Harper adams university scholarships

Harper Adams University Scholarships: Eligibility and Application

Many scholarship opportunities are ongoing at Harper Adams University in the UK. These scholarships are proudly sponsored by various independent and external bodies that love to contribute financially to students’ academic growth. The scholarships do not only offer study opportunities but also provide the students with a one-year job opportunity or placement to demonstrate their wealth of knowledge. More so, Harper Adams University Scholarships from these sponsors benefit a wide range of students for reasons as easy as staying within a 75-mile radius of the location.

It shows that circumstances surrounding you, like the place you stay and the course you study, can get you a spot on one of the many scholarships in the school. But first, we made a little rundown about the university for your reading pleasure.

About Harper Adams University

Established in 1901 and set in 1,360 acres of active farmland, this university morphed from an agricultural college to a public university in 2012. As a university, the school has taught more than 50 courses to all academic levels. Harper Adams University has gained popularity in the United Kingdom for outstanding research in numerous agricultural-related fields like animal welfare, crop disease resistance, agricultural technology, and many more.

Furthermore, the university has a good record for graduating employable students who do not find it demanding to gain employment immediately after graduating. Scholarships are also part of the gains for students of this great university.

List of scholarships in Harper Adams University

These scholarships are sometimes fully funded and sometimes partly funded. Also, some scholarships are a yearly event, while some do not return after their expiration.

Abergavenny Farmers Trust- Educational Awards

This scholarship body is a registered charity that focuses on granting undergraduate students their wish to study forestry or agriculture a passageway through full-time funding. Also, you must demonstrate a need for financial assistance to have a degree.

ABP Scholarship

ABP scholarship is for Harper Adams University undergraduate students in their second degree for BSc. Students in their first year in FdSc can also apply for the scholarship. Also, the students must be interested in pursuing a career in the meat processing industry.


  • The scholarship is quite competitive, and students only gain a spot on merit.
  • Applicants must be ready to begin a career in the meat processing industry with ABP.
  • Since there will be placements, applicants must accept the ABP placement.


ABP scholarship will be paid in halves; the first will be in February, while the remaining will happen in May of the academic year. Also, this scholarship is worth up to 500 pounds and offers a one-year employment opportunity. Winners may receive more funding in their last academic year.

Animal Welfare Student Scholarships

This scholarship encourages students to pick an interest in animal welfare science. Also, winners of this scholarship will carry out a project on the best way to improve animal science. And the project might come as a research or educational project. Students are encouraged to carry out this project with zoo animals, farms, or domestic animals.

The BerryWorld Scholarship

Eligible applicants of this scholarship are second-year students of Harper Adams University with BSc degrees or students in their first year FdSc. Also, applicants are those interested in building a career in the soft fruit industry with the sponsors, BerryWorld. The scholarship is worth 4,500 pounds in the final year, and successful applicants are employed for an entire year.

Duchy of Lancaster Scholarship

The scholarship only targets all students in their second year BSc in agricultural-related courses, environmental land management, Agri-business management, Agri-food marketing, and Business studies. The scholarship will come in halves. The first half will get to the student in February, while the remaining half will be in May. Applicants will face a panel in an interview and earn a spot on the scholarship by merit.

Furthermore, the Duchy Lancaster Scholarship is worth 2,500 pounds and will cover only one academic year.

Jerman Scholarship

Open to all students in the second academic year of BSc/MEng/BEng. Also, students in their final year of FdSc can apply. Applicants who have never received an award before will get special treatment. Also, the scholarship is worth 2,500 pounds, and successful applicants get the award once as a one-time payment.

Jill Willows Scholarship

The scholarship targets students willing to pursue a degree in the rural sector. Applicants are all second-year veterinary medicine and surgery students at Harper Adams University. Applicants of this scholarship may qualify for an extra award from another sponsor in the university.

Scholarship Benefits

ABP scholarship will be paid in halves; the first will be in February, while the remaining will happen in May of the academic year.

Applicable Courses

  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • AgriBusiness
  • Animal welfare
  • Crop disease resistance
  • Agricultural technology
  • Engineering
  • Meat processing
  • Animal science
  • Research
  • Business studies
  • Agri-food marketing
  • Environmental land management

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must live within 75 miles radius of the Abergavenny Cattle Market.
  • Or attend a minimum of one year at the former Abergavenny Cattle Market and follow it up at the university for a full-time course in forestry or Agriculture.
  • You must not be on any placement while applying for the scholarship, or you will not be attended to.

Fees & Funding

Is Harper Adams University a good university?

Yes, the university is a good one, and it is a top-ranked university that has maintained its position at the top.

When did Harper Adams University become a university?

Harper Adams became a university in 2012. Before, it was a college, but due to its growth and education excellence, it was awarded university status.

What does Harper Adams University specialize in?

The school specializes in Engineering, Agriculture, food and meat, and AgriBusiness.

Harper Adams University is an established farmland school, so it focuses more on agricultural-related courses.

How many students attend Harper Adams University?

Between 2019 to 2020, the school recorded about 4,680 students actively studying the school. Postgraduate students totaled about 555, and others were just above 60.

Application Procedure

  • Applicants must download the scholarship application form.
  • Applicants must correctly fill out the form and sign it.
  • Then, go ahead to submit it to the appropriate office.
  • An applicant who has downloaded the scholarship form, correctly filled it out and signed it must further submit it to the required office address below.

The Secretary of Abergavenny Farmers Trust

c/o Pant Farm, Llanvetherine, Abergavenny, Mons, NP7 8RH

[email protected]

Tel: +4401952815095