Good questions to ask during an internship interview

10 Good Questions to Ask During an Internship Interview

As landing an intern position is usually challenging for students and graduates, knowing some good questions to ask during an internship interview can ensure success in the selection process. Doing this is one of the ways to prepare for your interview. Many simple questions are available to ask your interviewer to demonstrate your passion and interest in an intern role. Moreover, asking the right questions will help you clearly understand the position and organization as a whole. This article will give an insight into ten good questions to ask during an internship interview to enable you to stand out from other candidates. We’ll also provide reasons for you to consider interning due to our commitment to offering all-inclusive guidelines.

Reasons to Participate in an Internship Program

Have you ever thought of why you should intern? If you did or haven’t, see below for some reasons to intern in any company or organization.

Opportunities for career advancement

  • An internship program will allow you to gather work experience, learn relevant skills, and understand the industry. Undoubtedly, these opportunities will positively impact your career, enabling you to jumpstart as you learn new things from professionals.

Financial benefits

  • Most internships offer financial compensation to each intern. However, the pay is slightly lower than the salaries of entry-level employees. Apart from receiving a stipend, interns may also qualify for other perks, depending on their place of internship. Such extras include a health care plan, free lunches, a completion certificate, etc.

Chance to build a professional network

  • Being part of an internship program also helps develop meaningful relationships with industry leaders and other individuals who could influence your career advancement.

Guidance and support from well-versed individuals

  • Another reason to join an internship program is that you will have the chance to receive guidance and support from a knowledgeable staff member.

Enhanced job prospects

  • Interning will also help you to improve your employability, as your qualifications have more value. Hence, you can get a job quickly after graduation or return as a full-time employee in your place of internship.

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Ten 10 Good Questions to Ask During an Internship Interview

Here are ten good questions to ask during an internship interview:

What’s currently the company’s most significant opportunity or weakness?

Asking this question proves to the interviewer that you have a higher perspective than working in the company as an intern. It would be best to relate your questions to your preferred intern position. Assuming you have ideas or skills helpful to resolve their issues, ensure talking about them as well.

What’s the best thing about working here?

Another reasonable question is the best aspect of working for the company. This question will help you to develop a personal connection between you and the interviewer. It will also make you understand the various benefits given to workers in the company. On the other hand, you will hear their favorite aspects of working for the company in an upbeat manner.

How are the company’s onboarding and training processes?

We also recommend asking your interviewer about the organization’s onboarding and training process. Of course, this will enable you to know how fast you can transition from being a new hire to being able to perform assigned tasks. It would be best to ask which person would be your mentor throughout your internship with the company.

Can you describe the company’s culture?

One of the good questions to ask during an internship interview is about the company’s organizational culture. When you ask this question, the interviewer will tell you some things about the company’s work environment and working in the company. You may also ask if staff have a strict dress code or enjoy an excellent work-life balance.

What would you like me to accomplish in my first 30 days or at the end of my internship?

As one of the good questions to ask during an internship interview, you should know the interviewer’s expectations from your internship with the company. The reason is that the interviewer may not feel the importance of discussing this with you. Besides, you can ask how the company evaluates each intern’s performance.

What are the most challenging aspects of this role?

As an aspiring intern of a multinational company like Microsoft Corporation, Apple Inc., or Accenture, you can guarantee a superb performance during your internship by asking the interviewer about the intern position’s most challenging aspects. Recognizing possible challenges will prepare you for the tasks ahead and allow you to handle any challenges.

Can you describe the company head’s leadership style?

Another question recommendable to ask your interviewer is the manager’s leadership style. This question will allow you to understand how the manager motivates employees to achieve set objectives.

What qualities are essential to succeed in this role?

You may also need to ask this question to have an insider’s tips on the skills and other attributes required to perform well during your internship. Therefore, your interviewer should tell you some things to facilitate an outstanding performance during your internship with the company.

Are there possibilities for a transition from being an intern to a full-time employee?

Being among the top ten good questions to ask during an internship interview, you should ask this question, especially if you are considering returning to the company after completing your internship program. It shows the interviewer that you are willing to work long-term for the company.

Indeed, the interviewer’s answer will help you know whether you have a future in the company.

Do you have any concerns about me, my resume, or my experience?

Ensure you do not miss asking this question, especially when your internship interview is about to wrap up. Since most interviewers answer this question frankly, you should be able to handle any critics without putting out any negative expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all intern positions require an interview?

No. Even though interviews are one of the most important aspects of getting an intern position, not all internships require students and graduates to undergo an interview.

What question should I ask at the end of an interview for an internship?

When you realize that your internship interview is almost at its end, you should ask how the company evaluates performance for the intern position. The question proves to the interviewer that you strive for success and wish to get performance feedback.

What should you avoid doing in an internship interview?

There are a few things to avoid during the interview session for an intern position. Among which is sitting too relaxed, losing concentration, showing frustration, and giving an unrealistic reason for your interest in the intern position.

What can ruin an interview for an intern position?

Several mistakes can ruin your internship interview, such as late arrival to the office, dressing unprofessionally, not asking questions, rushing to talk about the compensation to expect, and receiving a phone call during your interview.

What should I say during an internship interview?

During your internship interview, we recommend you talk about your current year of study, subject areas, career goals, and hobbies.


Keeping note of these questions proves to the interviewer that you are eager to intern in the establishment. It also shows that you have great interest in the intern position, making it more likely for you to end up with a successful internship application. So save this webpage or bookmark it for further check backs on the top good questions to ask during an internship interview.

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