Guide on university of pecs scholarships

Guide on how to apply for University of Pecs Scholarships

Overview of University of Pecs Scholarships

The University of Pecs Scholarships are fully funded award opportunities for international students with the required criteria to explore and enjoy; they are open to all applicants that want to study in Europe on scholarship. This is a perfect opportunity that potential students of the University of Pecs will need to grab. The scholarships cut across all levels of degrees, from bachelor’s degrees to master’s and up to the doctoral degree.

The Hungarian government launched these scholarships over a decade ago to encourage international students to study in the country and build bilateral relations. The Tempus public foundation manages funding o the scholarships. So far, the government has partnered with close sixty-eight countries to sustain the scholarship program.

Overview of the University of Pecs

The University of PĂ©cs is among the most prestigious and oldest institutions of higher education in Hungary. It was founded in 1367 and is the country’s oldest continuously operating university. The university has an impressive alumni list which includes two Nobel laureates, JĂĄnos Neumann and Albert Szent-Györgyi. The university has a strong international focus and offers various programs taught in English.

The university has an excellent reputation for its research and teaching; it is a popular choice for Hungarian and international students. It has seven faculties: Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Health Sciences, Law, Music, Science and Technology, and Theology. It has an enrollment of about 30,000 students.

Duration of the University of Pecs Scholarships

The grant for eligible students varies according to the degree level. The duration is as follows:

  • Two to three years for Bachelor’s scholarships
  • Up to two years for Master’s scholarships
  • Four years for Doctoral scholarships

List of scholarships at the University of Pecs

  • Stipendum hungaricum scholarship
  • Scholarship for Christian young people
  • Diaspora scholarship
  • Bilateral state scholarship

Scholarship Benefits

  The following are the values and benefits that are provided through the University of Pecs Scholarships :

  • Eligible students will be exempted from payment of tuition fees
  • Potential students with bachelor’s or master’s degrees will be provided a monthly stipend of 43,700 HUF. These will last till the end of the bachelor’s or master’s degree program of the recipients. However, the monthly stipend with accommodation contribution should be done between the scholarship holder and the school. The student can always contact the institution’s SH coordinator.
  • A monthly stipend of 140,000 HUF will be accorded to doctoral-level students for the entire year till the end of the doctoral degree program.
  •  40,000 HUF monthly payment for accommodation space will be provided.
  • There will also be health care services funding that will be provided by the Hungarian legislation act number 80 of 19997.
  • Another benefit will be the provision of supplementary medical insurance which will be given to a person each year. The amount will be HUF 100,000

Applicable Courses

The University of Pecs Scholarships are open to students enrolled in the institution and are studying the under-listed course:

  • Business and economics,
  • Cultural sciences, education, and regional development,
  • Engineering and information technology,
  • Health sciences,
  • Music and visual arts,
  • Pharmacy, sciences 
  • Medical Technology

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, then the candidate must meet the following criteria

  • The applicant should not be a holder of a former stipendium scholarship
  • The student must be a non-Hungarian citizen
  • Only candidates from eligible countries are permitted to apply
  • Those applying for the bachelor’s degree should present a secondary school certificate
  • Those applying for a master’s degree need to present a graduate degree
  • The applicants must have an excellent record
  • Then applicants for the doctoral degree funding must have a master’s degree.

Fees & Funding

Are there students not eligible for University of Pecs scholarships?

Yes, Hungarian citizens including those with dual citizenship, are not eligible to apply for the University of Pecs Scholarships.

In addition, the former stipendum hungaricum scholarship holders who reapply for studies in the same program of either bachelor, master, or even doctoral are not eligible.

Can students apply straight to the University of Pecs for the scholarship?

No, it is not allowed; the students should apply online and upload the required documents on the official website of the scholarship sponsor. Then the submitted documents will be forwarded to the university by the appropriate authority. The university can only be contacted to know more details about the application if need be

Is it allowed to apply for this scholarship program more than once in a school year?

No, the school has only an application deadline for a candidate each year.

What is the implication of submitting my scholarship application late?

No application is accepted after the state deadline; the best thing is to submit your application early enough.

Can an international self-funded student at the University of Pecs apply for the scholarship?

Yes, an already self-sponsored student in the university can apply. This is for the registered self-financed students applying for the same study level, and they need to meet the following requirements: they are recommended by the host universities where they are presently studying during the time of the application. Secondly, their cumulative corrected sum average is higher than the student’s average performance in the specific study program.

As a University of Pecs scholarship holder, can I demand an extension of my study period?

Yes, if one is doing a full-time bachelor, master, or one-tier master program.

Application Procedure

To apply and obtain the University of Pecs scholarships, you need to follow the below steps to get it right:

  • All candidates must apply online via the website of Tempus public foundation
  • Then you get a unique applicant access code after applying
  • Proceed to select the University of Pecs as your choice, and pick a study program in the university. Candidates are expected to choose at least 2 of the study programs. 
  • For the medium of language, the chosen language is the English language
  • Next, give all your interest like your email, name, date of birth, contact number, religion, etc.
  • Then make sure to fill in all the provided fields, don’t skip any.
  • Then submit your application form on the site after saving it
  • You would also need to submit another application via the sending portal of the associated country
  • Now accept the application statement for your application still on the online system
  • Finally, if you are among the selected candidates, you will be contacted via email, and you could receive it alongside the admission letter.

Documentation for University of Pecs scholarships application

To upload your application letter are some documents that are required. The needed documents are:

  • Language proficiency certificate
  • Motivating letter: this letter should be a page, typed in 12 font size,  Times New Roman style, and written in the Hungarian language.
  • Upload your academic transcripts, school certificates, identification documents, and medical certificate
  • Audi portfolio and portfolio (this is for those in the music and art field