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Are you looking forward to interning at the world’s wealthiest art institution? Participating in Getty Graduate Internship Program offers a unique chance to practicalize your in-class lessons and gain up to one year of hands-on experience at no cost. It is open to domestic and international students across various disciplines, such as art history, conservation, and museum studies. As such, you can join to learn from experienced staff members and develop your skill set. Hence, this article will give insights into Getty’s internships for graduate students.

Let’s get started with the basics.

Overview of Getty Graduate Internship Program

J. Paul Getty Trust has a range of internship programs open to graduate students in diverse areas, such as education, research, curatorial, publications, conservation, grantmaking, digital projects, public programs, and web & new media. These programs train students and enable them to gain work experience across different departments. Undoubtedly, being part of one of these programs will prepare you ahead of starting a career in visual arts.

Students of all nationalities can intern with Getty Research Institute, Getty Museum, Getty Foundation, and Getty Conservation Institute. These are the four areas covered by J. Paul Getty Trust’s operations.

About J. Paul Getty Trust

J. Paul Getty Trust is a US-based renowned art institution founded in 1953 by Jean Paul Getty Sr., a business magnate and petroleum industrialist. He is also the founder of Getty Oil Company.

The Trust programs include J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Research Institute, and the Getty Foundation. The museum is one of the most visited in the US, with about 1.6 million visitors yearly.

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Benefits of Interning with J. Paul Getty Trust

The following are some benefits of Getty’s internships for graduate students.

Career advancement opportunities

  • Interning with J. Paul Getty Trust offers an opportunity that will help you to gain first-hand experience, learn new skills, and understand the creative arts industry. Deriving these benefits will be advantageous in jumpstarting your career.

Financial benefits and other perks

  • Another benefit of this internship program is that you will receive a grant of up to $47,500 during your one-year internship. It is valued at $3,958 monthly. You will also get $1,500 to cover your relocation cost if you are coming from anywhere outside Los Angeles. In addition, each intern will receive a health care plan and research travel support of $2,500.

Advice and support through mentoring

  • Getty Graduate Internship Program also gives students a chance to get free guidance and support from knowledgeable staff on everything relevant to their careers.

Build a professional network

  • Doing your internship at J. Paul Getty Trust will enable you to create a network of industry leaders and professionals in the creative arts industry.

Increase your employability

  • Getty’s internships for graduate students positively impact interns’ employability due to the knowledge, skills, and experience gained.

To reap the benefits of Getty’s internship programs for graduate students, consider meeting the criteria before you apply.

Eligibility Criteria for Getty Graduate Internship

The graduate internship programs hosted by J. Paul Getty Trust are open only to persons who satisfy the following requirements.

Academic requirements

  • Currently have enrollment in a graduate program, such as a graduate conservation certificate, MA, or Ph.D. degree in a relevant field. Nevertheless, you can still apply for Getty Graduate Internship if you already hold one of the previously mentioned educational certificates.

Document Requirements for Getty Graduate Internships

Here are the application materials for Getty’s internships for graduate students.

Personal statement
  • Your personal statement should be double-spaced and must be at most 500 words. In fact, it has to clarify how your preferred intern positions can facilitate your career goals and your expectations from the internship.
Your latest resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • To participate in Getty’s internship program for graduate students, you must also upload your curriculum vitae or resume through the online application system. Ensure that your resume is at most five pages.
Up-to-date academic records or transcripts
  • J. Paul Getty Trust also requires your academic records or transcripts up to your current educational level. If you intend to submit multiple transcripts, combine them in a PDF file before the upload.

At a subsequent time during the evaluation process, you may need to submit hardcopies of your academic records or official transcripts.

Two letters of recommendation
  • Another document required to apply for this internship program is two confidential recommendation letters directly from your referees (university faculty members or past/current employers) to J. Paul Getty Trust. Be aware that there is a submission deadline for the recommendation letters via the application portal.
Proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  • J. Paul Getty Trust requires each person applying to become its graduate intern to take COVID-19 vaccination and provide evidence of doing so. However, limited exceptions exist for persons with a health condition or disability. You can also request an exemption for this requirement due to religious beliefs.
A valid J-1 or F-1 visa
  • Foreign nationals intending to enter the United States to intern with J. Paul Getty Trust must obtain a J-1 Visa in the Intern/Trainee category or hold a valid F-1 Visa that complies with the US Department of State requirements.

If you have met the above criteria and already possess the required documents, you can now apply for your preferred intern position at J. Paul Getty Trust.

How to Apply for Getty Graduate Internships

To express your interest in this internship program, you need an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC to complete your online application. You must apply through, which supports Google Chrome more than other web browsers. Be sure that application is open before you proceed.

Afterward, create an account, sign in, and start a new application. It is allowable to apply for two intern positions at the same time. Note your account’s password, as you need it to continue with your application if you have to pause during the process.

Upon decision by Getty Foundation, you will receive a notification if your application was successful.

After your internship, you should add your recent work experience to your CV and resume. For tips on doing this, check out our blog post on how to list internship experience on a resume.

FAQs about Getty Graduate Internships

Why should I intern at J. Paul Getty Trust?

There are many reasons to intern with J. Paul Getty Trust in the United States. Of course, you will have the chance to gain relevant experience, grow your skill set, build valuable relationships, and benefit from various perks. These include a grant, a health care plan, coverage of relocation expenses (condition applies), and research travel support.

Are international students eligible for Getty Graduate Internships?

Yes, non-US nationals from different parts of the world can apply for the internship programs hosted by J. Paul Getty Trust, provided they meet the requirements.

Can undergraduate students intern at J. Paul Getty Trust?

No, students who do not have a graduate program certificate and currently not pursuing a graduate degree do not qualify to intern at J. Paul Getty Trust.

How long do internships last at J. Paul Getty Trust?

J. Paul Getty Trust exclusively offers full-time internship positions that run for 12 months from September to the following year’s August.

What documents are required to apply for Getty Graduate Internship Program?

The online application process for Getty Graduate Internships requires applicants to upload an electronic copy of their academic records/transcripts, personal statement, CV/resume, and two recommendation letters. Besides, international students who want to intern with J. Paul Getty Trust must hold a valid J-1 or F-1 Visa.


Interning with J. Paul Getty Trust is an ideal way to jumpstart your career in the creative arts industry. Undeniably, you will have access to some of the best resources and gain fantastic opportunities that aid career success. That means acquiring relevant experiences, enhancing your skills, and exploring the industry is no more a problem via this internship program. So what else is holding you back from considering this program?