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How to apply for Exxonmobil Internship

Suppose you want valuable experience in the oil and gas industry. In that case, an ExxonMobil Internship is the perfect opportunity for you. This program provides a chance to learn from experienced professionals while developing essential skills and knowledge that will be beneficial in the future.

As an intern at Exxonmobil, you will be exposed to a diverse range of activities which will strengthen your professional capabilities. It can open doors to a career within the company or provide an excellent foundation for further study. This article will explore the benefits, duties and how to apply for the ExxonMobil Internship. Read on.

Overview of Exxonmobil Internship

ExxonMobil is an international energy company that has been a leader in the oil and gas industry since its founding in 1870. With headquarters in Irving, Texas, ExxonMobil offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience through its internship program. Interns will be exposed to cutting-edge technologies and business practices designed to shape future leaders.

The ExxonMobil Internship Program is designed for college students who wish to gain hands-on experience with a leading global energy corporation. Interns can expect to work hard while learning from experienced professionals who have pioneered some of the most significant projects within the oil and gas industry.

Participants are typically enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs such as engineering, geology, science, finance or economics; many internships are available year-round.

Benefits of Exxonmobil Internship

Exxonmobil Internship is an excellent way for students to gain invaluable experience in the energy industry. Working with one of the leading industry giants, interns will have access to a broad range of opportunities and resources.

Exxonmobil Internship offers countless benefits to its participants, from professional development programs to hands-on learning.

  • The program provides a unique opportunity for students to learn from some of the best minds in the business. With mentors from various backgrounds and expertise, interns can get valuable advice on succeeding in their future career endeavours.
  • Workers are exposed to different projects and tasks, which help them develop technical skillsets for future success.
  • Exxonmobil Internship also gives its participants opportunities for personal growth through networking events, volunteering activities and more.
  • By participating in an ExxonMobil internship, participants can understand the global energy industry comprehensively while developing technical and professional skills that will benefit them throughout their careers.
  • Interns can also take part in field trips worldwide, where they can learn about different cultures and explore new places.
  • Management staff will also support interns, who guide managing their work assignments and development as professionals effectively.

Duties of an ExxonMobil Intern

Interns at Exxonmobil take on various duties depending on their level of expertise and the area in which they are placed. These responsibilities range from learning basic skills to more complex technical tasks;

  • At the entry level, interns can expect to learn essential job functions such as safety protocols and office management while shadowing more experienced personnel.
  • As they gain experience, interns may be given additional roles like writing reports or creating presentations for senior staff.
  • Additionally, some interns may have the opportunity to work on research projects or assist in product development initiatives.

Overall, an internship with ExxonMobil provides meaningful opportunities for hands-on learning and professional growth.

Eligibility Requirements of Exxonmobil Internship

The company has specific eligibility requirements that interested applicants must meet to be considered for a position.

  • To be eligible for an ExxonMobil internship, candidates must be enrolled at an accredited college or university and have completed at least two years of undergraduate coursework by the start of the internship program.
  • Participants’ cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, and they need to prove that their school enrollment continues through the internship period.
  • Additionally, candidates must be able to commit to working full-time during the summer session and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and computer proficiency.
  • Furthermore, interns should demonstrate solid problem-solving capabilities and initiative when taking on projects or tasks.

How to Apply for Exxonmobil Internship

Exxonmobil offers excellent internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Those interested in applying for the Exxonmobil Internship Program should take note of the application process outlined below.

  • The first step in applying for an ExxonMobil Internship is to create a profile on their career website.
  • Applicants must provide their personal information, contact details, and education history.
  • Resumes can also be uploaded to the site to enhance one’s candidacy for an ExxonMobil Internship position.
  • In addition, applicants are encouraged to search and apply directly from job postings.
  • Those seeking an internship with ExxonMobil must tailor their application materials to fit each position they are interested in pursuing.

Once all of the required documentation has been submitted, applicants should monitor the status of their applications online or by calling/emailing human resources representatives if necessary. Finally, prepare for an interview.

Tips on Increasing your Chances of getting an ExxonMobil Internship

Becoming an ExxonMobil Intern is a highly competitive process, so it helps to be well-prepared and take proactive steps toward increasing your chances of success. Here are some tips on improving your chances of landing an ExxonMobil Internship;

  • First, ensure a strong resume highlighting all relevant qualifications, such as educational background, job experience and any accomplishments or awards you might have earned.
  • You should also be willing to learn new skills and demonstrate the ability to adapt quickly if needed.
  • Additionally, knowing ExxonMobil’s current initiatives can give you an edge when applying for an internship; research their company values and focus areas before submitting your application.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does Exxonmobil Internship Last?

Exxonmobil internships generally range in length from three months to one year. Most programs are offered during the summer months, and some even extend into fall or winter terms.

Although the duration of an internship varies depending on the area you apply to, most interns will have a full-time schedule lasting between 7 and 10 weeks. This provides ample time to gain valuable skills and experience within a specific industry or sector.

Do Exxonmobil Pay Interns?

The answer is yes! Interns at Exxonmobil receive competitive compensation that includes both wages and bonus payments. This compensation package makes an ExxonMobil internship very attractive to prospective applicants.

Who is eligible for Exxonmobil Internship?

To be eligible for an ExxonMobil internship, applicants must be 18 years old and have completed at least two college or university education semesters. They should also have a 3.0 GPA or higher in their coursework and a solid academic track record demonstrating leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to excellence.

Additionally, interns should be able to demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills.


In conclusion, an ExxonMobil internship is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable experience, skills and knowledge. Not only do interns get the chance to work with industry-leading experts and learn from them, but they also gain real-world working experience.

Furthermore, the organization supports students by providing competitive salaries and excellent benefits. With its prestigious reputation and global presence, ExxonMobil is an ideal destination for students looking to jumpstart their career paths.

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