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Groupon Internship is an exciting opportunity for¬†college students¬†to gain valuable professional experience in the fast-paced world of¬†digital commerce. As a Groupon intern, you can work alongside experienced professionals and develop skills essential for success in today’s competitive job market.

Whether you are looking to gain real-world experience or kickstart your career, this article will enlighten you with unique insight into the operations of an international organization‚ÄĒthe benefits it offers and how you can make an application.

About Groupon

Groupon is an online marketplace that provides discounts on local goods and services. It was founded in 2008 and has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world.

Groupon allows customers to purchase discounted items from local businesses like restaurants, spas, and retail stores. Through its website and mobile app, customers can search for deals in their area and purchase them with a few clicks.

In addition to providing discounts, Groupon also helps businesses reach new customers by promoting their products and services through its platform. Companies can create custom offers for Groupon users tailored to their needs. This helps them increase sales while attracting new customers at the same time.

Overview of Groupon Internship

Groupon internships provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in the business world. As an intern, you will work with experienced professionals and be exposed to the day-to-day operations of a successful company.

You can work in marketing, software engineering, customer service, or finance departments, depending on your interests and skills. You can apply what you have learned in school while learning from your colleagues and mentors.

Benefits of Groupon Internship

Generally, many interning benefits are offered to students/interns in organizations. However, below are the specific advantages available for Groupon interns:


  • You will get real-world experience in marketing, sales, customer service, product development, and more. This will allow you to gain valuable skills that can help set you apart from other job applicants when it comes time to apply for full-time positions.

Gain insights

  • You will gain valuable insight into the inner workings of a large organization. Also, you will be exposed to different departments, which can help you develop marketing, finance, and customer service skills.

Professional development

  • Groupon also offers many opportunities for professional development. As an intern, you can attend workshops and seminars that will teach you essential business concepts.


  • In addition, Groupon internships offer the chance to network with industry professionals and build relationships that can last well beyond your training. You will have access to many mentors who can guide and support you throughout your career journey.

Competitive pay

  • Groupon internships provide competitive pay and benefits packages. This means you can earn money while gaining invaluable experience ‚Äď an unbeatable combination!

Roles of Groupon interns

As an intern at Groupon, you will have access to a fast-paced and innovative environment. However, you must be ready to take on some responsibilities. Some of which include:

  • Work on projects that are meaningful to the company’s success
  • Learn about the inner workings of a leading e-commerce platform.
  • Develop new marketing strategies, explore new technologies, or help with customer service initiatives.
  • Work with departments like marketing, product management, engineering, or finance.
  • Complete tasks essential to the team and contribute to the business’s success.

Eligibility criteria for Groupon Internship

To be eligible for a Groupon internship, you must meet specific criteria. They include:

  • Be enrolled in an accredited university or have graduated within the past 12 months.
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, depending on the specific position you are applying for.
  • Have a solid academic record and excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and creativity in your work.
  • Have some experience with marketing or sales.
  • Groupon looks for interns who can bring fresh ideas and help them reach their goals.
  • Have relevant coursework or extracurricular activities related to business.
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills and a passion for the company’s mission and values.

Documents requirements for the Groupon Internship

You must prepare the following document for your application to gain real-world experience and learn more about the business; 


  • You will need to submit your resume. Be sure to highlight any relevant experiences or skills that make you an ideal candidate.

Reference letters

  • Provide two references who can speak to your qualifications for the position. Ensure these references are familiar with your work history and can positively assess your abilities.¬†

Cover letter

Other supporting documents

  • Include additional documents that will increase your chances of landing the internship opportunity.
  • Double-check your documents before submitting them; this is a crucial step to ensure everything is accurate and complete.

How to apply for the Groupon Internship

Applying for the Groupon Internship is easy! Follow the steps below to apply;

Step one: Visit the¬†Groupon Internship website¬†and look for the ‘Careers‘ page. From there, you can view all available internships and select the one that best suits your interests and qualifications.

Step two: Once you’ve found an opportunity you would like to apply for, click ‘Apply Now‘ and fill out the application form. Include all relevant information about your education, experience, and skills. After which you can submit it.

Step three:¬†Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be reviewed by a recruiter. If your application stands out from other applicants, you may be asked to participate in a phone or video interview.

Step four: Ensure to prepare thoroughly for the interview, as you may need to answer questions about yourself and why you will be an excellent fit for this internship program.

If everything goes well during the interview, you may receive an offer letter from Groupon! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Groupon Internship?

The Groupon internship typically lasts 12 to 16 weeks, depending on your program. During this time, you will work with experienced professionals and gain valuable insight into the company’s operations. You will also hone your marketing, finance, and product development skills.

Is Groupon Internship an excellent place to work?

Yes, Groupon Internship offers an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience. You will learn new skills and build relationships with experienced professionals. Also, you will network with other interns and make connections that could help you.

What types of roles are available through the Groupon Internship program?

Groupon offers a wide range of internships for students and recent graduates. You could work in software engineering, product design, marketing, finance, customer service, or analytics, depending on your interests.

What type of training is provided for the Groupon Internship?

As a Groupon intern, you will receive comprehensive training that will prepare you for success in your role. You will be assigned an experienced mentor who will guide you through onboarding and provide ongoing support throughout your internship.

How much does Groupon pay interns?

Groupon pays its interns competitively. Interns typically receive an hourly wage of about $35. You may also be eligible for bonuses or other incentives.


At the end of your internship program, you will have an improved understanding of developing and marketing products and managing customer relationships. Also, you will know the various technologies in today’s digital age and can apply them when you get the opportunity to work in the field.

The experience and knowledge you’ll gain from this internship will benefit your future career endeavors. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity and apply today!