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Are you a graduate or undergraduate student at a tertiary institution? Are you excited about working in a culturally diverse environment with professionals from numerous fields? If yes, Heineken Internship might be the opportunity you need. Heineken offers several international internship programs ranging from the Heineken African Foundation Internship to the Heineken Young Stars Academy Internship, based on ethnicity, career, or field of study.

This article will cover the general details you need to apply for the Heineken Internship program. Such information will include the company profile, the internship program itself, intern duties, benefits, and how to apply for Heineken internships.

Overview of The Heineken Company

The Heineken Company is one of the leading companies in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is renowned worldwide for being the world’s second-largest beer-producing organization. Heineken has been a market leader in the industry for over 100 years. Despite being one of the top beneficiaries of the trade, The Heineken Company is also a strong advocate for responsible alcoholic consumption.

Heineken is a large organization with over 85,000 employees worldwide. They also have a customer base spanning over 190 countries, making them the brewing industry with the most prominent global presence. In their statement, the company’s values are “passion for quality, enjoyment of life, respect for people and the planet.”

About Heineken Internship

The Heineken Internship program allows undergraduate and graduate students to work in several positions in an international, multicultural environment. The said positions are of two categories;

  • Non-Supply Chain Functions:¬†Such functions include; Sales, Marketing, eCommerce, Corporate Affairs, Procurement, Process & Control Improvement (PCI), Business Control, Trade Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Services, etc.
  • Supply Chain Functions:¬†Packaging, Planning, Logistics, Brewing, Engineering, Customer Service, Quality Lab, Quality Packaging, Total Productivity Management (TPM), etc.

Depending on which of the Heineken Internship programs you enroll in, you could work remotely, on-site, or hybrid (remote and on-site). In any of these programs, be rest assured that you will contribute your substantial quota to managing and seeing out projects within your jurisdiction. The internship lasts between three (3) months to six (6) months, depending on your agreement, for 40 hours a week. It also comes with financial compensation of about £500 per month.

Responsibilities of a Heineken Intern

Heineken Internships are known for entrusting beneficiary interns with enough responsibility and a level of autonomy. This autonomy gives the interns space to learn and provides the right experience. Despite these responsibilities, however, they are only interns and require guidance from the professionals within the company.

As an intern at The Heineken Company, your responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Assisting in managing and monitoring various projects.
  • Reviewing half-year evaluations and reports.
  • Developing data-driven solutions to business problems.
  • Studying and getting familiar with vital company procedures.
  • Identifying and helping to implement ideas to improve company procedures.

Internship responsibilities will differ depending on what position you apply (and get accepted) for. However, the ones stated above are the general responsibilities of a Heineken intern, regardless of the department within the company.

Benefits of Heineken Internship

There are several benefits to working with one of the biggest beer-producing companies in the world; some might even name it one of the best internships in the world. These benefits include:

  • Boost your career and social network by joining Heineken Internship’s international network of interns.
  • Gain valuable experience in solving real business problems.
  • Travel, meet new people, visit new places, and experience new cultures.
  • Boost your resume with work experience from one of the top companies in the Food & Beverage Industry
  • Earn ¬£500 as a monthly stipend.

Eligibility Criteria for Heineken Internship

When seeking internship opportunities, you weigh many options to see which is more likely to work out. Although it is advisable to apply for multiple opportunities, one must acknowledge that the better your profile fits the opportunity, the more likely the company selects you.

To be considered for the Heineken internship, therefore, there are specific criteria you should meet. They are:

  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Charisma; ability to relate well with people of diverse cultures.
  • Ability to work in a structured environment.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Proficiency in one or more European languages (preferably with English as one of them).
  • Proof that you currently study at an undergraduate or postgraduate university (this may be exclusive, depending on which internship program).

How to Apply for Heineken Internship

Suppose you are interested in the Heineken internship and meet all the criteria. In that case, you can submit your application via the designated portal. In that portal, you will need to provide some documents, depending on your nationality, level of study, etc. Some of the documents you will need are:

  • Proof of enrollment in a university.
  • A well-written¬†cover letter
  • Your properly articulated resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Will Heineken pay me as an intern?

As an intern at The Heineken Company, you get a monthly stipend of £500. Since Heineken does not provide housing or any other monetary benefits, this stipend is supposed to cover all you need per month for the period.

#2. Do I have to be in the Netherlands to intern at Heineken?

Not all Heineken internships happen in the Netherlands; other branches exist in other countries. Therefore, you must be in the same country as the branch where you are offered training. Most Heineken internships are on-site or hybrid.

#3. Can international students apply for Heineken Internships?

International students can apply for Heineken internships if they go to school in the Netherlands. However, EU students can apply for Heineken internships regardless of their school’s location.

#4. When does the application for Heineken Internship end?

There are no specified closing dates for Heineken internship applications.

#5. Are there any cons to being a Heineken Intern?

While most people believe Heineken has good internship programs, some think they could be much better; that is, in terms of learning structure for interns. Also, the chances of retaining you as a staff member after your internship are low.


After going through the internship terms, benefits, responsibilities, and all, are you still convinced you qualify for the Heineken internships? If yes, get your documents ready and begin your application.