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Are you an undergraduate or a graduate in California without a job? There is good news for you. You can apply for the Getty Villa Internship for fresh grads and undergraduates without work experience. The program allows participants to gain valuable experience working with leading professionals and experts in the field. In addition, it offers career development opportunities to students who engage in real projects in different focus areas and positions.

Read our article to learn how to apply for this internship, tips, open positions, and general information. Let’s go there!!!

What is Getty Villa Internship?

The Getty Villa Internship is a summer program for undergraduates and graduates from underrepresented backgrounds. It also includes Graduate Internships and Post-Baccalaureate Conservation Internships. Participants use the program to gain valuable experience in different fields, depending on their area of specialization. 

It s a 10-week program where students and graduates work full-time for their employers at the Getty Center in Los Angeles and Getty Villa in Malibu, California. Eligible candidates must provide COVID-19 vaccinations. Plus, you will not get Health insurance, housing, and transportation.

Applicants for the Getty Villa Internships can apply for the types of internships. They include:

  1. Getty Marrow Undergraduate Summer Internships at Getty
  2. Getty Marrow Undergraduate Summer Internships at Los Angeles Area Museums and Visual Arts Organizations
  3. Graduate Internships at Getty
  4. Post-Baccalaureate Conservation Internships

Each program is designated for a particular group of people. Therefore, applicants must meet the requirements for each one they want.

Benefits of Getty Villa Internships

Getty Villa interns will receive the following benefits. They include:

  • Gain valuable experience to excel in the industry
  • Network with industry leaders and fellow interns
  • Learn more skills for career development
  • Engage in real projects that will increase their knowledge and expertise in the industry
  • Get paid for the job they perform
  • Get mentorship and guidance from their superiors
  • In addition, it is an opportunity to get hired by Getty Villa.

Internship positions at Getty Villa

Applicants for Getty Villa Internships can apply for the following positions at the Getty Center (Los Angeles, California) and Getty Villa (Malibu, California). They include:


Communications interns will assist experts with media relations, marketing, public analytics, digital engagement, and social media strategies for content development and public outreach. 


As a conservation intern at Getty Villa, you will assist with scientific research, hands-on treatments, preventative conservation, and field projects. In addition, you will perform conservation works of art and cultural heritage. 


The function of curatorship interns is to assist experts with research, documentation, acquisition, exhibition, and interpretation of works of art. 

Digital Projects

Interns in this position will help professionals develop databases and electronic resources, digitize collections, or other digital projects. 

Exhibitions/Collections Management

You will help Getty Villa employees with planning, budgeting, research, or other projects related to Getty’s collections and exhibition program.¬†

Library Collections/Photo Cataloguing

You will assist with archival processing, cataloging, imaging and digitization, and research. In addition, you will carry out projects related to Getty’s research library and special collections.¬†

Museum Education

You will assist with education programs for school, community, teen, and adult groups. 


Philanthropy interns at Getty Villa will assist with research, database, and content management. 

Public Programs

Your job includes the planning and execution of programming and special events for all audiences. 


Students in this department assist with the museum, academic, and digital publishing. They also perform activities related to a publication’s lifecycle, like permissions, editing, design, production, and book marketing.

How to apply for Getty Villa Internships

Applicants for this internship must submit an online application. During the process, they must include a Personal Statement, Transcript(s), and Letters of Recommendation. Ensure you apply for this internship before the deadline of February 1. Otherwise, you will have an incomplete application. You can use our internship cover letter guide to learn more about how to get training jobs in big companies like Getty Villa without experience.

Application materials for Getty Villa Internships

You will need the following documents to apply for any position at Getty Villa. They include:

#1. Personal Statement

The first material you need is a personal statement of purpose of 500 words or less. Or at most two pages with double spacing, highlighting the following points:

i. What interests you most in this internship, and how representing diverse perspectives is essential to you?

ii. Highlight your academic qualification and job experience and how they will be relevant in this position. Plus, the future academic and career path you will follow.

#2. Transcript(s)

You will upload at least one academic transcript from a college or university semester. Ensure your educational transcript is up to date. If you have more than one, you must convert them into a single PDF before submitting.

#3. Letters of Recommendation

You must also possess two confidential letters of recommendation. Your recommenders must submit them directly through the application system. Ensure the letters get to the application portal before the application deadline. Your recommenders can be university lecturers or professors who know about your academic performance or past and present employees who can speak well of your work experience, skills, and abilities.

Recommenders should comment on the applicant’s abilities in the following areas: academic performance, research and writing skills, curiosity and ability to take the initiative, interpersonal skills, and dependability.¬†

Things to do to boost your chances of getting Getty Villa Internships

Internships are hard o get these days. Many students and fresh graduates have found the benefit of going for internships. Apart from the financial benefits, it also provides experience to participants. We advise our readers to do the things to increase their chances of getting an internship, including a Getty Villa Internship. The tips include:

#1. Tailor your application to the particular position you want. In other words, be specific in your application letter. Thus, you must highlight your skills, abilities, and strengths and how they will help you perform your duties. Find out how to write an internship cover letter without experience here.

#2. Learn new skills that will help you excel in your position. Each job and industry require special skills and techniques. Therefore, you must know the skills needed for any job you want. Plus, finding the keywords you need when writing your cover letter would be best. When you include the right skills and keywords in your application, the hiring manager will know you are familiar with the job and industry. 

#3. Network with other interns at Getty Villa. Connecting with former and present interns and workers at the company will boost your chances of getting a Getty Villa Internship. They will provide you with the vital information you need about the company. You will need them when preparing for your interview with the hiring team.

#4. Research Getty Villa to learn about its services and mission. In addition, you will find out what people think about the company. You will also learn more about the job. It s during this time you will become familiar with the demands, requirements, skills, and keywords you will include in your cover letter.

#5. Wite a good resume and cover letter. Now is the time to convince your employer that you are the right candidate for the job through your resume and cover letter. A good resume will highlight your skills, qualifications, experience, and abilities and how they will benefit the company. 

Similarly, your cover letter will introduce you to the hiring manager. Thus, it will mention how your skills and strengths will solve the firm’s problem. In addition, you will use it to convince your employer that you are the best candidate for the job.


In conclusion, a summer internship at Getty Villa will help you start a promising career without experience. It will expose you to industry leaders and experts who will mentor you. Plus, it will allow you to explore the industry and find other career paths that suit your interests and passions.

Above all, you will get paid for your job and stand a chance at a permanent position. Though it is not guaranteed, it is possible.