students and recent graduates to expand their knowledge, develop new skills, and build professional networks. Most importantly, interning with HP Inc. during summer will allow you to gather hands-on experience instead of having fun or doing intangible stuff during your summer holidays. Therefore, this article will give you various reasons to intern with HP, telling you what to expect. We will also provide a platform for you to apply for HP Summer Internships directly from here.

Let’s get down with business.

Few Things to Note about HP Summer Internship Programs

  • International students can apply for summer internships at HP Inc. However, they must hold a relevant and valid visa to enter the country where they are interning.
  • Persons who graduated anytime from the last 12 months are not eligible to intern with HP.
  • HP Internships can run for up to 12 months.
  • Applicants can choose their preferred country, as HP has intern positions in many countries.
  • Students pursuing a career in different fields can apply for HP Summer Internships.
  • Eligible students and recent graduates can complete HP’s internship application process in the comfort of their homes.

Read on for further details on each of the above information.

Overview of HP Summer Internship Programs

HP Inc. offers several internship programs to facilitate new work and learning experiences for students and university graduates. The company host internships in more than 45 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, the UK, China, Colombia, India, France, Costa Rica, Germany, Spain, Singapore, and Mexico. Internships at HP Inc. can last up to 12 months. They hold during summer term or year-round. Besides, HP has a virtual internship program that allows participants to perform their roles remotely without the need to visit an office.

About HP Inc.

HP Inc. is an Information Technology company established in 1939 by two American engineers (Bill Hewlett and David Packard). It is a multinational company formerly called Hewlett-Packard Company until November 2015. With its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, U.S.A., HP specializes in manufacturing computers, monitors, 3D printers, digital presses, printers, copiers, and scanners.

HP has a workforce of 58,000 employees in many offices worldwide. The company hires students and fresh graduates of accredited universities, allowing them to intern in their preferred country and career path.

Intern Roles Available at HP Inc.

The following are some of the many intern positions open to eligible students and recent graduates at HP Inc.

  • Data Privacy Intern
  • 3D Printing Models Processing Developer Intern
  • DSS Framework Program Digitization Intern
  • Business Intelligence Support Intern
  • Business Management Intern
  • C++ Intern
  • Camera Engineering Intern for Commercial Video Collaboration
  • Business Analysis Intern
  • Employee Experience Intern
  • Cloud Service Developer Intern
  • Corporate Affairs Summer Intern
  • Data Platform Performance Intern
  • Employee Engagement & Planning Intern
  • Writing Systems Engineer Intern
  • Sales intern
  • Computer Science Intern
  • Data Quality Intern
  • Electrical Engineering Intern
  • Cloud Engineer Intern
  • Category & Business Development Peripherals Intern
  • Data Science Intern
  • Electrical Hardware Engineer Intern
  • Collections Analyst Intern
  • E-commerce Category Management Intern

To know your expectations from holding one of these positions, see the benefits of HP Summer Internship Programs below.

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Why Intern with HP Inc.?

Students and recent graduates who have their internship at HP Inc. in any location will gain massive benefits, as noted below.

Acquire relevant work experience.

  • As a summer intern at HP, you can collaborate on projects to gain hands-on experience relevant to your chosen career path. Of course, there are other opportunities for professional development in software, administration, finance, supply chain & operations, and marketing. These include participating in substantial projects that will enable you to make a difference even after your internship.

Financial rewards

  • HP rewards interns financially for their efforts and contribution. The average salary of HP interns is $23 per hour and $4,700 monthly. Its interns also have access to numerous on-site services and infrastructures, such as free health consultations, recreation centers, gyms, cafeterias, electric car charging stations, and tech centers.

Expand your skills

  • Interning with HP will offer you a chance to attend various events that facilitate skills development at zero fees. When you learn more skills, you will have the opportunity to boost your qualifications and create a professional CV.

Build lifelong relationships with professionals.

  • Choosing an HP Summer Internship Program will allow you to meet new people and have a beneficial network. Therefore, you will be sure to complete your internship with contacts of team members, industry leaders, and other stakeholders. Among your network are people you can use as your referees in the future.

Improve your self-confidence

  • Participating in HP Internship Programs will also assist you in boosting your self-confidence as you learn from handling tasks and performing your roles independently. Indeed, doing things on your own is one thing you will do every day of interning with HP.

To benefit from HP Internship Programs, you must satisfy the criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria for HP Summer Internships

The summer internship programs hosted by HP Inc. are open to persons of all nationalities who meet the following requirements.

  • Be currently studying towards a university degree in a relevant field. On the contrary, you must be a graduate who earned a degree within the last 12 months.
  • Possess skills and experience related to your chosen field
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, especially MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Satisfy the specific requirements of the intern position you intend to assume at HP.

You can proceed with the application procedures if you have met HP Summer Internship requirements by now.

How to Apply for HP Summer Internship Programs

To express your interest in one of the internship programs hosted by HP Inc., take the steps below, one after the other.

Log on to HP’s dedicated website for job opportunities

Search for an ideal intern position.

  • Once you’re on the website, scroll down to see if an internship position that matches your career goals is currently open. Then click on it to view more information about its eligibility criteria and requirements. After fulfilling all, click APPLY NOW to start your online application.

Fill out the online form

  • To complete the online application process for an HP Summer Internship Program, you must provide each required information and upload an electronic copy of a well-written resume. Later on, you must undergo an internship interview to finalize the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions about HP Summer Internships

Does HP hire Interns?

Yes, HP Inc. hires students and graduates who qualify for its intern positions. Even if you graduated from an accredited university within the previous 12 months, you still qualify to apply for HP Summer Internship Programs, provided you satisfy other criteria.

Is HP a good company for internships?

Yes, HP Inc. is a highly recommendable IT company for students and new graduates seeking internship experience in many countries, including the United States, the UK, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, India, China, France, Costa Rica, Spain, and Germany. Its internship programs offer great pay, career advancement opportunities, excellent work-life balance, and a positive work environment.

How much does HP pay interns?

Each HP intern is entitled to a monthly salary of $4,700. Thus, you can expect to receive a financial reward, regardless of your intern role in the company.

Is it hard to get an intern position at HP?

Yes, getting an intern role with HP Inc. is very competitive, making it hard even for eligible students and graduates. Undoubtedly, the company’s process of hiring interns is quite selective.

Can foreigners intern with HP Inc.?

Yes, HP accepts students and recent graduates of all nationalities into various intern openings as long they qualify for their chosen position.


Being part of HP Summer Internship Programs will allow you to work on projects with knowledgeable team members, learn new skills, and gain industry-related experience. In fact, the work experience acquired from HP Inc. can give your career a good push than most internships. HP also has a supportive and an-inclusive working environment that encourages interns’ career progression. Hence, you can kick-start your career in your chosen discipline via these internship programs. So what else is keeping you waiting? Apply now to seize this opportunity to boost your qualifications.