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Are you interested in Fraser Institute Internship Programs but need clarification about how to go about it? If so, this blog post will walk you through the criteria and process of getting an internship position with this Canadian think tank. While consideringĀ where to intern in Canada, you might not have thought that Fraser Institute could offer tremendous opportunities to gain practical experience sure to help jumpstart your career. Fraser Institute Internships run in winter, summer, and fall semesters, providing students and recent graduates a chance to learn from professionals, enhance their skill sets, and build a professional network.

Now read on to discover more about interning with Fraser Institute, starting with the basics.

Overview of Fraser Institute Internship Program

Fraser Institute has program and research internships available to students and new graduates from different world regions. These internships last for four months in winter, summer, and fall semesters. As Fraser Institute Internships for winter term starts in January and end in April, its summer internships run from May to August. Besides, fall term internships at Fraser Institute run from September to December.

Types of Internships Available at Fraser Institute, Canada

See below for the types of internships hosted by Fraser Institute.

Research internship

  • Fraser Institute offers this internship program to allow students and graduates to provide research aid to policy departments. Their responsibilities include technical & editorial writing, literature reviews, primary research, statistical analysis, and survey design & execution. Such research is often accessible to the public.

Program internship

  • This type of Fraser Institute intern is responsible for outreach, event coordination, communication, and database management. They assist with outreach initiatives, as well as facilitate skills and knowledge development to bring about successful programming in a think tank environment.

About the Fraser Institute

Fraser Institute is a Canadian non-partisan, independent educational and research organization with a longstanding history dating back to 1974. It is a libertarian-conservative Canadian public policy body of experts. With its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Fraser Institute also has offices in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and Calgary. The organization is one of the top think tanks in Mexico, Canada, and worldwide.

Benefits of interning at Fraser Institute

If you are finding reasons to intern with Fraser Institute in Canada, here are some to consider.

Opportunities for career growth

  • Interning with Fraser InstituteĀ offers a chance for students and graduates to work for a think tank for an academic term. During this period, you will have a first-hand learning experience of what think tanks do. You will also be able to improve your research skills and develop your skill set.

Financial rewards and reimbursements

  • Participating in Fraser Institute Internship Program offers a financial reward ranging from $2,500 to $3,000 per month, varying depending on your level of education. In addition, interns from the US will receive a reimbursement for their reasonable domestic travel expenses.

Mentoring benefits

  • Interning at Fraser Institute, Canada, will allow you to get professional advice and support, as interns are under the direct supervision of a more experienced staff member. As a result, the location of your intern project is unchangeable.

Create a professional network.

  • Doing your internship with Fraser institute will also enable you to build relationships with experts in public policy. Such relationships positively impact your career, creating possibilities for you to kick-start.

Do you want to take advantage of this internship program? Then you should meet the requirements below.

Eligibility Criteria for Fraser Institute Internships

To satisfy the general qualifications for this internship program, you must;

  • Presently be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a recognized higher education institution, or be a fresh graduate.
  • Be able to write and speak well in English.
  • Possess exceptional computer literacy skills and proficiency in online research and Microsoft Office programs.
  • Have strong organizational, teamwork, interpersonal, and other relevant skills

Once you meet the above requirements, your next move is to apply for Fraser Institute Internship, either online or via mail.

How to Apply for Fraser Institute Internships

Fraser Institute allows eligible students and graduates to submit their internship applications through email or post office. Hence, you must apply before the deadline, providing copies of your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample. The cover letter must feature information on your school, degree program, discipline, and supposed graduation year. It should also include details on the project(s) you wish to undertake.

In addition, your writing sample should summarize your writing and research skills in at most six pages. Fraser Institute may ask shortlisted candidates to submit more samples, depending on the situation.

If you wish to submit your internship application via email to [email protected], ensure both documents are in .docx or .pdf formats, usingĀ Internship ApplicationĀ as the email’s subject.

Assuming you prefer to submit your internship application via the nearest post office, send it to the address noted below.

Fraser Institute HR: 4th Floor, 1770 Burrard Street,

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada V6J 3G7

To learn more about the Fraser Institute Internships application procedures, callĀ +1 (604) 688-0221, ext. 515, or emailĀ [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Fraser Institute Internships take place?

The internship programs hosted by Fraser Institute take place in its Calgary, Alberta office. They aim to facilitate students’ and recent graduates’ career advancement.

Are Fraser Institute Internships paid?

Yes, interns receive a stipend every month of their internship with Fraser Institute, Canada. The monthly payment for student interns is C$2,500, receivable in bimonthly installments. You can expect a higher stipend of $3,000 monthly if you hold a graduate degree. Moreover, Fraser Institute offers reasonable reimbursements for your domestic trips.

Can graduates intern at Fraser Institute?

Yes, graduates with a degree obtained within the last two years qualify for this internship program. As such, you can proceed with expressing interest in Fraser Institute Internships.

How long do internships last at Fraser Institute?

Fraser Institute Internships run for four months, no matter if you are interning during the winter, summer, or fall term. Of course, interns will be under direct supervision to help make good career progress.

Can I apply for Fraser Institute Internships via the two methods?

No, you should submit just one internship application to Fraser Institute through email or postal service. Failure to comply may disregard your application.


Being part of this internship program would help your career, as you’ll have the chance to acquire new skills, gather valuable work experience, and gain insights into the institute’s research. We recommend it to students and fresh graduates hoping to make a living out of public policy. So what is holding you back from taking advantage of this unique program?