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Are you looking for a unique internship experience that allows you to make a difference in the lives of others? Then the Grameen foundation internship is the perfect fit for you.

The internship program offers a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and impact global poverty alleviation. Interns at the Grameen foundation will learn about innovative solutions for empowering communities through technology, financial services, health care, and education.

Most importantly, potential applicants can decide if the Grameen foundation internship fits their skills and career goals. This article will provide an overview of the Grameen Foundation Internship program, including application requirements and other essential details.

About Grameen Foundation 

Grameen foundation is an international organization that seeks to bring poverty alleviation and economic development through microfinance and technology solutions. Founded in 1997, the organization works with local partners worldwide to help those living in poverty access financial services, use technologies for health and agriculture, gain new skills, and build a better future for themselves.

Their mission is to empower people living in poverty by connecting them with resources and opportunities of the digital age. However, the Grameen foundation has been successful in its effort to alleviate poverty over the years. 

Through their strategic partnerships with local organizations, they have helped millions of people worldwide gain access to critical resources needed for economic security and improved livelihoods. They admonish farmers on efficient agricultural practices while supporting women entrepreneurs looking to start small businesses or expand existing ones.

Through its extensive network of partners, the Grameen foundation leverages cutting-edge technology to reach every corner of the world. The foundation also invests in research, advocacy, and public policy initiatives to ensure long-term success for those it serves.

Overview of Grameen Foundation Internship

The Grameen Foundation internship offers a unique chance to work with an international organization that empowers the world’s poorest people. The program will teach interns how the Grameen foundation works with community organizations to create positive social change.

Every year, the Grameen foundation offers unpaid internships for students who are interested in international development and social entrepreneurship. The three terms internship program at Grameen foundation typically lasts six weeks and provides an excellent opportunity to gain skills in fundraising, project management, communication strategies, research, and analysis.

Participants will work on projects related to impact investing, microfinance, or digital financial inclusion initiatives. Interns will also have access to experts from various sectors who can advise on career development within the social enterprise. Additionally, interns will receive guidance on how to use their skills to make an impact in communities worldwide.

Benefits of the Grameen Foundation Internship

The Grameen Foundation internship program provides a unique opportunity for interns to gain professional experience while giving back to society;

  • During the program, interns will learn new skills and become part of a larger community dedicated to creating positive change in the world. Hence, the rewards of such an intensive and meaningful experience are immense and often life-changing.¬†
  • The benefits of interning with the Grameen foundation include gaining access to a global network of like-minded people, learning new skills that can be applied beyond the internship period, and having the chance to make a real impact on those living in poverty around the world.
  • In addition, interns will receive mentorship from experienced staff members who can guide career development opportunities.¬†
  • Finally, interns will be exposed to cutting-edge strategies and technologies that can be applied to improving access to financial services, healthcare services, education, and other essential services that empower people living in poverty.

Job Responsibilities of Grameen Foundation Interns

Grameen Foundation offers internships for students and recent graduates passionate about alleviating poverty through innovative technologies. Thus, the following list provides an overview of the job responsibilities that interns can expect when they join the Grameen Foundation;

  • All interns must participate in administrative tasks, including filing paperwork, creating presentations, tracking payments, or updating databases.¬†
  • You must help conduct interviews with stakeholders and research topics related to current projects.¬†
  • Interns must participate in brainstorming activities for upcoming projects or support existing ones, such as assisting with grant applications.
  • Interns will work closely with staff members to help complete projects and tasks related to Grameen’s mission.
  • As an intern, you will create content for newsletters and websites and present on various topics related to poverty alleviation.
  • Interns will be responsible for collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data on various projects undertaken by the foundation.

Other duties may include attending meetings with partners and stakeholders or participating in community outreach events.

Eligibility criteria for the Grameen Foundation Internship

The Grameen Foundation seeks passionate and driven individuals looking to make a positive impact. To participate in its internship program, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria;

  1. Candidates must possess strong communication skills, both orally and through writing. 
  2. Applicants must be currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students or have graduated within one year of their application date.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in working with diverse communities.

Required Skills and Abilities for the Grameen Foundation Internship

The Grameen Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes financial inclusion and helps to reduce poverty worldwide. Hence, applicants must possess specific skills and abilities to apply for the internship program;

  • Successful applicants will demonstrate outstanding communication capabilities and proficiency in computer software programs such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • You must thoroughly understand how international development projects are implemented from conception to completion.¬†
  • You must have excellent problem-solving abilities and the capacity for quick thinking when faced with unexpected challenges or opportunities.¬†
  • Working independently is also essential for applicants who want to intern at the Grameen foundation.
  • Interns must demonstrate high ethics and integrity when dealing with sensitive information or difficult situations.

Documents Requirements for the Grameen Foundation Internship

The Grameen foundation internship offers a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in international development. Applicants must submit certain documents to the internship committee to be considered for the internship program.

  • Resume

To apply for the Grameen foundation internship, you must include an up-to-date resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) outlining your education, work history, relevant skills, and volunteer experience related to charity or social work.

  • Letters of recommendation

 Applicants are encouraged to provide two letters of recommendation highlighting their qualifications, accomplishments, and aptitude for success in this field.

  • Cover letter

Prospective interns should also include a cover letter that details why they feel they would make a great addition to the Grameen foundation. You can learn more tips on how to write a cover letter to stand out as an applicant on our website.

How to Apply for the Grameen Foundation Internship

Here is how to apply for an internship position at the Grameen foundation.

Step one: Research the foundation by reading its mission statement and past work. Hence, familiarizing yourself with their values will help you write a more meaningful application.

Step two:¬†Review the open positions at the Grameen foundation’s official website. Once you have identified an opportunity that interests you, please create an account on their online portal where you can submit your application materials, including your resume and cover letter.

Step three: After submitting your documents, the Grameen Foundation will review your application and contact qualified candidates for interviews. To improve your chances of success, you must thoroughly prepare for the interview process and practice answering typical interview questions.

Frequently Asked Question

How long is the Grameen foundation internship?

The internship program lasts six weeks and allows interns to develop their skills in a supportive environment. 

Is the Grameen foundation internship paid?

No, all internships at Grameen foundation are unpaid and primarily focus on gaining experience rather than receiving payment. Interns must take responsibility for their living expenses during the internship program.

Does the Grameen foundation provide housing for its interns?

No, the Grameen foundation does not provide housing for its interns, and those considering interning with Grameen should have a plan to get accommodation.

Does the Grameen foundation internship have an application deadline?

Yes, the Grameen foundation internship has an application deadline of March 10, 2023.

What types of internships are available at the Grameen foundation?

From research and evaluation to marketing, finance, grants management, and communication, there is something for everyone at the Grameen foundation.


The Grameen foundation internship is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals seeking to gain nonprofit experience. This internship allows interns to gain considerable skills and knowledge to benefit their future career development. 

Therefore, those interested in improving the world should apply for this internship program to build the necessary skills and experience to advance their careers.