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Are you a student looking for how to kick-start your career in the media and entertainment industry? Then participating in Fox Entertainment Internships will give you an unparalleled opportunity for career advancement. Through this internship program, undergraduate and graduate students will get the best possible experience and propel their careers. As a Fox intern, you will also have the chance to expand your knowledge when you learn from well-versed professionals in the industry. Furthermore, you will gather practical experience, perfect your skill set, and be able to develop a professional network. This article provides insight into Fox Corporation’s internship programs and other relevant information.

Let’s proceed with the basics.

Overview of Fox Internships

Fox Corporation has many internship opportunities open to undergraduate and graduate students seeking hands-on experience relevant to the media and entertainment industry. As a world-leading media and entertainment company, Fox Internship Program enhances students’ knowledge, skills, and network. Besides, the company’s internship opportunities are available to students across its business divisions, including Fox Entertainment. Internships at Fox Entertainment last up to ten weeks, with positions open in many US cities, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Charlotte, Washington D.C., Detroit, Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta.

According to Vault Rankings 2023, Fox Corporation Internships are #2 out of the Best Media Internships and of the Best Internships for Sales, Marketing, & Communications. They are also #10 out of the Best Internships for Real-Life Experience.

The following are the timelines of Fox’s internship programs per semester.

  • Fall Term: Runs from September to November, lasting for ten weeks
  • Spring Term: Starts in February and ends in April, with a duration of ten weeks
  • Summer Term: Lasts for eight weeks, starting in June and ending in August

If your chosen internship has an eight-week duration, you will have to work for up to 32 weeks. Assuming the internship would run for ten weeks, you must be present at work for up to 24 weeks per week.

Here are the placement areas of interns at Fox Corporation.

  • Production: Alternative Entertainment (Unscripted), Highlights, Booking, Casting, Digital, Field Production, Studio Production, Media Asset Management, Research, Post Production, Programming & Development, Radio, Creative Services (Special Events), Crew Staffing, Remote Production, and Technical Operations
  • Editorial: Digital Content Production (Web-based and Social Media)
  • Art & Design: Graphics
  • Technology: Engineering and Product Management
  • Research & Analytics: Data Science, Ad Sales Research, Programming Analytics, and Audience Research & Insights
  • Corporate: Security Operations, Accounting, Music Licensing, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Business Development, Food Services & Special Events, and Ad Sales
  • Communications: Talent Relations, Corporate/Government Relations, and Media Relations/Public Relations
  • Marketing: Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing & Strategy, Distribution Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Partnerships, and On-Air Promotions

About Fox Corporation

Fox Entertainment is a production company owned by Fox Corporation, alongside Fox Sports Media Group, Fox News Media, and Fox Television Stations. Fox Corporation is a mass media company with a long-standing history dating back to 1915. With its center of operations in New York City, it offers television, licensing, streaming, and broadcasting services.

Fox Corporation has approximately 9,000 employees and numerous interns in multiple locations.

Why Intern at Fox Corporation?

Fox Entertainment Internships are highly beneficial to student’s professional development. Here are some benefits to expect from your internship with Fox Corporation.

Professional development opportunities

  • Interning with Fox Corporation will help enhance your professional development as you carry out various activities and collaborate with professionals on projects. Besides, you will have the chance to gain relevant work experience and build your skill set.

Additionally, the company offers a Seminar Series composed of various presentations, discussions, training, and panels that will improve your knowledge of the industry.

Financial benefits

  • Being part of the FOX Internship Program also comes with a monthly financial reward of approximately $23 per hour. The pay is competitive, and all interns are entitled to it monthly.

Career-related advice and guidance

  • Fox interns also get mentoring benefits throughout their internship, which allows them to meet one-on-one with more experienced Fox employees for counseling and guidance on areas relating to their careers.

Expand your professional network.

  • Fox Entertainment Internships also offers an opportunity to build relationships with industry leaders via FOX Fireside Chats. The platform allows interns to chat with some of the company’s senior executives.

Increase your employability

  • Above all, being an intern at Fox Corporation will allow you to have improved qualifications, making you eligible for more employment opportunities after graduation.

Are the benefits mentioned above worth it? If so, determine your eligibility below to let you know whether you can advance your career through this internship program.

Eligibility Criteria for Fox Entertainment Internships

Fox Internship Programs are open only to students who meet the following requirements without exception.

  • Must presently be an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in a recognized higher education institution. Besides, you must have completed your first year of study.
  • Have good academic standing of a CGPA not lower than 3.0
  • Be dedicated and ready to intern at Fox Entertainment
  • Must have relevant software and technical skills, depending on your area of placement
  • Have accommodation and be able to fund your transportation cost throughout your internship.
  • Must possess excellent organizational and detail-orientation skills
  • Be able to cope in a fast-paced environment without exceeding deadlines or losing.
  • Must have strong communication skills, both spoken and written
  • Be very proficient in working with Microsoft Office program.
  • Have good teamwork skills and be ambitious to work independently without needing direction.

If you discover that you qualify for internships at Fox Corporation, feel free to apply quickly to the company.

How to Apply for Fox Entertainment Internships

To express your interest in the FOX Internship Program, prepare your resume and cover letter, preferably in PDF format.

Then, visit Fox’s careers website to view the currently available intern positions.

After finding your desired intern position, click on it to open its dedicated webpage. You must also click the Apply Now button to begin your application. The application process also requires you to upload your supporting documents (cover letter and resume). Finally, tick the box to Agree to Fox Careers Terms of Use Agreements.

Once done, click the Submit button, and you may start preparing for your internship interview. These include familiarizing yourself with Fox’s internship interview questions.

Fox Corporation Interview Questions

Here are a few questions typically asked during an internship interview in any of Fox’s numerous locations.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What mistake gave you a lesson?
  • Do you perform well working by yourself or in a team?
  • What are your current favorite shows?
  • Why do you want to intern with FOX?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Where do you see yourself in a few years?
  • What skills are you offering as an intern at FOX?
  • What are your plans after graduation?
  • What programs do you participate in at school?

Frequently Asked Questions about Fox Entertainment Internships

How many interns does Fox Corporation hire yearly?

Fox Corporation hires more than 100 interns yearly in fall, spring, and summer terms. These interns are of different nationalities and have enrollment in an accredited higher education institution.

Are internships paid at Fox Corporation?

Yes, Fox Corporation interns receive a monthly stipend, no matter their area of placement. However, their salary varies depending on their intern position, averaged at $23 per hour and $4,025 per month.

How long do internships last at Fox Corporation?

The internship program hosted by Fox Corporation in the United States lasts eight to ten weeks, depending on the academic term you wish to start your internship. While its internships for Fall Term start in September and ends in November, its Spring Term internships run from February to April. Moreover, Fox Corporation Internships for Summer Term runs for eight weeks from June to August.

Can international students work as an intern at Fox Corporation?

Yes, students who are not citizens or green cardholders of the United States are eligible for Fox Corporation Internships. That means international students qualify to express their in the FOX Internship Program, provided they meet all requirements.

Are Fox Entertainment Internships open to first-year students?

No, students who have not completed at least one year of studies in an accredited college or university are not eligible to apply for the FOX Internship Program. Hence, you should wait until you satisfy this criterion if you need to intern with Fox Corporation.


Interning with Fox Corporation is your best bet if you are looking forward to starting a career in the media and entertainment industry. Fox Entertainment Internships offers a superb experience that imparts new skills and gives a chance to participate in innovative projects. Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of this internship program, as it will help you gain a head start in your career and guarantee success. So what else is keeping you waiting?