Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships: Benefits and Eligibility

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships are special sponsorships given to applicants who are studying in German higher institutions accepted by the foundation. Beneficiaries of these scholarships receive the sum of 830 EUR (for Bachelor’s/Diploma/Magister/ State Examination programs), or 850 EUR (for Master’s program). They will also receive funding for health insurance. Students with one child will receive a family allowance of 276 EUR. Apart from the funding for health insurance, these sums will be paid monthly, for at least one year. There are up to 40 scholarships available each year, to students who are eligible and who demonstrate adequate commitment to the values of social democracy. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships last for a minimum of one year and can span a recipient’s academic experience.

Who sponsors Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships?

The scholarships are sponsored by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and are for students who are studying in German higher institutions recognized and accepted by the foundation. Undergraduates seeking Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in certain fields are eligible. Also, students in the Master’s program are eligible, for a program of at least two years. The scholarship process takes up to six months, and as a result, short Master’s courses are not funded.

About Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Friedrich Ebert Foundation came into existence in March 1925 as a non-profit organization that identifies with a political party in Germany. It believes in the values of social democracy – freedom, justice, and solidarity. FES organizes and supports scientific work through study grants, supporting young people from Germany and abroad. Currently, about 2,817 young people have received FES scholarships, and 303 of them are foreign students. Friedrich Ebert Foundation has a physical office in Bonn, Germany.

Scholarship Benefits

How much are Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships?

Beneficiaries of the Friederich Ebert Foundation Scholarships receive the following funds, depending on their situations:

  • A monthly amount of 830 EUR (for students in Bachelor’s/Diploma/Magister/state examination programs)
  • 850 EUR (for students in Master’s programs)
  • Costs for health insurance are also funded
  • Students with a child receive a family allowance of 276 EUR.

How many students receive a Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship?

About 40 students receive the scholarship. Although the Friedrich Ebert Scholarship is available for undergraduates as well as Master’s students, the scholarship does not extend to short-term Master’s courses. 

Applicable Courses

What field of study is Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship meant for?

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships are meant for all programs but with the following exceptions:

  • Study programs abroad outside of the EU
  • Medical courses up to Physics
  • Doctorates and further and advanced training in the field of medicine
  • Second-degree courses (this only applies to the program ‘Basic funding for Germans and foreign students’)
  • Part-time courses
  • 2-semester master’s courses
  • Degree/Ph.D. completion phases

Can undergraduate students apply for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships?

Undergraduate students can apply for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships but they must first conclude one semester of studies before benefitting from the scholarships. This is because it takes about six months to conclude the process of scholarship application and award.

Eligibility Criteria

There are yardsticks for measuring eligibility for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships. Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered eligible:

#1. Confirmation of admission into a recognized German university for a degree program

#2. Must show above-average school and study-related performance and first-graded certificates of academic achievement.

#3. Must prove social and political involvement and commitment to the values of social democracy

#4. Must be responsible, motivated, and reliable individuals willing to get involved with the Foundation’s network.

#5. Must show proof of sufficient German language skills

  • A “German language test for university admission” passed with at least DSH-2
  • Must pass the “Test German as a foreign language” with at least level 4
  • Must possess “Telc C1 University”
  • The German language diploma of the Conference of Ministers of Education level II and
  • The “Certificate C 1” from the Goethe Institute.

For doctoral funding

  • Unconditional notification of admission to the doctoral scholarship
  • Foreign applicants must also provide evidence of sufficient German language skills, even if they are studying in English.
  • The scholarships support foreign applicants who are already studying for their doctorate in Germany, at a university of applied sciences. 
  • Applicants must have proof of above-average school and study achievements.
  • Must show commitment to the values of social democracy.

Fees & Funding

Can I combine a Friedrich Ebert Scholarship with another type of scholarship?

No. You must decide which scholarship to forfeit for the other because it is not possible to combine an FES with another scholarship. 

It would have been possible to get double funding through a German scholarship and a Friedrich Ebert scholarship if the scholarship is limited to non-material funding but all FES scholarships include financial benefits as well as non-material support. 

Can international students benefit from the Friedrich Ebert Scholarships?

Yes, international students especially those who need financial support to begin their studies, are eligible. These applicants can apply with references from their teachers, and must not submit any grades from their studies. Only first-year international students have this special consideration. Master’s students are not considered first-year students.

Other eligible students are gifted students from the Global South (Asia, Africa, Latin America), post-Soviet states as well as eastern and south-eastern European (EU) countries.

What happens if an application for a Friedrich Ebert Scholarship is rejected?

Rejected applicants can apply again in a new study phase. Specifically, applicants who were rejected during their Bachelor’s degree application can reapply for the Master’s degree. 

Applicants who were rejected at their application for a state examination course like law or teaching can reapply for doctoral funding.

First-year students whose applications were rejected can apply again if they still have up to three semesters left before the end of their period of study, provided their commitment or achievements have changed or improved since their first application. 

First-year students who were rejected can reapply for the Master’s degree.

What is the validity period of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarships?

The minimum endowment period of a Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship is one year. Since the application process can take up to six months, the scholarship cannot fund short Master’s programs that are not up to three semesters.

Application Procedure

First-year students must submit their online applications by the first month of their studies. Confirmation of scholarships is usually made towards the end of the first semester, for early applications. Students can submit their applications at any time but it must not be more than three semesters before the end of the period of study. 

  • Applicants would need two references from teachers, for the application. 
  • Applications can be done online or physically
  • Master’s courses that are not up to 4 semesters, will not be eligible. Eligible Master’s students must apply during the first semester of the Master’s course, before 31st May (Summer semester) or 30th November (Winter semester) 


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