How to Write Email to Professor for Research Internship

Tips on How to Write Email to Professor for Research Internship

Do you intend to learn how to write an email to a professor for your research internship? If so, this article will walk you through the process of sending an impressive email, as it is usually intimidating to create a unique one. Writing emails to professors is one of the essential processes for landing a research internship. When you send an effective email to a professor, it proves that you are an organized and knowledgeable individual who is a perfect fit for the intern position. Undoubtedly, professors receive tons of emails from students applying for research internships. With a well-crafted email, you can improve your chances of getting a favorable response from your professor.

What is a Research Internship?

A research internship is an internship for students undergoing independent or academic research. It facilitates their career advancement, as they work for an employer, mostly a professor in their school. Research internships aim at helping students to increase their academic credits and gather work experience.

To qualify for a research internship position, you must be studying to earn a degree in a recognized university. Besides, you must possess exceptional communication and detail orientation skills.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Research Intern

Research interns have numerous roles to perform throughout their internship period. Here are some of them.

  • Actualizing ideas
  • Helping their employer with many tasks
  • Conducting research and data compilation
  • Assisting in writing papers
  • Keeping in touch with research correspondents
  • Sharing strategies and recommending the best research methods
  • Keeping records for reference
  • Collaborating with other students and interns
  • Studying current market trends
  • Attending lab meetings, symposia, and other related events

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Benefits of a Research Internship

According to, a website for online recruitment services, the average salary of research interns in the US is approximately $19.03 per hour and $39,600 yearly. Without considering the financial benefits, other advantages of working as a research intern are as follows.

Collaborate and learn from industry leaders.

  • Being part of a research internship program will allow you to work with field experts. Of course, you can use the program to expand your knowledge and learn valuable skills from experienced people who have impacted the world and are industry leaders, including professors.

On the positive side, you’ll have the chance to do this every day of your internship.

Opportunity to gain research and other meaningful experiences

  • Like other types of internships, working as a research intern will enable you to gather relevant work experience and collaborate with professors on research projects. However, the experience gained during a research internship may not enhance your employability. It will instead focus on your research subject area and let you learn extensively about the field.

Improve your research skills and collect more data overseas for your research.

  • Another benefit of research internship programs is that they offer a chance for students to enhance their research skills and gain access to international data. As such, you can travel to your preferred country and fulfill data collection purposes in completing your research project or contributing to a scientific study.

Feature in community-led projects

  • Research internship programs also allow students to participate in community-led projects. Thus, you will have the chance to contribute to a more pleasant local environment, help people to increase their savings, and support the local economy.

Grow your professional network.

  • Participating in a research internship program will help you grow your professional network, positively impacting your career development. You will also build relationships with fellow interns and community members. Be aware that your network can serve as your referee in the future.

Why Should I Write an Email to a Professor for Research Internship?

There are many reasons why you must send an email to your professor while applying for a research intern job. These reasons are as follows.

  • It is the first step to take toward achieving your career goals.
  • Writing the email will also allow you to introduce yourself and tell why you want the research intern position. Above all, it will reveal your interest and knowledge in the field.
  • Make a great impression by allowing you to stand out among other candidates for the internship position.
  • It also demonstrates that you are organized and able to think proactively.
  • Finally, the email will prove to the professional that you have good communication skills in terms of writing.

Tips for Writing a Unique Email to a Professor for your Research Internship

Here are expert tips to guide you in sending an enticing email to a professor while applying for a research intern position.

  • Be sure you don’t address the professor as Mr., Mrs., Ms., or just Dr. First Name. Instead, use a formal tone, such as Dear Dear Dr. Last Name or Dear Prof. Last Name.
  • Avoid emoticons, abbreviations, and slang throughout your email to ensure a positive impact on the professor.
  • Talk about your interests, qualifications, previous internships, and research experiences. If you have a published research paper, you can include it as well. In addition, discuss your expectations from being a research intern.
  • Convey your message to the professor concisely without excluding any meaningful information.
  • Use the right termination lines to conclude your email’s body on a happy note. Also, indicate whether you attached your cover letter or resume to the mail. Type your full name, phone number, and LinkedIn ID for salutations.

Use Grammarly

  • Grammarly is an online tool that is resourceful for professional writing. It saves time in proofreading your email text, as it uses the internet to detect various errors, including checking for plagiarism. Grammarly has a free computer plug-in that you can use to check for possible errors as your type text in your email. Moreover, you can copy your email text for checks on a Grammarly Premium account, which costs about $25 monthly. The plug-in has limited functions compared to using Grammarly Premium.
Reasons to Use Grammarly Premium

The following are various ways Grammarly can assist in writing an email to a professor for your research internship.

  • See suggestions to help you improve your email’s vocabulary
  • Choose your preferred writing style. Since you are writing for official purposes to a professor, you should set how Grammarly makes suggestions for you to accept or dismiss.
  • Check for misspellings and grammatical errors.
  • Correct substandard sentence structure and wrongly used punctuation
  • Inspect your email text for plagiarism, i.e., words that look the same as texts on other online platforms

Type an informative subject line.

  • Ensure your email’s subject line is captivating enough to make the professor open it for a read. Since it’s the first thing visible to the professor, it should include your reason for sending the email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do research interns get paid?

Yes, students who work as research interns are entitled to receive a monthly salary varying depending on their employer. Research interns also receive several perks, including bonuses, overtime pay, etc.

How do I request my professor for an internship?

If you’re looking for a research intern job with your professors, you should make such requests via email to introduce yourself professionally. The email should also be precise while asking for an intern position. Furthermore, discuss how it would positively impact your career goals.

What are the requirements for a research intern job?

To get a research intern job anywhere, you must be a student enrolled in an accredited higher education institution with good communication and attention to detail skills.

Is it compulsory to email my professor for a research internship?

Yes, you must email your professor as a compulsory part of the application process for a research intern job in your school.

Can I apply for a research intern position with no experience?

No, you can express interest in a research intern position even if you have no initial work or research experience.


A well-written email can set you apart from other students applying for an intern position. Acting based on the tips provided in this blog post will resolve your concerns about how to write an email to a professor for a research internship. Hence, you can be confident in getting a research intern position this year to facilitate your professional development, improve your research skills, and have an enlightening experience. To get started, look for a research internship and use this article as your guide in crafting a captivating email to your professor.

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