How to write statement of purpose for internship

How to Write Statement of Purpose for Internship

If you need an expert’s guide on how to write a statement of purpose for an internship program, this article will provide insights into the process of creating a compelling SOP to persuade an employer or HR manager to hire you. As the first step in applying for an intern position is to submit an SOP to a company or employer, ensure to write an impressive one to improve your chances of landing your preferred internship. A good SOP should highlight your achievements, experiences, and skills related to the intern role you’re seeking. It must also describe your academic and professional goals.

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What is a Statement of Purpose for an Internship?

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) for an intern role is a brief essay, usually 800 to 1,000 words, written to describe your eligibility for the position and your expectations from interning with the company. All students applying for internships must submit an SOP, as it’s a mandatory aspect of the application process.

SOPs often have around two to three paragraphs, with concise content that mirrors your personality. Besides, it should entail your interests and career goals.

Why Write a Statement of Purpose for Internship?

The following are a few reasons you need an SOP to intern anywhere.

Submitting a Statement of Purpose is essential in applying for an intern position in any establishment.

An SOP convinces the employer or HR manager to give you the intern position. In fact, it will make them understand that you are an ideal candidate.

Writing a Statement of Purpose lets you tell the employer or HR manager how the intern position will positively impact your professional development and career goals.

Above all, it is a medium to share your future aspirations and career goals with the employer or hiring manager.

Having learned the reasons to write a Statement of Purpose to express your interest in an internship program, now check out some things to watch out for in your SOP. 

Things to Avoid When Writing an SOP for an Internship Program

Here are various things to note for avoidance to ensure a fantastic Statement of Purpose.

  • Writing your Statement of Purpose with a pen, except if the employer or hiring manager requests otherwise
  • Including false or unnecessary information in your Statement of Purpose
  • Wrong punctuation, misspellings, and grammatical mistakes
  • Being too personal in your SOP
  • Using a superior tone or very easy-to-understand words
  • Repeating the same words or sounding too general
  • Criticizing other school programs or internships
  • Using uncommon words that seems like a synonym of a common word
  • Being too informal in your Statement of Purpose
  • Writing your SOP like an autobiography
  • Plagiarism or copying contents from another student’s Statement of Purpose

To avoid most of the errors mentioned above while typing your Statement of Purpose, try using Grammarly Premium or its free plug-in to check for mistakes, and other misappropriate inclusions, such as Plagiarism.

How to Organize Contents on a Statement of Purpose for Internship

Your Statement of Purpose for an intern position must feature the following parts.


  • A good SOP should start with a captivating introduction where you concisely explain how the internship program will help you attain your career goals.

Previous experience

  • Afterward, move to a new paragraph describing your previous work and internship experience.

Relevance of the internship program

  • Now emphasize why you need to intern with the company or organization.

Career Goals

  • Create another paragraph to discuss your goals and aspirations for the next five years. Besides, you must cover details on how the internship program can facilitate your professional development.


  • As the concluding part of writing a Statement of Purpose for an internship position, highlight each paragraph to summarize the essential details of your SOP.

Helpful tips for formatting your SOP:

While you seek knowledge on how to write a Statement of Purpose for an internship program, be sure to include the right things in your SOP, as indicated below.

  • Type a hook that best shows your enthusiasm for the subject area.
  • Proceed to talk about your background in the field.
  • Describe your educational background, briefly discussing your attended classes related to the subject area.
  • Now cover your past involvement in non-academic activities relevant to the field.
  • If you have any publications or professional achievements in the field, now is the time to include them.
  • Go ahead and explain your challenges in the subject area only if necessary.
  • Discuss your reasons for choosing the school, mentioning your preferred professors and everything you cherish about their works.

With all tips and advice noted above, you can also use the sample SOP below to ensure writing a compelling Statement of Purpose.

Sample of a Statement of Purpose for Internship Purpose

Here is a typical illustration of a good SOP for an intern position.

I’m an undergraduate student pursuing a Computer Science degree at Texas Southern University. My supposed graduation date is September 2023. I am one of the most outstanding students in my class and am always willing to learn new things in the technology industry.

Having worked for a tech company, I acquired some knowledge and experience, which I wish to intensify through this internship program. I intend to travel to Canada for my postgraduate studies in Software Development at the University of Toronto, Ontario. Software development and engineering is one of the aspects of Computer Science, and I find it very engaging and exciting than other fields. For the previous two years, I have been actively working toward improving my understanding and skills relevant to the tech industry. Programming language is a thing for me, and I always seek opportunities to improve. I currently possess knowledge of Java, C#, C/C++, PHP, Swift, JavaScript, HTML, and NoSQL. Interning with Microsoft Corporation will help me kick-start my career, providing the skills, experience, and professional networks required for success in the technology industry.

My career ambition is to become a software engineer, where I can utilize my acquired knowledge and skills to write code to develop innovative software, solve application problems, and make significant impacts. In the next few years, I see myself working for a multinational technology company, having attained professional qualifications.


Note that the above SOP sample only covers vital details and does not meet the minimum word requirements for an ideal Statement of Purpose. Nevertheless, you can use it as your guide in writing yours as it contains the fundamental parts of an impressive Statement of Purpose for an intern role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Statement of Purpose for a research internship?

Yes, you must send a well-written SOP to your potential employer in order to facilitate your application for a research intern position.

How do you write an internship statement?

An internship statement must be at most three paragraphs. However, it should be concise while expressing your interest in an intern position. It also needs to demonstrate that you know your expectations from the internship.

How long should a Statement of Purpose for an internship be?

An SOP written for internship positions should have 800 to 1,000 words without having more than three paragraphs.

Should I put my name on my Statement of Purpose?

No, your Statement of Purpose to apply for an internship program does not need to include your name. The reason is that your internship application already features your full name.

What is a good personal statement for an internship?

An impressive personal statement must be easy to understand, summarizing your background, achievements, and career objectives.


Understanding how to write a good Statement of Purpose for an internship position will significantly help you gain your desired experience at no cost. Above all, it will qualify you for interning, allowing you to develop your knowledge by learning from industry experts, acquiring relevant skills, and having professional networks. So apply today for your preferred internship program and revert to this webpage as your guide in writing an enticing SOP.

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