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Hallmark Internship is a program that offers students the opportunity to gain experience and develop their skills while working in an exciting and dynamic environment in the greeting card industry. The program provides interns with broad experience, including hands-on learning, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

They will have an invaluable opportunity to gain experience and develop their craft, learn how to effectively communicate emotions through their work, gain knowledge of the greeting card industry, and build a portfolio. Interns will have a positive impact on the organization and the communities. So, as a recent graduate looking to start a career or an experienced professional hoping to gain new skills, the Hallmark internship program is a perfect fit.

About Hallmark Cards Inc

Hallmark is a family-owned business established in 1910 in the United States by Joyce Hall. The company has its headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri but delivers its services everywhere in the world. In the industry of greeting card manufacturers, Hallmark cards Inc is the oldest and the largest, with about 30,000 employees.

More so, the company won the National Medal of Arts in 1985 and acquired Binney and Smith in 19867. Aside from manufacturing greeting cards, the company also produces gift wraps, giftware, party goods, electronic greetings, stationery, keepsake ornaments, and media/entertainment.

About the Hallmark internship program

The Hallmark card internship program looks out for highly talented students who will finally become full-time employees when they graduate. The company does not employ summer help but those that have the potential to become part of the company upon graduation and help progress and increase the company’s workplace diversity.

Furthermore, the internship program only targets undergraduate students with an outstanding academic track record in year four and is available in the summer of their junior or senior year. There will be room for about 50 to 55 students for the internship program, and they will participate fully in the program for the 12-week-long extensive training with the experts at Hallmark.

Working on projects will be the order of the day, and these must be timely, relevant, and impact the business. Interns will receive an evaluation report on their progress and general input in the company twice before the end of their stay.

Positions for an internship at Hallmark

The Hallmark internship is a paid internship program, and interns will be assigned to various departments and positions in the company. At Hallmark, interns will work in the

  • Finance
  • IT
  • Retail
  • DIM
  • HR
  • Creative (writing, editorial, design)
  • Supply Chain
  • Engineering

Venue of internship

Mostly, the internship program holds at the company’s headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. However, the company might decide to host the internship at their distribution or production office in Connecticut, Kansas, or Missouri.

Roles and duties at Hallmark internship

  • On the first resumption day, interns will participate in a half-day orientation event. The college relations department will preside over this event.
  • Each intern will get a mentor aside from the manager. Sometimes, the relationship between the mentor and the intern might blossom into a friendship.
  • All the interns will participate in all the activities that will ever go down in the company during their stay. Starting from corporate activities to entertainment events like sports and then to business presentations.
  • The Hallmark interns will have access to all management levels at the company for the purpose of networking, learning, and leadership directives.
  • They can also join committees and organize community service activities throughout the summer without leaving out social events and family visits.

How Hallmark determines the potential full-time employee after an internship

At the end of the program, interns will present their projects to the appropriate authority, like the manager, director of the department/division, college recruiting board members, and the internship managers. The company will go on to hold a meeting and rank the interns for their performance in culture fit and interest in a full-time job. Finally, when the interns return to their respective schools, the company sends job offers to the qualifying ones and rejection emails to those not qualified.


  • The company only permits students with a good GPA
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Leadership qualities
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Benefits of the Hallmark internship

  • Paid opportunity:¬†Interns at Hallmark are paid handsomely; the amount is above the national market.
  • Access unique resources:¬†Hallmark interns gain access to resources such as their creative studio and research lab, allowing them to further their understanding of their chosen field.
  • Connect with peers:¬†Interns at Hallmark can connect with other interns and experienced professionals, including mentorship opportunities.
  • Job shadowing:¬†Interns will be able to learn and observe how Hallmark conducts its business operations by following their superiors closely.
  • Relocation stipends:¬†The company provides relocation stipends to students relocating to Kansas City. Also, all the interns will receive travel reimbursement for their travels at the beginning of the internship and when returning.

How to apply for a hallmark internship

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hallmark internship

What types of internships are available at Hallmark?

Hallmark offers various internships in marketing, design, product development, engineering, finance, operations, human resources, etc.

How long do Hallmark internships typically last?

Hallmark internships typically last about 12 weeks, depending on the specific internship and the business needs.

Is housing provided for Hallmark interns?

Housing is not provided for Hallmark interns. However, Hallmark internships may offer a housing stipend.

What is the application process for a Hallmark internship?

The application process for a Hallmark internship includes the following:

  • Submitting an online application.
  • Participating in a phone interview.
  • Completing an in-person interview.


To sum this up, Hallmark is a world-class company. Having an internship program from Hallmark on your CV can put you ahead of your colleagues in the greeting cards industry.