Federation university australia scholarships application guide

Federation University Australia Scholarships: Application Guide

Federation University Australia Scholarships help to empower the academic and career goals of students across the globe by eliminating their financial obstacles. Being awarded the scholarship will help take away all your financial worries. It will give you more time to study and secure better grades in your academic pursuit.

We will be highlighting and discussing everything you will need to know about the Federation University scholarships; from its requirements and eligibility to how you can successfully apply for these scholarships. 

 About Federation University Australia Scholarships

To praise the desire and accomplishments of worldwide students,  a scope of grants supporting students to succeed is being offered. Each will have various necessities, agreements, and qualification measures. You might be qualified for more than one grant.

Types of Federation University Australia Scholarships

The Scholarships by Federation University Australia are:

1. Global innovator Scholarships

Federal University Australia is satisfied to offer a Global innovator Scholarship to International students who start in an Organization College program in 2022.

Scholarship Sum: The Federation University Australia Global innovator grant is identical to 20% of the yearly educational expenses of an undergraduate or postgraduate program and is presented as an educational expense markdown.

Term: The grant is applied as long as necessary.

2. Global Excellence Scholarship

The Federation University Australia Global Excellence Scholarship is proposed to qualify successful global Students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate certification programs with a distinction average.

This grant is what could be compared to 25% of your yearly educational expenses for the span of your program and is presented as an educational expense rebate. Offers for this grant are made while applying for a nearby program at Federation University Australia.

Term: The scholarship will last for the duration of the program.

3. Federation University Future Leader Scholarship Package – Brisbane Campus

This grant package has been laid out to attract future pioneers who will have the potential to get huge remarkable drives to help their prosperity at Federation University Brisbane Campus.

The grant bundle has two grant initiatives to help International Students that seek to study in Australia and become leaders in their local area. The graduate industry inspires others to seek advanced education in Queensland. The grant is applied for the full term of the principal program. No extra application is required.

4. International Student Accommodation Support Scholarship

This grant upholds understudies who decide to live in university accommodation on one of our Victorian grounds. Prospective global Students will consequently be surveyed for a proposal of an accommodation grant to help to live in the university’s accommodation (Fedliving) at the time they get a proposal to learn at the College.

No extra application is required.

5.  Pathway to Victoria Scholarship

The Pathway to Victoria Scholarship has been made accessible from subsidizing by the Victorian Government. The grants are to help International students undertaking English language, pathway projects, or establishment courses before starting their primary undergraduate or postgraduate (Master by coursework) degree in Victoria.

Esteem: $2,500, If the expense of the pathway program is under $2,500 the candidate will be offered a grant equivalent to the expense of the publicized program. 

The Global Pathway Scholarship is another scholarship offered by Federation University Australia. The Federation University Australia also provides Scholarships for Research Students.

Scholarship Benefits

You can utilize your grant cash to make a single amount installment toward your educational expenses on the off chance that you wish. Alongside the monetary advantages grant beneficiaries get, the acknowledgment and distinction related to being granted a grant. Your grant will be recorded on your scholarly record.

Other benefits are contained in the scholarship types above.

Applicable Courses

  • Bachelor of Business (all streams)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (all streams)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (all streams)
  • Master of Business Administration (all streams)
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Technology (all streams)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Information Engineering) (Honours)
  • Master of Engineering Project Management
  • Master of Engineering Technology (Mechatronics Systems Engineering)
  • Master of Engineering Technology (Renewable and Electrical Power Systems)

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for the Global innovator Scholarship

To be qualified for the grant, candidates should be:

  1. A planned International Student
  2. Enlisting as a starting student in semesters 1, 2, or the summer semester in 2022
  3. Qualified to concentrate in Australia with a legitimate visa

Eligibility Criteria for Federation University Australia Global Excellence Scholarship

To be qualified for the grant, applicants should be:

  1. A prospective worldwide Student
  2. Enrolling as a starting student in semesters 1, 2, or the summer semester in 2022 or 2023.
  3. Eligible to study in Australia with a substantial visa.
  4. Not receive some other College Grant.
  5. Meet the models of a Genuine Successful person.
  1. Undergraduate certification program – Overall academic execution with ‘Distinction’ in Year 12 (senior secondary school).
  2. Postgraduate certificate program – overall scholastic execution with ‘Distinction’ in a Four-year college education study from HE Segment 1 University.

