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Do you seek to gain up to two years of hands-on experience in geology or mining? If so, participating in Geology Internships in South Africa is a distinctive way to jumpstart your geological career. South Africa is renowned for its diverse geological features, composed of thousands of mountains, large impact craters, orogenic belts, cratons, and greenstone belts.

The country has some of the world’s most remarkable geological features. Working in SA as a geology intern is rewarding in virtually all SA cities, including Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Soweto, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

They offer a stipend averaged at ZAR 13,300 per month and the opportunity to explore the country’s unique geological formations. Top employers of geology interns in SA include De Beers Group of Companies, Seriti Coal, Anglo American Plc., Southern Mapping, and SMEC Holdings Limited.

Read on to discover more about Geology internship opportunities across SA.

Best 7 Geology Internships in South Africa

Woolpert-Southern Mapping Geospatial Internship Program

  • This geology internship program is available to undergraduate students in South Africa. Its host, Southern Mapping, is a geospatial information provider with many professionals in the industry. To qualify for Woolpert-Southern Mapping Geospatial Internship Program, you must be studying toward earning an undergraduate degree in geology, geography, or any relevant discipline. Moreover, you must have good communication and teamwork skills, including a basic knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Samancor Geology Internship Programs

  • With a B.Sc. Hons. degree in Geology, you can be part of Samancor Geology Internships this year. This internship program will train you in mineral resources management and make you understand all about the subject. To qualify for Samancor Geology Internships, you must be strong detail orientation and decision-making skills. Besides, you should be able to perform tasks independently, handle workloads, and meet deadlines.

SMEC Geologist – Engineering Graduate Program

  • SMEC Holdings Ltd offers a geology internship program for students seeking relevant work experience, a chance to practicalize their in-class lessons and explore the work environment. The company provides various professional engineering services. It is reliable for large-scale transport and energy infrastructural projects worldwide. Hence, considering its internship program will significantly benefit your career and facilitate your professional development.

PwC Internship Program

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, a professional services network headquartered in London, England, offers an internship program for highly motivated students looking forward to gaining hands-on experience. It is open to undergraduate students with impressive academic records and excellent communication skills.

The ERM Group Liability Portfolio Management Internship Program

  • If you hold an academic degree in geology, hydrogeology, or any related field, you may be eligible to participate in the ERM Group Liability Portfolio Management Internship Program. We recommend it among our list of the top seven Geology Internships in South Africa because of its numerous advantages. The company has more than 150 offices in over 40 countries, with nearly 6,000 employees. It hires fresh graduates who fulfill specific requirements in its South African office.

Seriti Rock Engineering Internship Program

  • Seriti Coal is a South Africa-based mining company with the opportunity for students to work as an intern at its Emalahleni site. This internship program is one of the company’s initiatives to become a top supplier of coal and other related products in SA. To qualify for Seriti Rock Engineering Internship Program, you must hold a B.Sc. Hons. in Geology, a B.Sc. Engineering (Mining), or a B.Eng. Tech (Hons) degree. Besides, you must demonstrate that you have completed a project related to your field of study.

Anglo-American Geology Internship Program

  • As one of the top seven Geology Internships in South Africa, Anglo American Geology Internship Program offers a chance for eligible individuals to gain practical experience working for a multinational mining company in Thabazimbi, Limpopo. Undeniably, Anglo American Plc. is among the world’s largest platinum producers and a leading manufacturer of thermal & metallurgical coal, diamond, copper, nickel, and iron ore.

Aside from SA and the African continent, the company operates in Europe, Australia, South America, North America, and Asia.

Eligibility Criteria for Geology Internships in South Africa

Geology Intern positions in SA-based establishments are open to persons who meet the following requirements.

  • Must currently be pursuing a National Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. On the contrary, you can fulfill this criterion if you are a recent graduate of one of the previously mentioned programs.
  • Requiring P1/P2 or work experience
  • Undergo a medical fitness examination
  • Have valid authorization from the South African Government to enter the country for internship purposes

Document Requirements for Geology Internships in SA

See below for the documents required to apply for Geology intern positions in South Africa.

Your academic records

  • While applying for Geology intern positions hosted at SA-based establishments, you must provide certified copies of your academic records, transcripts, or educational certificates.

A letter from your school

  • You must also get a letter from your institution to prove that you must acquire relevant work experience to complement your studies.

A full CV

  • Another document required to qualify for a Geology intern position in South Africa is a full Curriculum Vitae containing elaborate details on your qualifications, skills, and previous work experience.

An ID copy

  • Such identification documents include your driver’s license, national identity card, passport, or travel document.

Recent medical exams report

  • You must also undergo a medical fitness examination to check your current health condition and whether you are admissible.

With this in mind, ensure satisfying the above criteria and requirements before applying to any SA organization or establishment.

How to Apply for Geology Internships in South Africa

The application process for Geology intern positions in South Africa varies depending on the internship host. However, students and graduates can apply online for most of these opportunities via the host’s official website. Your online application must include all supporting documents without exception.

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FAQs about Geology Internships in South Africa

How long do Geology Internships last in South Africa?

Geology internship programs hosted in SA vary depending on the program. However, they can last up to two years, allowing students to get practical experience and jumpstart their careers.

How much do Geology interns earn in South Africa?

The average monthly salary of geology interns is approximately ZAR 13,300. Most interns receive this compensation for participating in South Africa’s Geology internship programs.

Is it easy to get a Geology Intern job in South Africa?

No, getting a geology intern position is quite challenging for students and recent graduates in South Africa. Nevertheless, there are several ways to increase your chances of landing such opportunities, such as creating a captivating cover letter, resume, and CV. Also, prepare ahead of your internship interview.

Can international students work as geology interns in South Africa?

Yes, non-SA citizens, and other foreign nationals, can take on geology intern positions in any South African establishment or organization, provided they satisfy all requirements.

Is a visa required to work as a geology intern in SA?

Yes, you must possess a valid visa endorsed to enter South Africa for internship purposes in a geological field. These visas are valid for three months and are renewable for another three months.


South Africa is a fantastic destination for geology students and recent graduates seeking hands-on experience. Participating in Geology internship programs will incredibly influence your career and professional development. Hence, be sure that you can increase your knowledge, upgrade your skill sets, gain hands-on experience, and develop meaningful relationships via this internship program. Now that you understand about Geology Internships in South Africa, you can apply today to take advantage of this opportunity to advance your career quickly.