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How to Set Goals For An Internship Program

Most students fail to set goals for an internship program. As a result, they lose focus and gain only a few of the many benefits they could have achieved. This post provides several guidelines for setting internship goals. So, if you are planning to apply for an internship program or have started already, you’ll find this article helpful.

Let’s now explore various tips to set goals for an internship program.

1. Identify your objectives.

Specify everything you want to gain from the internship program. These include the skills and people you want to make your mentor within the company.

2. Research the company and intern role.

You must also research the internship company to discover its vision, mission, and objectives, as well as its internship program’s benefits, so you can know what to expect. By so doing, you can align your goals with them.

3. Define your goals based on the SMART rule.

You must also set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. This will give you a sense of direction and realize your career goals more easily.

4. Discuss your expectations with your superiors.

We advise you to communicate your expectations from the internship program with your fellow interns and superiors.

A few examples of internship goals

Here are some realistic goals you can set for an internship program:

  • What do I want to achieve during my internship?
  • Learn [topic of interest] by [a specific date].
  • Meet with [staff or superior name] by [meeting date] to discuss [topic of interest].
  • Give weekly updates to the [person or department] every [date] at the [office event].
  • Deliver a ten-minute presentation about [topic] during the [event].

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5 Expectations of an Internship Program

Below are some of the benefits of participating in an internship:

1. Develop new skills.

Participating in an internship program will enable you to learn new skills at no cost. Your employer may also offer a free training program to help you improve your skill set.

2. Gain a professional network.

Internships also help to build professional relationships with industry leaders and fellow interns. This network offers mentoring and future job opportunities.

3. Revamp your resume and CV.

Completing your internship program will enable you to have all it takes to build a more robust CV and resume. Thus, you will qualify for more jobs, as you already possess new skills and relevant work experience. This makes you more employable in the job market.

4. Guidance in choosing a career path.

Internships also help you choose the right career path, as you will get advice from your superiors, mentors, and leaders in the industry.

5. Gain relevant work experience.

You will be opportune to acquire experience in your career field by participating in an internship program.


Setting realistic goals for your internship program will have a positive impact on your career. It also has an influence on your internship experience. So, why not use this guide to set realistic goals to gain the most out of your internship?

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