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Ford internship program is a project sponsored by Ford Motor Company, one of the world’s largest automotive companies. Its internship program allows students to gain valuable experience in the automotive industry. It is a summer event that offers a memorable experience and exposes students to the world of automotive engineering, product, and design. Through the program, interns will get hands-on experience with various aspects of the company and learn from experienced professionals in the field. Ford Interns will better understand the industry and its inner workings and gain valuable insight into the modern ways and challenges the automotive sector faces.

More so, the program brings out the best in the students by allowing them to network with industry professionals and build connections that can help them in future job searches. As an undergraduate or master’s student, the Ford Internship Program can be the perfect way to get your career on the right path.

About Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford founded Ford motors in mid-1903, and it grew to become a top multinational automobile manufacturer. With its headquarters in the United States, Dearborn, Michigan, to be precise, the giant automobile manufacturer has spread its tentacles into various countries where it sells commercial vehicles and automobiles under the brand’s name.

Meanwhile, Ford has part ownership of about eight percent in one of the United Kingdom’s automobile companies and another 32% share in another motor company in China. Ford motors equally have a luxury brand for affordable yet luxury cars under the Lincoln luxury brand. The Ford company is a family business run by the Ford family and drives a gross revenue of 158 billion United States dollars. This company has been giving back to the world in many ways, and one such route is through the paid internship program for undergraduate and graduate students.

About the Ford internship program

The Ford internship program holds during the summer break and is a 10 to 12-week-long competitive period. The program is a full-time career-specific opportunity where interns will receive intensive training on career and business approaches from the experts in the company.

Features of the Ford internship program

A lot goes down in favor of the interns at Ford Motors. The company takes time to prepare activities for these students, which is rare in other companies with internship programs. So, as an intern at Ford, these below will be what you must look forward to.

#1. Orientation

The new interns will receive a welcome/ orientation program for the first week of the program. During this period, the interns familiarize themselves with the work environment and complete all the paperwork. They will also become in tune with the company policy, programs, and the internship do’s and don’ts.

#2. Compensation

Interns must work full-time during the program, but their labor will always be worthwhile because the company has a compensation plan for them. Interns will receive their compensation payment known to be very mouth-watering and at a competitive rate.

#3. Ability to choose your start date

The company believes in mutual agreement, the reason interns can communicate their preferred date of resumption to the company, and they will decide.

#4. Social events

Ford Motors believes its interns deserve to have the connections that will propel their future and career. For this reason, the company hosts social events with its interns in mind for them to network with the high caliber professional that will be in attendance. Interns will socialize with Ford executive members, employees, and the leadership team.

#5. Professional development

Ford internship provides a full-time, hands-on experience and essential collaboration with professionals in different branches of the industry. This allows the interns to learn as much as their minds can carry and know what lies ahead after their internship program. Interns will keep gaining insightful knowledge from the company’s great minds until their career path becomes more transparent and more illuminated.

#6. Final presentation

This part of the program brings all activities to an end. The final presentation sees all the interns proudly presenting the projects they’ve spent the summer working on. These projects require all the hard work and dedication the students can spare. During this period, the students show their achievements and goals before the company executives.

#7. Post-program placement

Say your hard work sets you apart from the rest and makes you an outstanding intern; the company will offer you a special package aside from the compensation package meant for everyone.

Here, the company will offer the outstanding interns an internship the following year, full-time employment in the section of the company where they showcased their exceptional qualities, or admit you into the prestigious Ford College Graduate program.

Requirements for the Ford internship program

  • The preferred candidates are those with an exceptional academic track record.
  • Students with strong leadership qualities
  • Candidates with good communication skills
  • Candidates with a burning passion for the technology and automotive industry
  • Candidates with cultural and geographical diversity in mind will be selected from eligible schools across the United States.

How to successfully apply for an internship at Ford motor company

  • Before applying for an internship at Ford, it is important to research the company, its corporate culture, and current projects. This is a good opportunity for you to understand better the organization and the type of opportunities they offer. Knowing everything you can about the company will help you exceptionally during the interview phase.
  • Also, check out their internship programs. Ford motor company offers a variety of internship opportunities for students and recent graduates. Visit their website and review the available internships to determine which one is the best fit for your experience and interests.
  • Craft a great resume and cover letter. As with any job application, creating an impressive resume and a well-written cover letter is vital. Highlight your skills, experiences, and any relevant extracurricular activities. Ensure to focus on the essential qualifications of the position you are applying for. Moreover, you can build a compelling resume even without having prior experience.
  • Try connecting with current Ford motor company employees on LinkedIn and other online communities like Glassdoor as much as possible. Ask them questions about the company and their experiences. From there, you gain more insight into the company and have valuable contacts.
  • Finally, once you have researched and prepared your application materials, it is time to apply on the website. Follow these instructions religiously and follow up on your application by sending a follow-up email.

Frequently asked questions about the Ford internship

What kind of internships does Ford offer?

Ford offers a variety of internships across all business areas, including engineering, finance, IT, marketing, and more. You can identify them through the Ford foundation internship or the Ford summer internship Program.

How long is a Ford internship?

Most Ford internships are 12-week programs that run during the summer breaks.

What is the application process like for a Ford internship?

Applicants must submit an online application, a resume, and a cover letter. Ford also conducts interviews and may require additional documents.

What types of benefits are included in a Ford internship?

Ford interns receive competitive pay, sometimes known as compensation, mentorship opportunities, and access to company resources. They also may receive housing, travel, relocation assistance, or even a job offer at the end of the program.


Companies that are giants in their sectors are great places where you can begin your career journey by joining their internship programs. However, winning a spot for an internship in such great companies demands an intentional and calculated approach and application.