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The best 12 Companies for GLBT Internships

Are you a student or a fresh graduate who wants to fight for the rights of people in society? Do you feel the GLBT (Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual, and Transgender) communities feel are neglected? You can apply for GLBT Internships to help these people.

Use our article to find the best companies, internship placements, tips, and how to apply for GLBT internships.

What is GLBT?

The GLTB or Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community is a community of individuals with different sexual orientations from the community. Initially, it was used for people who were gays or lesbians. However, recently, it comprised people who are bisexual or transgender. Thus, it may refer to anybody who is non-heterosexual or non-cisgender.

GLBT Internships

GLBT internships are available to undergraduates and fresh graduates who are interested in working at firms and organizations fighting dr the right of the GLBT community. Interns work with other professionals to study and find solutions to bringing these people to society.

Applicants for these internships must not be members of the community. They only have to have a passion for protecting the rights of these people. In addition, they can identify with them to let them know they are accepted in society.

Benefits of GLBT Internships

There are many reasons to apply for an LGBT internship. Apart from identifying with the community, interns will receive the following benefits. They include:

  • Learn more about the community
  • Identify with individuals in the community
  • Learn from other professionals in the field
  • Protect the rights of the GLBTQ communities
  • Get paid for their jobs
  • Get permanent employment after your internship
  • Intern in minority support organizations that make a difference in their communities
  • Support abuse victims and help to give them increased confidence
  • Promote important causes that improve the lives of minorities
  • Gain international experience while interning remotely from home without having to travel

Requirements for GLBT Internships

  1. Applicants for these internships must meet the following eligibility criteria. They include;
  2. Students must focus on LGBT studies, human rights, gender and sexuality studies, international development, law, social work, psychology, media, or related fields.
  3. Be an undergraduate or fresh graduate in related courses or disciplines
  4. Applicants must be 18 years and above
  5. Applicants must be proficient in English, French, or other international languages.
  6. You will choose a career path in the following fields. They include Rights Advocates, Social Workers / Youth Counselors, Therapists, Child Protection Advisors, Health Clinic Coordinators, Human Resources Officers, Educators / Professors, Civil Rights Lawyers, Legislative Aides, Lobbyists, Public Relations Managers, Event Organizers / Promoters, Communications Specialists, Journalist, Nonprofit / NGO Worker.

The 12 best companies for LGBT Internships in 2023

Students and fresh graduates looking for internships in LGBT companies can consider the following companies for their training job this year. They include:

#1. The GLBT Historical Society

The GLBT Historical Society offers GLBT internships in Archives and Museum. The Archive internship program is for graduate students in Master of Library and Information Science programs or related fields. It allows them to gain valuable hands-on Experience in an LGBTQ community-based archive. Interns will get mentorship and supervision from archive specialists. Their responsibilities include collection processing, cataloging, and digitization.

On the other hand, the museum internship is for undergraduate or recently graduated students in art, history, and museum studies programs or related fields. The program allows them to gain valuable hands-on and virtual experiences in LGBTQ history.

#2. American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a nonprofit organization working towards protecting individual rights and liberties, including LGBTQ communities. Interns in this company help to fight for the freedom of these individuals.

#3. Brooklyn Community Pride Center

The Brooklyn Community Pride Center is an organization that promotes the life of the LGBTQ community of Brooklyn by providing support and services to the community. It offers programs and events that help protect the community’s rights. Some of its events include the following:

  • Community Education Panels
  • Legal Clinics
  • Financial Planning Forums
  • Peer Support Services
  • Social Events

#4. Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund

They work towards electing gay leaders in public offices to change America’s politics in their favor. They believe lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender officeholders will fight for their rights. In addition, they also employ students to learn more about the community.


GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality of the LGBTQ community by employing real people to tell its stories. They use the media to promote the course of the community. Thus, students can use apply for GLBT internships at the company.

#6. Global Experiences

As the leading provider of high-quality customized international internship programs abroad, Global Experience also helps students get LGBT internships in big companies abroad.

Other companies for LGBT Internships

Applicants for LGBT Internships can also apply for internships in the following companies. They include:

  1. The Human Rights Campaign
  2. Hudson Pride Connections Center
  3. The LGBT Center in New York City
  4. LiVelocity
  5. Navigators USA
  6. William and Mary School of Law LGBT Equality Alliance

How to apply for LGBT Internships

Interested first-year College students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled in an accredited university can apply for these positions, provided they meet the requirements for the department. In addition, they will need to provide their resumes and cover letters.

Once you have these documents, you can apply for any scholarship using the company’s website. Moreover, you can use our internship guide to learn how to apply for internships in big firms, even without Experience. However, you must start on time to prepare your application for this program. Otherwise, you may miss this career opportunity.

How to boost your chances of getting this internship

Applicants for internships at an LGBTQ firm will do the following things to increase their chances of getting the job. They include:

#1. Tailor your application and cover letter

Applicants for GLBT internships must write a cover letter that will convince the hiring manager that they are the best candidates for the job. You will do this by highlighting your skills, abilities, and qualifications. You also must let your employer know how you will help the organization grow. Learn how to write a cover letter this year without Experience from one of our writers.

#2. Network with former interns and workers at the organization.

You can also connect with former interns and the staff good the company. You can do this by clicking with them on Facebook and LinkedIn. These people will provide the information you need when applying for an internship. You can use these details when answering interview questions. 

#3. Research the LGBT Company and the job you want

 Look for crucial information on the organization’s website. Find out what they do, the position you want, and how people view the firm. You will also learn the skills, qualifications, and keywords needed for the internship.

#4Write an excellent resume and cover letter

Having a good resume and cover letter would be best to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate. A good summary contains your skills, qualifications, Experience, and abilities. 

Also, your cover letter must contain the right keywords and skills needed for this internship. Ensure your cover letter can convince your employer that you are qualified for the job.

#5. Learn new skills

You need new skills to succeed in your new job. Thus, it would help if you had communication, problem-solving, analytical, time management, and other crafts. If you already have them, you will need to improve them to meet the demands of your new responsibilities.

#6. Look for a reference

Another tip that will be helpful is to look for a reference who will recommend you to the company. Your reference can be a university professor, an expert, or a co-worker. One thing they must have in common is the ability to attest to your ability to carry out your responsibilities as a GLBTQ intern.


In conclusion, a GLBT internship allows undergraduate and graduate students and fresh graduates to work to protect the LGBTQ community. In addition, they gain valuable Experience working with professionals and experts. Plus, they will engage in career development events.

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