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If you are interested in a renewable energy career, consider applying for the Geothermal Development Company Internship Program to join a team that facilitates easy and affordable access to renewable energy. This internship program is exclusively open to Kenyan students looking forward to earning a living in the geothermal energy industry. It provides an opportunity to gather relevant work experience, understand the industry, learn more skills, and expand your network. Therefore, it would be best to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to improve your qualifications.

Read on to explore the requirements, application process, and potential benefits of the Geothermal Development Company Internship Program.

Let’s begin with the basics.

Overview of Geothermal Development Company Internships

Geothermal Development Company (GDC) offers a 12-week internship program to allow Kenyan students to acquire relevant work experience, enlarge their skill sets, and build a professional network before graduation.

GDC is an equal opportunity employer committed to not considering a candidate’s age, country of origin, ethnic group, religion, and other protected characteristics. It hires them through its Human Resource and Administration Division.

About Geothermal Development Company (GDC)

Located in Nairobi, Geothermal Development Company is a parastatal of the Government of the Republic of Kenya founded in 2008. It is 100% owned by the Kenyan government. GDC aims to promote the development of geothermal resources in the country. It also develops steam fields and sells geothermal steam used to generate electricity by Kenya Electricity Generating Company Plc. (KenGen).

Benefits of Interning with the Geothermal Development Company

Here are some benefits of participating in an internship program hosted by the Geothermal Development Company in Kenya.

Career development

  • GDC Internship Program will influence your professional development, giving you an insight into the geothermal energy industry and providing an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience. As Geothermal Development Company is among the most innovative companies in the geothermal sector, participating in its internship program will also enable you to learn new skills and advance your career.

Financial benefits

  • Being part of GDC’s internship offer a financial compensation estimated at Ksh 11,000. Each intern will receive this amount monthly, regardless of their position.

Professional networking opportunities

  • Interning with the Geothermal Development Company will also help you to build valuable relationships with professionals in the geothermal energy industry. Such relationships have vast positive impacts and will enable you to progress in your career.

Career-related advice and support through mentoring

  • Joining GDC’s team via its internship program offers costless access to professional guidance and support by contacting the company’s full-time employees and senior executives on anything related to your career.

Redefined career objectives

  • Geothermal Development Company’s internship program helps to have a redefined career goal by increasing your professional knowledge and providing all the training you need. Besides, it will let you have realistic career goals.

Not all students can intern at the Geothermal Development Company in Kenya. Interested persons must satisfy some criteria to gain the previously mentioned benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for GDC Internship Programs

GDC only hires students who meet the requirements of its three-month internships.

To qualify for an intern position at the Geothermal Development Company, you must;

  • Be a Kenyan national
  • Possess enrollment in an accredited institution of higher learning
  • Have superb academic achievements
  • Be prepared to commit 12 weeks to intern with the Geothermal Development Company.
  • Write and speak fluently in English.

Upon meeting the requirements, you can now apply for the intern position, provided the application deadline is yet to pass the date.

How to Apply for the Geothermal Development Company Internship Programs

Before you apply for an intern position, be aware that Geothermal Development Company does not use a recruitment agency to fill its vacancies and will not charge interns for their internship interview.

If you have fulfilled the internship requirements without exception, you can apply in person, submitting a hard copy application at GDC’s Human Resource office in Kapkerwa.

For supplemental information about GDC Internship’s application procedures, call +254 719 037 000 or email [email protected].

GDC Internship Interview Questions

Among the interview tips for prospective interns of the Geothermal Development Company involves knowing how to answer the interviewer’s questions and preparing well ahead.

The following are a few questions to expect during the interview.

  • Why do you want to intern at GDC?
  • Tell us about your education.
  • What are you looking forward to learning?
  • What is the most challenging situation you were able to overcome?
  • Talk about a time you collaborated in a team.

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FAQs about the Geothermal Development Company Internships

How long do internships last at the Geothermal Development Company?

Internships at the Geothermal Development Company run for 12 weeks, offering a monthly stipend of Ksh 11,000 per intern. The internship program requires students to work for the company for up to three months without a full-time employment guarantee after graduation.

Can international students work as an intern at GDC?

No, students who are not Kenyan citizens are not eligible for any intern position at Geothermal Development Company. Hence, you must consider other internships open to international students in Kenya.

Are GDC Internships open to Kenyan graduates?

No, the internship programs hosted by the Geothermal Development Company are not open to individuals who have completed studies at a higher education institution.

Can I apply for the Geothermal Development Company Internships in person?

Yes, you can express your interest in an intern position at Geothermal Development Company in person by visiting its HR office in Kapkerwa. You can apply for your preferred intern job at the office and submit it. Ensure you visit the office before the application deadline.

What document do I need to apply for GDC Internship Program?

To apply for an intern position at the Geothermal Development Company in Kenya, you must provide a letter of introduction from your school. Of course, it must be an accredited institution of higher institution.


Interning with the Geothermal Development Company offers a great chance to get practical experience in a fast-paced industry. In addition, the internship program attracts students with a reasonable amount of financial compensation and meaningful relationships. It also helps them to enhance their skills. What other unsaid thing could be a stepping stone in realizing your career goals? Worry no more, as GDC Internship gives whatever can help you jumpstart your career.

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