Ferris state university scholarships

Ferris State University Scholarships: How to Apply and Value

Ferris State University scholarships are varieties of partially funded scholarships for prospective, international, and transfer students of the educational institute. It comprises six scholarships, categorized as Woodbridge N. Ferris (WNF) Scholarships. They depend entirely on each student’s eligibility and do not require applying separately.

List of Scholarships Offered within Ferris State University

The following are six (6) partially funded WNF scholarships open to Ferris State University students.

  • Ferris Founder’s Scholarship

This Ferris State University scholarship rewards students with $10,000 yearly and $40,000 in four years.

  • Ferris President’s Scholarship

Ferris State University awards this scholarship to compensate eligible students with $6,000 per academic year and $24,000 in four years of study.

  • Ferris Crimson Scholarship

Each recipient of the Ferris Crimson Scholarship will receive $1,500 yearly and up to $6,000 in four years.

  • Ferris Provost’s Scholarship

The Provost’s Scholarship offered at Ferris State University rewards its awardees with $5,000 yearly for four years.

  • Ferris Next Scholarship

This Ferris State University scholarship disburses $1,000 yearly to students for four years.

  • Ferris Dean’s Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarship awarded to Ferris State University students is worth $3,500 per academic session and is renewable for four years.

Who is the Sponsor of Ferris State University Scholarships?

Ferris State University personally sponsors wide-ranging scholarships for incoming, transfer, and non-US students of any nationality. No one or organization provides external funding for its scholarships.

Overview of Big Rapids City

Big Rapids is a Michiganian city in the United States of America. With a total land area of 250,493 square kilometers, Big Rapids is home to more than 10 million people, including 13,000 Ferris State University students. The city is famous for its vast industrial base, family-friendly spots, and fascinating community.

Ferris State University (FSU) is a public higher education institution established in 1884 in this city. It offers about two hundred degree programs in demand by students from many countries. These include associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much is Ferris State University Scholarships?

The award amount disbursed to each recipient of Ferris State University scholarships ranges from $1,000 to $10,000.

The following are the yearly value of each Ferris State University.

  • Ferris President’s Scholarship: $6,000
  • Founder’s Scholarship: $10,000
  • Ferris Crimson Scholarship: $1,500
  • Provost’s Scholarship: $5,000
  • Dean’s Scholarship: $3,500
  • Ferris Next Scholarship: $1,000

How Many Students Receive Ferris State University Scholarships?

Ferris State University awards scholarships to many students every academic session. Only eligible students can obtain these scholarships from the university.

Are Ferris State University Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Ferris State University has no fully funded scholarships available to its students. However, it offers wide-ranging partially funded scholarships that cover from $1,000 to $10,000 of awardees’ tuition fees for an academic session.

Duration of Ferris State University Scholarships

Ferris State University scholarships are typically awarded per academic year but are renewable yearly for four years. You must maintain a specific Cumulative GPA to keep the scholarship for each year of its renewal period.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study is Ferris State University Scholarships Meant For?

Ferris State University students in its colleges of business, arts, sciences & education, pharmacy, art & design, health professions, optometry, and engineering technology can apply for scholarships. That means a student’s field of study is not a criterion for getting a scholarship from Ferris State University.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Ferris State University Scholarships?

Undergraduate students of Ferris State University’s bachelor and associate degree programs can apply for scholarships, provided they have satisfied its specific requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

As the selection criteria for Ferris State University scholarships vary, you can still determine your eligibility for financial aid by checking the following requirements.

  • Must have valid enrollment in a full-time degree program at Ferris State University. Alternatively, you must have completed your high school education.
  • Must attain the minimum SAT or ACT score, and GPA (specific criteria depend on the scholarship)
  • Must not have attended a higher education institution in the past

For scholarship renewal every academic year, you will have to maintain a specified cumulative GPA, depending on the scholarship.

Fees & Funding

Is Ferris a good university?

Yes, Ferris State University is a perfect high-level educational institution for students from all over the world. It is a top-ranked institution with an extremely long list of in-demand degree programs.

What is Ferris State’s acceptance rate?

According to a recent report, Ferris State University has an acceptance rate of 82.5%. That means about 82 students are likely to receive a letter of acceptance in a case of every 100 students that applied for Ferris State University admissions.

Are there Ferris State University scholarships for international students?

Yes, Ferris State University offers partially funded scholarships of varying amounts to non-US students from all corners of the world.

Are Ferris State University scholarships easy to get?

No, the scholarships offered by Ferris State University are not easy to get, despite having few requirements. However, students are very likely to get a scholarship from Ferris State University if they satisfy all criteria and requirements.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Ferris State University Scholarships

Ferris State University students are not required to complete an in-person or online application process in order to get a scholarship. Nevertheless, qualified students will get automatic consideration for scholarships.

For further details on Ferris State University scholarship application procedures, contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid via telephone or email, as indicated below.