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How to apply for open Internships and the benefits

Internships offer students and new graduates a perfect platform to gain experience in the workplace and develop their professional skills. However, these internships are increasingly competitive and sought-after, so applicants need to be aware of all the available options. Open internships are an excellent alternative for those needing access to usual internship opportunities or those seeking something different.

This article provides an overview of open internships, how they differ from traditional internships, and the benefits they offer.

What are Open Internships?

Open internships are skill-building and experience-acquiring programs open to students and fresh graduates from all backgrounds who meet the requirements. These programs are available in numerous industries and organizations, from tech companies to nonprofits.

The duration for open internships varies from one organization to another and the nature of the program. Open internship in some companies lasts for a few weeks or months. This is often common in industries like technology, where interns are hired to work on specific projects that require a short time to complete. Also, open internships in finance or consulting may last up to a year or longer.

During the open internship program, interns can explore different career paths and develop transferable skills to benefit any job they pursue.

Differences between Open and traditional Internships

Here are some key differences between open and traditional internships.

First, open internships are more flexible than traditional internships. They often do not require a long-term commitment or a set schedule and can be tailored to fit the individual’s needs. This makes them ideal for balancing their internship with other obligations such as school or work.

Second, open internships tend to be more project-based than traditional internships. Instead of working on assigned tasks within a company, open training may involve working on an independent project that can be completed remotely or in person, depending on the individual’s availability and preference. This allows interns to gain experience in areas outside of their study and develop new skills while gaining valuable work experience.

Companies or organizations offering open internship programs

You can explore the following companies or organizations below offering open internships.

  • Apple
  • AT&T.
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Comcast
  • Chevron 
  • eHealth Africa
  • Google
  • General Electric
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • United Nations
  • Exon Mobil Corporation
  • MasterCard
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • Walmart
  • McKesson
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Publix


Open internships offer numerous benefits that vary according to the organizations or companies offering the program. You can expect to enjoy the benefits listed below:

  1. You will have the prospect of meeting people from different backgrounds, which can broaden your philosophy and give you insight into potential career paths.
  2. You will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios.
  3. You will enjoy a stipend to help you pay bills and other perks during the program.
  4. You will learn new skills in an environment with cutting-edge resources to help you succeed.
  5. Opportunity to explore different career paths and develop transferable skills that will be beneficial in any job you intend to pursue in the future.
  6. Opportunity to explore different environments while building intercultural relationships
  7. Have insight into the decision-making process and problem-solving mechanism of reputable organizations.

Eligibility requirements for Open internships

The general eligibility requirements which applicants for open internships must fulfill are as follows:

  • You are enrolled in an accredited college or university or a recent graduate.
  • You demonstrate good academic performance with at least a GPA of 3.0
  • You apply for your desired internship before the application deadline.
  • You are eighteen years or above.
  • You have skills that are relevant to the needs of the organization offering the internship.

However, there could be additional requirements from the hosting company. Also, applicants with prior work experience and professional qualifications could be more favorable in hiring.

Documents for application

Most organizations demand the following documents from applicants applying for an internship program.

  1. An up-to-date-resume highlighting your skills and experiences that are relevant to the requirements for the internship
  2. A cover letter should showcase your accomplishments that demonstrate your qualifications for the position. It should also highlight why you should be considered for the internship position.
  3. Letters of recommendation written by your mentor or reputable individuals that can attest to your skills, experience, and capacity to deliver.
  4. Academic transcript as proof of your academic performance.
  5. A valid Visa if you are a foreign citizen and need a valid visa to visit the country for the internship program.

Application procedures for open internships

You can begin applying for an open internship by browsing your desired company or organization to check for available vacancies.

Once you find a suitable internship position on the site, read the job description, additional requirements, and application method.

The next thing is to craft a compelling resume and a cover letter that should capture the skills and experience required from the hiring organization.

Complete the application process, upload or attach the required documents and apply.

If your application is successful, it will be reviewed by the recruiter, and a notification for an interview will be sent to you if you are eligible. So while waiting for an interview, you should be fully prepared by researching the company’s profiles and other essential details. You can also learn the tips to succeed in an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Do universities offer open internships?

Many universities offer open internships. These internships could be unpaid, but interns will gain hands-on experience in a professional setting. Also, some external organizations offer available internships in partnership with the Universities.

How much should I expect to earn as a stipend in an open internship program?

The amount you can expect to earn as a stipend in an open internship program will depend on various factors, such as the type of industry and the size of the company. However, most paid internship offers at least 15 USD hourly.

What country offers open internships the most?

The United States is one of the countries that offer the most open internships. Many large companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, offer domestic and international students internship programs.


Open internships can be an incredible opportunity to build experience and develop relationships within your field. We have provided you with the benefits, eligibility criteria, and how to spot open internship opportunities in this guide. You must thoroughly research the organization and position, tailor your resume and cover letter, and follow up with the company or organization after the application.

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