Guide on how to apply for lewis university scholarships

Guide on how to apply for Lewis University Scholarships

With over 90% of students receiving different financial aid, Lewis University is committed to making higher education affordable for all students. Lewis University  Scholarships are a significant part of this commitment. The scholarships are awarded on need-based and merit-based. Need-based scholarships are awarded due to financial need, while merit-based scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement.

Lewis University Scholarships are of different categories; freshman scholarships which the recipients are graduates of high school newly admitted to the University; Transfer scholarships are open to students that move to Lewis university to continue their academic programs while the third category of scholarships is available to all students at the Lewis university. In addition,  most of these scholarships are renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study.

However, the scholarships are competitive, so you should fulfill the application requirement with an exceptional record is necessary. It is also advantageous to apply for the scholarships early enough.

Who sponsors Lewis University Scholarships?

The sponsors of the scholarships include Lewis University, individuals, groups, and other organizations.

An overview of Lewis University 

Lewis University is a Catholic, Lasallian research university located 25 miles southwest of Chicago,  United States. It was founded in 1932 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools as Lewis College. It was chartered in 1961 and renamed Lewis University in 1973 when it began offering graduate programs. 

The university is a comprehensive academic facility offering undergraduate and graduate programs to nearly 7,000 students. Lewis University offers more than 80 undergraduate majors and programs of study, 22 graduate programs, and accelerated programs for working adults. Lewis university is known globally for academic excellence, affordability, and commitment to social justice. The university’s five colleges include Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Nursing, and Professional Studies.

The average student at Lewis University is sleep deprived, stressed out, and constantly juggling a million different tasks. But despite all of the challenges that come with being a student, there are also several good things about it. For example, students meet new people worldwide, learn new things, and explore new interests. There are also a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus, whether through clubs, sports, or other activities.

Concerning tuition fees,  undergraduate students pay $29,700 per year, while graduate students pay $11,880 per year.

List of scholarships available at Lewis University 

There are many scholarships available for students who attend Lewis University. The school offers a variety of scholarships, including need-based and merit-based scholarships. Some scholarships are specifically for students pursuing a certain degree, while others are open to all students. Lewis University also offers several scholarships for student-athletes. 

Some of the scholarships are listed below:

  • A.P & Gladys Dailey Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
  • Aileen S. Andrew Foundation Endowed Scholarship for Math and Science Students 
  • Andrew B. Barber Endowed Scholarship 
  • Bernetta Cannon and Kristin D. Weathersby Nursing Annual Scholarship 
  • Br. James Gaffney, FSC & Adelbert K. and Margaret B. Kaiser Endowed Leadership Scholarship 
  • Chicago Area Ninety-Nines Dorothy White Endowed Scholarship 
  • Daniel A. and Phyllis A. Binder Endowed Scholarship 
  • Dr. August and Livia Martinucci Endowed Scholarship
  • Cheryl A. and John M. O’Meara Charitable Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • St. John Baptist DeLaSalle Scholarship 
  • Lewis University Presidential Scholarship 
  • Lewis University Trustee Scholarship 
  • Lewis University Deans Scholarship 
  • Lewis University Achievement Scholarship 
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship 
  • The Lewis University Transfer Achievement Award 

Scholarship Benefits

How much is Lewis University Scholarships?

There are scholarships at Lewis University that are worth up to $25,000. The renewable ones are worth up to $7000, while others are $1000 or less per beneficiary.

How many students benefit from Lewis University Scholarships?

The number of beneficiaries depends on each scholarship sponsor. However, some are unlimited, while others depends on the number of applicants and funds available to fund scholarships for the year.

What do Lewis University Scholarships cover?

The fully funded scholarships cover everything the recipients will need to complete their programs at the university; these include; their flight tickets and a monthly stipend. The partially funded scholarships could cover one or more of the following but certainly not all of them:

  • Tuition fee 
  • Textbooks 
  • Accommodation 
  • Stipends 
  • Research and projects 

Applicable Courses

Lewis University Scholarships are open to various courses offered in the university for graduate and undergraduate programs. However,  you need to check the course requirements for your preferred scholarship before you proceed to apply for the scholarship. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements for Lewis University Scholarships largely depend on the scholarship a student chooses to apply for because the sponsors fund the scholarship for different purposes. However, it is fundamental that student applicants must satisfy the under-listed criteria and the rest that are specific to the chosen scholarship for application.

  • You must have applied or been admitted with acceptance to study at Lewis university.  
  •  Have a good academic achievement in your previous academic year or program.
  • You should have evidence of the financial need to pursue your academic career.

Fees & Funding

Is it hard to get admitted into Lewis University?

Lewis University is a competitive school, but there are many ways to make your application stand out. Be sure to have strong grades, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement that shows who you are. The admissions process is holistic, so the more you show that you’re a well-rounded individual, the better your chances will be.

Does Lewis University offer financial aid to international students?

Lewis University does offer financial aid to international students. However, the amount of financial aid that is available is limited. For more information, the Lewis University Office of Financial Aid is there to clarify all your doubts

Is Lewis University a dry campus?

No, Lewis University is not a dry campus. There are many places on campus where students can buy and consume alcohol at legal age.

Is Lewis University worth it academically?

Lewis University is a perfect school for academic success. The professors are passionate about their subjects and experienced; they are always willing to help students succeed. The school offers several courses so students can find the perfect fit for their interests and career goals. Lewis University is worth it academically!

Does Lewis University accept Duolingo?

Yes, the university accepts it and several other accredited proficiency test results. Note your Duolingo result must be a minimum of 105.

Application Procedure

To apply for Lewis University Scholarships, you should follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Lewis University Scholarship page 
  • Select your preferred scholarship 
  • Check out the additional requirements for the scholarship 
  •  Proceed to the application page to sign in and complete the application form.
  • Upload the necessary documents and verify your details.
  • Then submit your application.

Note that some freshman scholarships do not need additional applications once you have applied for admission to Lewis University.