Guide on how to apply for kent law school scholarships

Guide on How to Apply for Kent Law School Scholarships

Kent Law School Scholarships are offered to students who are obligated to pay educational expenses at the Home/EU rate. The Kent Law School has a long practice of inviting students from around the world and is satisfied to have the option to offer various scholarships for students.

In this article, you will be given a complete guide on how to apply for the Kent Law School Scholarships; you will learn about the scholarship, its various types and requirements, eligibility requirements, and how you can successfully apply for this scholarship. Let’s jump right in!

About Kent Law School Scholarships

Kent offers an exhaustive assortment of Scholarships to students who accomplish remarkable scholastic merits from entry-level and past in their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Do you succeed in sports? Could it be said that you are a gifted performer or vocalist? Kent also offers scholarships in sports and music that can assist you with facilitating and fostering your ability. Granted on merit, by Kent Sports and their Music division, they are available to all students at Kent.

Types of Scholarships for Students

 1. 1st Formations Business Scholarship

The scholarship grants up to 10 fruitful candidates with a bursary of £1,500 each. The scholarship is intended to assist students with a portion of the extra costs associated with studying, like the expense of course materials, course books, and other everyday costs.

2. Alan Davidson Scholarship

This grant, supported by the Alan Davidson Establishment, was initiated in 2021. Alan was an extraordinary devotee to schooling and one of his last wishes was to help a student through college to study Architectural Visualization. The £10,000 Scholarship is granted every year to a home student showing extraordinary commitment and ability.

The grant is available to Home candidates for the MA Architectural Visualization course. The fruitful candidate will be chosen based on scholarly greatness, creative capacity, and relational abilities. There will be one Scholarship granted to a candidate beginning the course in September

3. Alumni Excellence LLM Scholarship – Law (Brussels), September entry

Kent Law school is really glad to offer this honor to perceive the potential and capacity of Kent students and graduated class, and to assist in facilitating progression to Masters level review. Students who are in the last year of a Four year college education at Kent, or who have finished a Four year college education at Kent, are qualified and urged to apply.

The degree of grant differs depending upon the degree classification of the Four-year certification obtained from Kent and the student’s educational expense status. The grant will be paid as an educational expense rebate.

Other Scholarships are offered by Kent Law School like the British Council GREAT Scholarship, the Bill Jenkins Award, and so on.

Scholarship Benefits

Due to the vast variety of scholarships offered at Kent Law School, the value of the scholarships Varies.

Some scholarships offered at Kent Law School take care of the tuition fees of students, some take care of the everyday costs of the students, and so on. The benefits depend on the type of Scholarship awarded.


Applicable Courses

Any undergraduate and postgraduate course offered in the university, especially in Law, music and sports.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for 1st Formations Business Scholarship

The scholarship is available to anybody presently Studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate certificate in a recognized UK scholastic institution.

Eligibility Criteria for Alan Davidson Scholarship

  1. Will be a Home (UK) candidate.
  2. Hold a proposal for a spot for the MA Architectural Visualization Masters degree at the College of Kent for the scholastic year 2022/23.
  3. Have incredible composed and oral relational abilities.

Eligibility Criteria for Alumni Excellence LLM Scholarship – Law (Brussels), September entry

You should meet the entirety of the accompanying circumstances:

Have applied to study a showed LLM course at the College’s Brussels campus for entry in September 2022, or January 2023.

  1. Are finishing/have finished an undergrad four-year college education at the College of Kent.
  2. Have solidly acknowledged a proposal to Study a shown LLM by the grant application cutoff time.
  3. Present an application by the grant application cutoff time (kindly note that candidates can’t be thought about for the honor without an application).


Fees & Funding

Does Kent College offer a full grant?

Kent offers an exhaustive assortment of grants to students who accomplish extraordinary scholarly benefits from passage level and past in their undergrad and postgraduate studies.

Which nation is Kent?

England. Kent is in the southeastern corner of England. It borders the Thames Estuary and the North Ocean toward the north, and the Waterways of Dover and the English Channel toward the south.

Is the University of Kent great for global Students?

The University is known for having students from 158 distinct countries and 41% of its staff is from outside the United Kingdom. The student populace is blended, with around 15,000 students and 4,000 postgraduates, with roughly 22% of students coming from overseas.

For what reason is the University of Kent great?

Breadcrumb. Kent is one of the UK’s driving Universities. Granted Gold, the most noteworthy rating, in the UK Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework, the university offers you exceptional education, world-driving studies, dazzling review areas, and magnificent student insight.

What is Kent University known for?

Kent, a top UK, and the worldwide university is known for its showing greatness and the interdisciplinary idea of its projects and studies. They comprehend that postgraduate students need adaptability, so many of the educated and all of their Research degrees are offered in September or January begin.

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to pick Kent College?

With almost 370 projects of study, Kent University offers a large number of majors for popular professions, alongside grant-winning student support, prevalent offices, and stand-out opportunities for growth.


Are you a law student seeking a scholarship? Interested in studying Overseas as a Law Student? Kent Law School offers an assortment of grant opportunities for students enlisted at the Kent Campus and the Local Grounds. Awarded grants depend on various measures.

Law at Kent was positioned 12th for student fulfillment in The Complete University Guide 2023. It is one of the best Law Schools to be sought after and the cost of education is made affordable through the numerous Scholarship opportunities provided both by the school and other sources.


Application Procedure

How to apply for 1st Formations Business Scholarship

The application process has been made as simple as possible. You should simply send an email to 1st Formations including the accompanying:

  1. A 500-word Supporting Proclamation, making sense of one business thought you might want to seek during or after your studies. This assertion ought to likewise incorporate the individual conditions framing why you want monetary help.
  2. A letter of proposal from a guide or course coordinator. Kindly likewise incorporate a contact email address or phone number for your sponsor.
  3. A note of ongoing grades/test results from your current course.

How to apply for Alan Davidson Scholarship

Applications for the Alan Davidson Scholarship ought to be made through your Application Portal.

To be considered for this honor, you should present the accompanying:

  1. A CV;
  2. A supporting assertion of something like two A4 pages (any assertion surpassing this cutoff won’t be acknowledged), and
  3. A Portfolio of craftsmanship as well as representation work, showing imaginative vision and expertise.

How to apply for Alumni Excellence LLM Scholarship – Law (Brussels), September entry

The Scholarship is receiving applications and it could be made through your Kent Applicant Portal following a receipt of an application for admission.