Eligibility Criteria for the International Student Accommodation Support Scholarship

To be qualified for a grant, you should:

  1. be a new International student who will start their tuition in Australia in 2022 or  2023.
  2. have Affirmation of Enrolment (AOE) given by Federation University;
  3. be signing up for a qualified program (excluding OS exchange and study Abroad).
  4. be learning at Federation University Australia in Ballarat, Gippsland, or Berwick.
  5. not receive a Destination Australia grant.
  6. receive a deal letter then incorporate an accommodation grant offer letter.

Eligibility Criteria for the pathway to Victoria Scholarship

The candidate:

  1. Should be a global student initiating a coursework degree program and receiving the grant.
  2. Initiate a pathway program quickly preceding embarking on the fundamental program.
  3. Have acknowledged a bundled offer for the pathway program and the fundamental Organization College advanced education degree program.
  4. Can be granted the scholarship as well as different grants
  5. Have a bundled Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for the qualified pathway program also, the principal Organization College higher education degree course.
  6. Should have a substantial Student visa at the initiation of the primary program.
  7. Will follow the Pathways to Victoria Grants Program Guidelines which might be revised by the Victorian Division of Occupations, Areas, and Locales from time to time to meet developing System prerequisites.
  8. Will keep a full-time study load in the principal program.

Documents Required for Federation University Australia Scholarship

To apply for the Federation University Australia Scholarship, you need to submit;

  1. Ensured duplicates of degrees, diplomas, or authentications given by your educational institution(s)
  2. Ensured duplicates of your full educational records given by your educational institution(s)
  3. Ensured interpretations of records that are not in English, as well as confirmed duplicates of the documents in the original language
  4. Evidence of English capability, for example, scholastic IELTS results or the same
  5. Ensured duplicates of your identification and current Australian visa (assuming you hold one)
  6. Your Confirmation of Enrolments (CoEs) from your studies in Australia (if any)
  7. Research Proposition Structure, Extra Subtleties Structure, or Application for audition/Interview, if important
  8. Some other significant reports you would like us to consider, like letters from schools or businesses, a mission statement, or your CV/continue.

It is to be noted that all supporting reports submitted with an application should be confirmed duplicates. A guaranteed (or validated) duplicate is a copy of a unique report that has been confirmed just like a genuine duplicate by an approved individual.


The individual confirming the copy should remember the accompanying subtleties for all pages that contain data:

  •  Stamp or compose: ‘This is a genuine duplicate of the report created by me.’
  • Sign, date, and give contact subtleties (name, address, and phone number)
  • Utilize the authority stamp or mark of their association, or their calling and association name.

Fees & Funding

What amount of time does it require to get an offer letter from Federation college?

On the off chance that you are a homegrown student and you have applied for an advanced education course, you ought to be informed of the situation with your application within 5 working days. If your application is effective, you will get a proposition letter to your designated email address. 

What is the amount of GPA required to study in Australia?

The fundamental section prerequisite for most four-year college education programs at a college in Australia is a decent first division or possibly a GPA of 2.8 in NEB or equivalent. Students who have finished A-levels should have 3.5 A-level credits with a general grade of C in A-levels for the section in Four-year certification programs. 

What is the least age to study in Australia?

No Age Restriction

You can apply for an Australian student Visa at whatever stage in life. Nonetheless, extraordinary circumstances apply to assume you are under 18 years of age.



The Federation University Australia has a recognized history as one of Australia’s most established advanced education foundations. They have a strong culture for schooling and preparation. They became Federation University Australia in January 2014.


They Support their students to make progress in their studies and life by providing several Scholarships.

Application Procedure

Candidates are consequently evaluated for grants while applying for a program at Federation University Australia or an onshore Partner provider location. There is no requirement for a different application. Candidates should begin the program in semesters 1, and 2 or the summer semester.