Fujian normal university scholarships

Guide on how to apply for Fujian Normal University Scholarships

Scholarships from Fujian Normal University may partially defray the cost of tuition for students enrolled in specific academic programs at Fujian University.  The Scholarship amounts and numbers change over time.  Only highly academically accomplished enrolling full-time undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students are eligible for the Fujian Normal University Scholarships.

Applicants for the Fujian Normal University Scholarships must be under 30 and possess a high school certificate to be eligible for an undergraduate degree. Those seeking a Master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree. They must also be under 40 years of age. In addition, candidates for doctoral degrees must be under 45 and possess a master’s degree.

Who sponsors East-West Center Scholarships? 

Fujian Normal University sponsors the Fujian Normal University Scholarships for programs leading to bachelor’s, masters and Doctoral degrees.

Overview of Fujian Normal University

Fujian Normal University is a public university in China. In 1953, the Fujian Superior Normal School, Fukien Christian University and Hua Nan Women’s College formed a new and significantly expanded Fujian Normal College. In 1972, the college got the new name of Fujian Normal University.

Fujian Normal University (FNU) is China’s most time-honoured teacher’s college. It has 28 colleges which offer undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. There are two campuses for the university: Qishan and Cangshan. It offers undergraduate and graduates degrees in subject areas like literature, history, philosophy, physics, engineering, pedagogy, economics, law, business management, and agriculture.

Overview of China

With 1.44 billion people, China has the largest population in the world. China is not simply enormous, though. The nation has a diverse population in terms of both geography and culture. The prominent areas of China include the North China Plain, the Loess Plateau, the Yangzi Valley, the Southwest Uplands, Qinghai, the Southeast Coast, the Sichuan Basin, the Tibetan Plateau, and Xinjiang.

China has had rapid economic growth over the past four decades, making it the second-largest economy in the world. In China, political organization plays a significant role in fostering a shared culture and uniting the nation and its regions.

Opportunities for Study and Scholarships at Fujian Normal University

Below is a list of Scholarships administered through Fujian Normal University.

1. Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship 

The government of Fujian Province established the Fujian Government Scholarship for International Students who intend to pursue a degree in China. The scholarship aims to attract more academically excellent international students to study in Fujian.

2. President Scholarship for Foreign Students  

China’s President Scholarship for Foreign Students is available for Master’s, PhD, Graduate, and Bachelors programs. International students enrolled in university-sponsored courses are eligible for the award.

President Scholarship for Foreign Students prioritizes applicants or students enrolled in degree programs at FNU, applicants whom schools that collaborate with Fujian Normal University suggest and applicants by FNU graduate supervisors.

3. University Scholarships

As a result of fostering understanding, collaboration, and exchanges in politics, the economy, culture, education, and commerce between China and other nations, Fujian Normal University grants scholarships to overseas students.

This fellowship helps overseas instructors, researchers, and students pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs at Fujian Normal University. The monthly grant from the Fujian University Scholarships is RMB 1700. The award pays for tuition, living expenses, textbook costs, and basic educational supplies.

4. Chinese Local Government Scholarships

The Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship is a local government scholarship in China established by the Jiangsu Provincial Government. The award assists academically outstanding overseas students who want to enrol in full-time studies at province-wide institutions and colleges.

All overseas students who want to enrol in undergraduate programs are eligible for these scholarships. Chinese Local Government Scholarships are partially sponsored fellowships that aim to advance talent development, academic inquiry, charitable work, and cross-cultural communication.

5. Confucius Institute Scholarship

The Chinese Confucius instituted the Confucius Institute Scholarship to support the development of Confucius Institutes. This scholarship facilitates the international promotion of the Chinese language and the spread of Chinese culture.  

The scholarship program at the Confucius Institute is a fully funded scholarship. It supports the study of Chinese at appropriate Chinese universities by international students, academics, and instructors of the Chinese language.

Scholarship Benefits

The amount of scholarships available at the Fujian Normal University is unclear. However, they are for the duration of the enrolled program and come with the following advantages.

  • Student tuition fees
  • Housing and daily living costs
  • Registration fees for students
  • On-campus lodging cost
  • Essential educational supplies
  • One-time settlement assistance
  • Complete Health Insurance
  • Ambulatory care services

Applicable Courses

Scholarships at Fujian Normal University cover available at the institution. Several of the courses are;

  • Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Pedagogy
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Business Management
  • Agriculture
  • Public Administration
  • Physical culture and art

Eligibility Criteria

  • Non-Chinese nationals can apply for most of the scholarships at Fujian Normal University.
  • In addition to high school graduation, applicants must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree, depending on the level of study they wish to pursue.
  • Undergraduate applicants must be under 30, master’s applicants must be under 40, and postgraduate applicants must be under 50.
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA or the equivalent

General Requirements 

  • A request form
  • A duplicate of the passport’s biographical page
  • Academic transcripts notarized
  • A physical examination log
  • Statement of Study’s Objectives
  • Two recommendation letters
  • HSK certificate copy (if any)
  • Legal documentation of applicants under 18 years and their Chinese legal guardians is mandatory.

Fees & Funding

What is the medium of instruction at Fujian Normal University?

The language of instruction at Fujian Normal University is English.

Is learning the Chinese language compulsory at Fujian Normal University? 

International students must study Chinese despite the English language being the primary language of instruction at Fujian Normal University. Learning the Chinese language is consistent with the purpose of the scholarships and for learning about daily life in China.

Is transportation from the airport to Fujian Normal University available?

Although it is not a part of the university’s services, Fujian Normal University can pick up students at the airport and transport them to the campus. This service by Fujian university is relevant if the students are transiting at the airport in a group. In addition, students should provide the university’s representative with thorough departure itineraries at least seven days beforehand.

Where may students from other countries exchange their money for Chinese currency?

At the international bank at the airport, international students can exchange some Chinese cash for a shuttle or bus. At the airport’s business counter, they can buy calling cards for local and international calls.

Can a student in Fuzhou City open a bank account?

Yes, you may use the details of your studentship to create a bank account in Fuzhou City. The bank account is for any transactions you want to make in Fuzhou. You can also utilize the bank account to request money transfers from anywhere in the world from your relatives.

What are the internet, communication, and transit options in Fuzhou City?

One civil airport, two train terminals, and several buses to numerous Chinese cities are all n Fuzhou City. There are many internet cafes and handy public telecom and internet facilities. You may get a telecom card allowing you to make calls whenever you want.

Application Procedure

If you are not yet a student of Fujian Normal University,

  • Fill out the Fujian Normal University scholarship form online
  • Email or mail all necessary documents to the university’s scholarship board

But if you are already a student, 

  • Send all required documents to the scholarship board’s office and await a response.
Contact information 

Fujian Normal University, Minhou University Town, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Phone: 0591-22869204