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George Snow Scholarship 2024 | About, How to Apply

Are you looking for one of the most beneficial scholarship programs? Do you need tuition aid or support services to attend an accredited college, university, technical, or vocational school? If yes, we recommend you apply for the George Snow Scholarship, which will take less than five minutes.

This article provides full details about all scholarship programs under the George Snow Scholarship Fund. So, ensure you read this post to the end!

About the George Snow Scholarship

The George Snow Scholarship Fund consists of various partial scholarships created in 1982 as a commemoration of George Snow, a real estate developer who lost his life in a helicopter crash in 1980. He lived in Boca Raton, Florida, during his lifetime and once worked as a high school teacher at the now Atlantic High School in Delray Beach. Mr. Snow always tried to help people struggling to support themselves through higher education.

You can apply for the scholarship to attend an accredited technical school, college, or university. It is open to international students, as it supports persons who have experience racial inequality because of their skin color. Its recipients are known as “Snow Scholars”.

These scholarship programs are as follows:

1. High School Scholarships

These scholarships are exclusively for high school seniors at Palm Beach County High School, Monarch High School, Pompano Beach High School, or Blanche Ely High School. They are need-based scholarships for students pursuing a degree in any major.

2. Palm Health Foundation Scholarships

High school seniors do not qualify to apply for the Palm Health Foundation Scholarships. It consists of several undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students pursuing Nursing or Behavioral/Mental Health degrees.

3. The Door of Opportunity Scholarship Fund

This scholarship funding is exclusively for high school seniors from specific regions, including Nevada, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Arizona, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland, Central & North Texas, Utah, Maine, Greater Philadelphia, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The Door of Opportunity Scholarship Fund is not open to anyone working at Esler Companies and their dependents.

4. Graduate scholarships

These scholarships fund students pursuing advanced degrees who have either been accepted or enrolled in the program. You must be a beneficiary of the High School Scholarships in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Who Sponsors the George Snow Scholarship?

The George Snow Scholarship is a self-funded scholarship program sponsored by the George Snow Scholarship Fund, a non-profit organization located in Boca Raton, Florida. They aim to provide scholarships to high school seniors who reside in the Palm Beach and Broward Counties, regardless of their nationalities.

Over $26M have been disbursed by the George Snow Scholarship Fund as education grants.

Scholarship Benefits:

What does the George Snow Scholarship cover?

The George Snow Scholarship Fund offers each recipient a tuition award (averaging $14,373.05) and wide-ranging support services. The exact award amount varies depending on the scholarship type and the financial needs of each Snow Scholar. It can cover your tuition, room & board fees, books & supplies, dorm supplies, and other study-related costs.

Here’s a list of some of the scholarship’s support services:

1. Career Development Curriculum

The Career Development Curriculum enables students to develop their skillsets to facilitate their academic and career goals.

2. College care packages

Each scholarship recipient will also receive a package containing tasty treats and fresh baked cookies or brownies during fall semester. They will also find an encouragement note inside.

3. College supply gift bags

Each recipient will receive a gift package with various essential products needed while starting college.

4. College physical program

The George Snow Scholarship Fund collaborates with the Boca Raton Regional Hospital to offer free physical examinations with a physician.

5. ComPsych

ComPsych provides scholarship recipients and their family members free access to legal & financial consultation, psychological health counseling, and work-life assistance services.

6. Computers and college supply program​

Snow Scholars must also choose between getting a laptop or a stipend.

7. Emergency fund

The George Snow Scholarship assists Snow Scholars in unforeseen and nonrecurring problems. These include when you have to travel urgently due to a family emergency and have to cover travel and medical costs.

8. Guidance from scholar support staff​

Snow Scholars also have easy access to the scholarship fund’s staff members, which allows them to get support and resources throughout the year.

9. Monday morning motivational message

Each scholarship recipient will receive a text message featuring motivational stories and quotes every Monday morning.

How many students receive the George Snow Scholarship a year?

The total number of students awarded the George Snow Scholarship Fund varies yearly. Around 330 students become Snow Scholars per academic year.

Is the George Snow Scholarship renewable?

The George Snow Scholarship is renewable, as recipients can continue to enjoy its numerous benefits for their first year.

Eligibility Criteria for the George Snow Scholarship

Their requirements vary, as each scholarship program has its own eligibility criteria. However, the general eligibility criteria for the George Snow Scholarship are as follows.</p>

  • Must be a high school senior whose school is in Palm Beach County. Alternatively, you must be attending Pompano Beach High School or Blanche Ely High School in Broward County.

You are also eligible if you’re a homeschooled student who has met the above requirements.

  • Intent to enroll in an accredited college in South Florida
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Commitment to be at your best and to help others.

How to Apply for the George Snow Scholarship Fund

Applications for the scholarship will open online on November 1, 2024. Its application deadline is February 1, 2025, 11:59 PM (Eastern Time).

The dates are the same date each year. With this in mind, you can apply for the scholarship via the following steps.

Do you have further questions about the scholarship program? Feel free to reach out via one of the following means:

  • Address: 201 Plaza Real, Suite 260, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +1 (561) 347-6799

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