Gifu university scholarships

Gifu University Scholarships: Application, Funding and Benefits

International students at Gifu University can apply for the Gifu University Scholarships to study the Japanese Language and Culture at the university. In addition, research students at the university can qualify for these scholarships if they meet the requirements. The Japanese government established this scholarship scheme to allow international students to enroll in Japanese universities, including Gifu University. 

The amount of these scholarships differs depending on the scholarship. However, each recipient will receive at least 117,000 yen monthly as a living stipend. Thus, it can cover feeding, transportation, accommodation, and other financial burdens.

Sponsors of Gifu University Scholarships

The sponsor of Gifu University Scholarships is the Japanese government. It established this scholarship to encourage Japanese universities to enroll international students. In addition to the Japanese government, students can qualify for scholarships from their country of origin, individuals, and organizations. Therefore, international students can study at Gifu University with scholarships from other sources. 

Overview of Gifu University

Gifu University is a national university located in Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It offers many undergraduate and graduate programs in its different faculties and schools. The undergraduate faculties at the university include the following. The schools are the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Regional Studies, School of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, and Faculty of Agriculture. In addition, it has the following graduate schools, including the Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Regional Studies, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Agriculture, United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences, and United Graduated School of Drug Discovery and Medical Information Science. 

Scholarships available at Gifu University

The following scholarships are available to international students at Gifu University. They are:

  1. Japanese Government Scholarship
  2. Scholarships from other sources

1. Japanese Government Scholarship

The Japanese government established this scholarship to encourage international students to enroll in Japanese universities. Thus, it supports these students with a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses, including feeding, accommodation, and transportation. The amount depends on the program and scholarship for each student. Japanese Government Scholarship available at Gifu University comes in three categories for international students. They include:

  • Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course students 
  • Research Students 
Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course students 

Students in this category receive a stipend of 117,000 yen monthly. Recipients of this fund can use it to cover living expenses in Japan, including accommodation, feeding, and transportation. 

Research Students

Research students in Japan include international students who enroll in Non-degree, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. The values differ according to the degree. Applicants will receive the following amount. They included:

  • Non-degree students: 143,000 yen
  • Masters students: 144,000 yen
  • Doctoral students: 145,000 yen

2. Scholarships from other sources

In addition to the Japanese government scholarships, international students at Gifu University can qualify for other scholarships from outside sources. They include governments, individuals, companies, and organizations. Thus, international students can use these funds to cover the tuition fees and other living expenses at Gifu University, including accommodation, food, transportation, library, and books. 

However, international students can qualify for scholarships from overseas student support organizations in Japan. However, applicants must be privately-financed students with outstanding academic and personal records who need financial assistance. Interested students will apply for these scholarships through their faculty or graduate school. 

Scholarship Benefits

How much is Gifu University Scholarships?

The amount for Gifu University Scholarships differs depending on your degree and program. Each student will receive the amount designated for the course they enroll in at the university. The funds include the following:

Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course students: 117,000 yen

  • Non-degree students: 143,000 yen
  • Master’s program students: 144,000 yen
  • Doctoral program students: 145,000 yen

Recipients can use these funds as a living stipend in Japan.

How many students qualify for Gifu University Scholarships?

There is no limit to the number of students to receive Gifu University Scholarships. It depends on the Japanese government. Recipients will get a stipend of up to 117,000 yen every month, depending on their degree. 

How long do these scholarships last?

Applicants for Gifu University Scholarships will receive a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses for at least a year. Candidates who meet the requirements can renew this scholarship yearly. 

Applicable Courses

Only international students who enroll in selected courses and degrees at Gifu University can apply for Gifu University scholarships. Thus, eligible candidates for this scholarship must be in the following areas of study at Gifu University. They include:

  • Japanese language
  • Japanese culture
  • Research studies

In addition, only international students who enroll in diploma, master, and doctoral programs qualify for these scholarships at Gifu university. In other words, undergraduate students can not apply for Gifu University scholarships. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for Gifu University Scholarships must meet the following requirements. They include:

  1. Applicants must be international students
  2. Applicants must enroll in a Japanese language course or research studies
  3. Applicants must get admission to Gifu University

Eligible nationalities for these scholarships

Gifu University Scholarships are available to international students who enroll in a program at the university. In other words, they are not open to Japanese students. However, Japanese students can get scholarships from an outside source to study at Gifu university. 

Fees & Funding

Can I apply for more than one scholarship at Gifu University?

International students can apply for only one scholarship at Gifu university, depending on their programs and degrees. However, students can have other scholarships from other sponsors outside the university. 

Can Japanese students qualify for Gifu University Scholarship?

Gifu University scholarships are not open to Japanese students. Japanese students can apply for other scholarships from outside the university. 

Are there scholarships for undergraduate students at Gifu university?

International undergraduate students at Gifu University do not qualify for Gifu University scholarships. However, they can apply for fr other scholarships from their country of origin. These scholarships can come from the government, individuals, companies, and organizations. 

What is the minimum requirement for admission to Gifu University for international students?

The minimum requirement for admission to Gifu University depends on the degree. However, international students must have a high school diploma and a certificate of Japanese language proficiency test to apply for entrance to the university. 

Application Procedure

There is no separate application for these scholarships. The university must recommend to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (The MEXT) the number of eligible students for these scholarships at the university. Then, the ministry will make the final selections from the list. However, qualified candidates must enroll in Gifu University or any research institute with an agreement with Gifu University.