How to get a scholarship

How to Get a Scholarship: Complete Application Guide

The cost of attending a college or university is pretty high and could discourage you from enrolling in your preferred program or school. To help you achieve your academic dreams, we will walk you through how to get a scholarship to study anywhere.

So, if you would like to study in Canada, the United States, or anywhere else, here is an opportunity for you. A scholarship can cover 100% of your tuition and other study-related expenses or subsidize them, depending on the scholarship amount. Scholarship requirements vary from scholarship to scholarship.

Read on to discover how to get a scholarship to finance your education!

10 Key Facts about Scholarships

  • You can receive an entrance scholarship from your school without a separate application.
  • You may qualify for a scholarship, even if your academic achievement is below average.
  • Some scholarships are awarded for multiple years, depending on each recipient’s academic performance.
  • They are renewable for up to four years or until graduation.
  • Each scholarship has its own application procedures and selection criteria.
  • Merit-based scholarships are highly competitive.
  • You can apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously.
  • No application or processing fee is charged for scholarships.
  • You can apply for a scholarship in the comfort of your home.
  • Only a few scholarships will require you to undergo an interview.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships

The following are the basic requirements for scholarships worldwide:

  • Academic standing: Must have exceptional academic achievements to qualify for merit-based and entrance scholarships. These scholarships typically require students to have a GPA not less than 2.5/4.0 or equivalent.
  • Financial need: Must demonstrate financial need to apply for need-based scholarships and bursaries.
  • Community involvement: You may need to be actively involved in community or extra-curricular activities by volunteering with a local business.

Other requirements:

  • Religious affiliation
  • Ethnic background
  • Athletic abilities
  • Leadership attributes
  • Proficiency in fine arts, mathematics, or a foreign language
  • Membership with specific associations or clubs

How Can I Get a Scholarship to Study?

While some academic institutions automatically award scholarships to students without prior applications, most scholarships require interested students to apply online.

Below are the steps to apply for a scholarship:

Step 1: Find scholarship opportunities

You can look for scholarship opportunities via any of the following means:

  • Ask your teacher or school management for available scholarship opportunities.
  • Check our scholarship webpage.
  • Contact the college or university or contact its financial aid office.

Step 2: Prepare your scholarship application

This step involves getting ready for the scholarship application process.

  • Gather your application supporting documents.

You need the following documents whether you’re applying for a scholarship to study in the US, Canada, UK, or any other country.

  • Academic transcripts
  • A filled-out scholarship application form or financial aid forms
  • Proof of English or other language proficiency
  • A letter of motivation or Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • A copy of your passport’s bio-data page
  • Recommendation letters
  • Standardized test scores, such as SAT, ACT, etc.
  • Financial documents, such as your tax returns, etc.

Create a CV or Resume

You must also write a resume and update your curriculum vitae before applying for a scholarship. Afterward, add them to your supporting documents.

Obtain recommendation letters

Most scholarships require two letters of recommendation from each applicant. So, you need to ask your referees for the letters and provide them with all the relevant information to include.

Step 3: Apply for the scholarship

Next, download the scholarship application form or access it from the sponsor’s website. Then, apply for the scholarship, following the instructions provided by your school or the scholarship’s sponsor.

If the scholarship has an application deadline, ensure you well ahead the closing date.

Step 4: Wait for the scholarship’s committee decision

It usually takes ten to twelve weeks for a scholarship committee to assess student applications and make a final decision. You will have to wait for a Notice of Award from the committee during this period.

However, the committee may not notify you if they do not consider you for a scholarship.

6 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Scholarship

  • Research the scholarship and its sponsor.
  • Proofread your scholarship application form before submitting it.
  • Ensure your recommendation letters are from the appropriate persons and they include all the required information.
  • Choose the most qualified persons as your referees.
  • Apply early, as some scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Create a professional resume. Ensure you include your attributes and achievements.


Getting a scholarship requires rigorous planning and commitment, as their selection process is often highly competitive. With this guideline, you can apply for fully and partially funded scholarships to cover your tuition and study-related expenses.

So, feel free to take this opportunity, no matter which school you want to study or are currently attending.

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