Harbourspace university scholarships

Harbour.Space University Scholarships: Funding & Benefits

You may be among the lucky students to gain a spot in the ongoing Harbour.Space University scholarships. For what it’s worth, Harbour.Space University is a school that is laser-focused on students with an extraordinarily bright and enthusiastic mindset about technology and design. Such students with these abilities are welcome to apply for the awards. They will receive excellent academic guidance through scholarship and studies at the Harbour.Space University. Scholarships are one of the school’s commitments to students, irrespective of their background and financial status, allowing all to have a fair fight for a bright future.

About Harbour.Space University

Harbour.Space is a newly founded private university that primarily teaches entrepreneurship, technology, and design. It is yet to be accredited, as it only began its operations on December 15, 2015. Harbour.Space University currently has 300 students in various departments studying on the school’s four campuses. The campuses are located in Thailand, Spain, Bangkok, and Barcelona.

As a growing university, it did not stop the school from providing different academic levels to study. It offers academic study both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The courses offered in the school include

  • Data Science
  • Cyber security
  • Fintech
  • Computer science
  • Math as a second language
  • Front end development
  • High tech entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Interaction design

Harbour.Space holds its lectures in English by professionals in every discipline and runs a standard academic year in all courses. More so, scholarships are one of the university’s ways of helping students achieve a once far-fetched dream and guiding them to create a quality life out of that dream.

List of scholarships at Harbour.Space University

Harbour.Space University offers three kinds of scholarships to students from anywhere in the world. The first step to winning is having the mindset that you have what it takes to study in this highly competitive school. Regardless of the student’s location, the school is all out to find and help numerous exceptionally talented scholars without discrimination.

Having said that, the scholarship requirements are all the same for everyone, irrespective of the academic field. Students applying for any course from anywhere all have the same criteria: to apply for admission to Harbour.Space University.

Harbour.Space merit-based scholarships

The merit-based scholarship will be awarded to students with outstanding academic achievement or great leadership traits. More so, the scholarship will be awarded by the university’s partners or the program directors in the school.

Scholarships for women in technology

This is a medium Harbour.Space University adopted to encourage more women to take up careers in the technology world. The scholarship supports female students who already chose courses like high-tech entrepreneurship, computer science, digital marketing, and design. Harbour.Space University fully supports these tech women until they shine in these fields.

Graduate teaching assistantship

The funding targets outstanding master’s degree students in various fields who would not mind sharing their wealth of knowledge and teaching incoming students in the university. So, their willingness to help in the classroom offers them the funding to slash their tuition fee.

Scholarship Benefits

Some scholarships are fully funded, while the assistantship for master’s degree teacher assistants is partially funded. All students are eligible for equal scholarship opportunities except if the university declares otherwise.


Harbour.Space University offer a five percent discount to students who pay their tuition fee before October 31 or within the month they get into the university.

Applicable Courses

  • Data Science
  • Cyber security
  • Fintech
  • Computer science
  • Math as a second language
  • Front-end development
  • High-tech entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Interaction design

Eligibility Criteria

The primary criteria are to apply for admission to the university and be an excellent student in your choice of field. That said, there are other minor yet relevant things that can secure you a scholarship in Harbour.Space University, which includes.

  • Demonstrating outstanding academic excellence
  • Ability to speak more than five languages, including computer and math language
  • You won a competition in STEM, digital, or entrepreneurship in the national or international space.
  • Be breathing and living technology
  • Extraordinary leadership traits
  • Show proof of achieving a high TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT scores
  • You have been a winner in any STEM discipline or olympiads.

Fees & Funding

Which languages are used at Harbour.Space University?

The English language is the only spoken language for lectures at Harbour.Space University. For clarity, proficiency in the use of oral and written English is necessary for all students at the university.

How are courses taught at Harbour.Space University?

All courses are taught in a physical class at the Bangkok and Barcelona campuses. Students have lectures every morning or afternoon in the classroom. It may include classroom discussions with the lecturers or tests. And then take the rest of the day doing their class assignments or personal activities. Again, all programs in the university run for a full academic calendar year and are all full-time courses.

How is the Harbour.Space University academic calendar?

Programs in the university kick off in August for the Bangkok campus and in September for the Barcelona campus. Bachelor’s degree programs in the university run for three years, while master’s programs run for two years.

Will a student’s credit transfer if they leave Harbour.Space University?

Harbour.Space University does not have this policy from other universities. 

Application Procedure

There is no particular way to apply for any of the Harbour.Space University scholarships. You only need to apply for the school’s admission by correctly filling out the site form. So, quickly click on the green button at the top of the site showing ‘APPLY NOW’ or the purple button showing ‘APPLY.’