Highest paying internships in India

Top 10 Highest Paying Internships in India

Are you looking for some of the highest paying internships in India to enable you to earn extra money while working towards advancing your career? This article will provide an overview of India’s most remunerative internships. It will also give you other reasons to choose these internship programs. Whether you are a student or a recent graduate, there are many things to explore during your internship in India. In fact, you can raise high expectations and be sure that you can meet them via these internships. With adequate planning, including¬†preparing for your internship interview, these internships will guarantee career success in your chosen field.

Let’s get started by discussing the benefits of interning in India.

Why Intern in India?

There are many reasons and benefits to gain from interning in an Indian-based establishment or company. Some of them are as follows.

Top multinational companies have offices in India.

  • India is inclusive of the best countries to intern in the world. Some of the world’s leading MNCs, like IBM, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon.com, Inc., Coca-Cola, Google, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Citibank, have offices in India. That means interning in India would likely offer the same learning and hands-on experience as doing your internship in any other country where these MNCs also have offices.

Financial compensation

  • Most India-based companies pay interns monthly, irrespective of their role. As a student or recent graduate, consider interning in India since you won’t have to cover your living expenses from your pocket.

The average monthly salary of interns in India is INR 60,000 (USD 725).

Experience diverse cultures

  • Doing your internship in India will also allow you to explore a nation of multiple cultures, giving you a valuable and life-changing experience. Besides, you can visit several cultural events, including festivals. Some of the most famous festivals in India include Diwali, Holi, Onam, Lohri, Bihu, and Dussehra.

Numerous tourist attractions to see

  • Joining an internship program hosted by an Indian-based company or organization offers a thrilling experience. There are many attractions in India, ranging from museums to entertainment parks. These attractions include Taj Mahal, Mehrangarh Museum Trust, Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Albert Hall Museum, Dudhsagar Falls, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, etc.

10 Highest Paying Internships in India

Apple Internship Programs

  • Interning with Apple Inc. is highly beneficial to student’s professional development and financially rewarding. Undoubtedly, Apple is among the largest technology company in the world, operating as a multinational corporation. The company is also the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer as its flagship, iPhone is performing well in markets globally.

As the highest paying internship in India, Apple interns in India receive a monthly salary of INR 87,600. However, getting an intern position with Apple is challenging.

Microsoft Internship Programs

  • Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA, Microsoft Corporation is another multinational company with offices in India. It is one of the Tech Giants of the Information Technology industry. Besides, the company is well known for its significant impact on the industry. Its products include Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office suite, Edge web browsers, Xbox, etc.

Microsoft Corporation offers some of the highest paying internships in India. Its university internship runs for eight weeks and can help you build a solid foundation for your career. The average salary of Microsoft interns in India is INR 71,500 per month.

PayPal Internship Programs

  • If you wish to kick-start a career in the financial technology industry, consider interning in India with PayPal Holdings, Inc. This American fintech company operates a web-based payment system in numerous countries. It has nearly 30,000 employees across its offices worldwide as a multinational company.

PayPal Internships are open to students and new graduates from accredited institutions of higher learning. These programs facilitate personal and professional development, offering interns a monthly payment of approximately INR 63,000.

Amex Internship Programs (#TeamAmex)

  • American Express Company (Amex) is a financial services provider founded in March 1850. Its headquarter is in New York City, where it serves the whole world as a multinational corporation. Amex is among the world’s most valuable companies and the largest provider of traveler’s cheques globally. It has more than 77,000 employees and operates through numerous offices worldwide.

American Express has various intern roles for students and recent graduates from different world regions. The company pays them a monthly salary of about INR 60,000 per month. Indeed, Amex Internship Programs are among the highest-paying internships in India. They are ideal for students pursuing a career in banking and financial services.

Goldman Sachs Internship Programs

  • The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is an investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York, USA. It operates several international offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, and India. In terms of revenue, Goldman Sachs ranks as the world’s second-largest investment bank. It is also one of the Fortune 500 Corporations in the US.

Goldman Sachs has a workforce of more than 48,500 employees. Besides, it offers each intern a monthly stipend of INR 59,000, irrespective of their position.

Samsung Research Internship

  • Working as a research intern with Samsung also gives financial compensation estimated at INR 55,000 monthly. Aside from this compensation, you can also expect lunch on each workday, access to free gym facilities, a good work environment, and an excellent work-life balance.

The average salary of Samsung Research Interns is about INR 55,000 per month.

Google Internships

  • Google LLC is a multinational technology corporation headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. Its establishment occurred in 1998 in Menlo Park, another city in CA. Google has numerous operations, including search engine technology, cloud computing, e-commerce, web advertising, computer software, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Google Internship Programs are open to all eligible students who want to propel their careers in business and engineering & technology fields. Being among India’s top ten highest paying internships, expect to earn approximately INR 47,000 monthly during your Google internship.

IBM Internships

  • The International Business Machines Corporation provides some of the highest paying internships in India, even though its interns receive lower salaries than interns in other India-based companies. IBM is a multinational technology company with operations in more than 170 countries. It is renowned as the world’s largest industrial research organization.

Moreover, IBM Summer Internships are one of the best internships for students and recent graduates. Its interns are entitled to a stipend of about INR 35,000 per month.

Deloitte Internships

  1. Interning with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited in India offers a monthly stipend of INR 23,400 per student. The company operates under various names in India, such as P.C.Hansotia, S.B.Billimoria, C.C.Choksi & Co., A.F.Ferguson &Co., and A.F.Ferguson Associates.

Accenture Internship Programs

  • Accenture Plc. is a professional services provider headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. With a workforce of about 738,000 employees, Accenture is the world’s largest consulting company by its number of employees.¬†It pays its interns in India a monthly salary of approximately INR 20,000.

An Accenture Internship Program is best for students hoping to start a career in IT services and consulting sectors. The program facilitates the career advancement of students from various regions of the world.

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FAQs about the highest-paying internships in India

Can foreigners do internships in India?

Yes, foreigners can obtain a visa from the nearest Indian embassy or consulate to enter India to intern with private companies, NGOs, educational institutions, and multinational corporations.

Which company pays the highest for internships in India?

Based on our findings, Apple Inc. offers interns the highest financial compensation, averaging INR 87,600 monthly.

How much do interns earn in India?

The average monthly salary of students and fresh graduates interning in India is approximately INR 833. On the positive side, most India-based companies and organizations offer salaries to interns.

What percentage of students do internships in India?

More than 80% of students and new graduates currently work as an intern for banks, multinational corporations, and private companies in India.

What is the salary of JP Morgan Summer interns in India?

The average monthly compensation receivable by students and graduates who intern during the summer at JPMorgan Chase in India is INR 59,000.


It is recommendable to apply for one of the highest paying internships in India toward earning an income as you improve your qualifications. Despite offering compensation to interns, these internships do not compromise on the experience, skills development opportunities, mentoring, and professional networks you should gain for participating in an internship program. So what else is holding you back from interning in India?

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