Harvey mudd college scholarships

Guide in Applying for Harvey Mudd College Scholarships

Harvey Mudd College contributes so much money to award partially and fully funded scholarships every academic year without bias. International students from the far ends of the world have no exemption and can benefit from these financial aids.

HMC offers several merit-based and need-based scholarships. The institution’s scholarship committee reevaluates its need-based financial aid every academic year in order to renew recipients’ scholarships.

Recipients of Harvey Mudd College’s fully funded scholarships must file an income tax return with the United States government.

List of Scholarships Offered to Students at Harvey Mudd College

The following are some scholarships awarded to Harvey Mudd College international students.

  • So International Scholarship

This Harvey Mudd College scholarship is awarded to international students regardless of department. To qualify as a recipient of the So International Scholarship, you must maintain unparalleled academic achievement.

  • RIF Scholarship

HMC Department of Mathematics awards this scholarship to entering students with top-notch proficiency in mathematics.

  • Harvey S. Mudd Merit Award

International students with outstanding academic achievements and talents can apply for this scholarship at Harvey Mudd College.

  • FIRST Robotics Scholarship

Harvey Mudd College awards this scholarship to just one student per academic year for partaking in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) or FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) during secondary school.

  • Esterbrook Merit Award

Harvey Mudd College offers the Esterbrook Merit Award to new students with extraordinary talents.

  • VEX Scholarship

Harvey Mudd College awards VEX Scholarship to a student for involvement in the VEX Robotics Competition during secondary school.

Who are the Sponsors of Harvey Mudd College Scholarships?

Harvey Mudd College is not only the sponsor of its scholarships but also the Kotecha families, Grover-McManus, Yuen Sang & Yu Yuen Kit So, Norman F Sprague Jr Foundation, and more.

Overview of Claremont City

Claremont is a U.S. city in the suburb of Los Angeles County in California. It has a land and water area aggregating 35 square kilometres, with more than 37,000 residents. Besides, the city is famous for its historic structures and numerous tourist attractions.

Harvey Mudd College (HMC) is a private educational institution founded in 1955 in this city. It has an affiliation with the Claremont Colleges. HMC awards B.Sc. degree programs in different disciplines, such as arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, biology, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. The college is proud to have more than 7,900 alums from numerous countries. Undoubtedly, international students can apply for various scholarships offered at Harvey Mudd College.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Harvey Mudd College Scholarships?

The award amount of each Harvey Mudd College scholarship varies, as follows.

  • So International Scholarship: NA
  • Harvey S. Mudd Merit Award: $10,000, renewable yearly for not more than four years
  • Esterbrook Merit Award: $10,000. The scholarship is renewable yearly upon reevaluation.
  • RIF Scholarship: At least $1,000
  • VEX Scholarship: Renewable award amount of $10,000
  • FIRST Robotics Scholarship: $10,000, renewable, as well

How Many Students Receive Harvey Mudd College Scholarships?

The total number of international students awarded Harvey Mudd College scholarships per academic year is not precise, even though they are not much.

Are Harvey Mudd College Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Harvey Mudd College offers fully and partially funded scholarships to assist its undergraduate students financially with their cost of study.

Duration of Harvey Mudd College Scholarships

HMC scholarships sustain students for an academic session, with possibilities for yearly renewals for up to four years.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study Are Harvey Mudd College Scholarships Meant For?

HMC students across all fields of study can apply for a financial need-based or academic merit-based scholarship, provided they have satisfied Harvey Mudd College scholarships’ requirements and conditions.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Harvey Mudd College Scholarships?

Yes, bachelor’s degree students can apply for many scholarships available at Harvey Mudd College, CA, U.S.A. Before starting the application for any scholarship, be sure to have met its requirements without exception.

Eligibility Criteria

Non-US students who want to apply for a scholarship at Harvey Mudd College must fulfill the following conditions and requirements.

  • Must be an international student, i.e., applicants should not hold a green card or be a United States citizen.
  • Must have full-time enrollment in a minimum of 12 credits at Harvey Mudd College.
  • Your family’s current financial situation must urge you to apply for the Harvey Mudd College scholarship.
  • Must also possess remarkable academic reports
  • Finally, you may have to demonstrate aptitude to promote the college’s community.

Note that the above requirements generally apply to all students intending to express their interest in a scholarship at HMC. Therefore, you should check further for the specific scholarship requirements before submitting your application.

Fees & Funding

Is Harvey Mudd hard to get into?

Yes, Harvey Mudd College is very selective when granting admission to students, making it so hard to get admitted into the institution. It currently has a low acceptance rate of 10%.

Does Harvey Mudd give scholarships?

Yes, Harvey Mudd College collects internal and external funding to grant scholarships yearly to eligible students based on their present financial status and academic performance.

Are there Harvey Mudd College scholarships for international students?

Of course, many scholarships are available at Harvey Mudd College for non-U.S. students from anywhere in the world.

Are Harvey Mudd College scholarships easy to get?

No, students go through a lot of difficulty in getting a partially or fully funded scholarship from Harvey Mudd College.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Harvey Mudd College Scholarships

Applying for HMC scholarships involves straightforward procedures undertaken online. However, international students who wish to get an academic merit-based scholarship do not need to submit a different application, while some involve a statement of interest to HMC.

If you are applying for an HMC need-based scholarship, you must apply separately online. You can get started by clicking Apply Now button below.