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Do you wish to learn from the perks and valuable work experience of the FCO Graduate Internship? If yes, you must be a recent graduate from a recognized University and be ready to move to Port of Spain. The program offers an exciting and competitive six months of experience, with invaluable insight into the world of business and finance to fresh graduates.

In addition, the selection process for the FCO Graduate Internship is devoid of nationality, sex, race, region, and region. If you are competent and focused, you will get the job.

However, to become an intern at FCO, you must apply, participate in the hiring process, and be productive. So, in this article, we shall discuss the methods of applications, the requirements, and other relevant details.

What is FCO Graduate Internship?

The program offers unique learning opportunities, enabling graduates to gain hands-on experience, and focuses on personal development, professional growth, and career advancement.

Participants in the FCO Graduate Internship are provided with on-the-job experience in policy analysis, public diplomacy, trade negotiations, economic development, and research. The program is a six-month intensive career-building activity. The interns are to work full-time for thirty- nine hours weekly.

Overview of Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the British government department responsible for protecting and promoting the interests of the United Kingdom abroad. It works closely with other government departments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to promote peace and security, support global prosperity, uphold human rights, and protect the environment.

The FCO has several responsibilities, including representing the UK at international meetings, negotiating agreements on behalf of the UK, providing advice to Ministers on foreign policy issues, and offering consular assistance to British nationals overseas. The FCO also funds projects that promote democracy, human rights, and economic development worldwide.

The organization is headed by a Secretary of State and supported by professional diplomats and civil servants. The FCO also has an extensive network of embassies, consulates, and other offices in countries worldwide.

Pay and other benefits of FCO graduate internship

The pay for a Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) graduate internship varies depending on the role and the individual’s experience. Nevertheless, an intern earns a minimum of 20 TTD per hour and up to 3200 TTD monthly (471 USD). In addition to financial compensation, FCO interns may be eligible for other benefits such as :

  1. Access to special events and lectures on international topics.
  2. Career training and development opportunities across the FCO’s network of embassies and consulates worldwide.
  3. Work with leading experts in their field and gain global exposure through their project handling. This can provide invaluable career development opportunities that could help them secure future employment.
  4. Excellent opportunity to network with potential employers and build relationships in the field.
  5. Develop essential skills such as research, communication, and problem-solving that are transferable to many different career paths.
  6. Get valuable insight into international diplomacy that gives a competitive edge in the job market.

Eligibility requirements for FCO graduate internship

To be eligible for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) graduate internship, these are the requirements you should satisfy.

  • You must have a degree in any field from a recognized university. With at least two years of working experience
  • You must also have the right to work in the UK and be available to start your placement by the specified start date.
  • You should also have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, as well as strong analytical skills.
  • You should be able to work independently and collaboratively with colleagues from different backgrounds.
  • Must be ready to work full-time for up to forty hours weekly
  • Must have outstanding academic achievement and other leadership skills
  • Must be prepared to move to the Americas, Caribbean, or Overseas Territories for the program
  • Must be a citizen from a Foreign commonwealth country

FCO graduate internship Application Process

The foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) graduate internship application process is relatively straightforward. First, you must submit an online application form. This form will ask for your contact information, educational details, work experience, and other relevant information. Once you have submitted the record, the FCO will review it and determine whether or not to invite you to an interview.

If selected for an interview, the FCO will provide you with a set of questions that they want you to answer. Please prepare answers in advance to present yourself confidently during the interview. After the discussion, the FCO will decide if they would like to offer you a position as a graduate intern. Additional paperwork may be required before starting your internship if offered a job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a resume and cover letter for the FCO graduate internship application?

You must submit a resume and cover letter for the FCO graduate internship application. Your resume should include your educational background, relevant work experience, and other qualifications that make you a suitable candidate. Additionally, it should be tailored to the specific job description of the internship you are applying for.

Your cover letter should explain your interest in the position and how your skills and experiences make you an ideal fit. You can learn more tips on how to write a cover letter for internships to stand out as an applicant.

What duties will I perform as an Intern at FCO?

As an intern at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), you must support the team in various tasks. Depending on your department, you may conduct research, analyze data, draft documents, and participate in meetings.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the FCO’s’ policies and procedures and gain valuable insight into international relations.

You may also help with special projects or initiatives. This could include organizing events or conferences, developing presentations for clients or stakeholders, and liaising with external partners.

Does FCO Graduate Internship have an application deadline?

Yes, the Fco Graduate Internship has an application deadline of December 19, 2023.


In conclusion, the FCO Graduate Internship is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates to start their careers in international relations. It offers a competitive salary and the chance to visit different parts of the world. The application process is demanding, but those who make it through the selection process will gain valuable skills and experience that can open doors for them in many areas. If this internship is right for you, start preparing your application today! Ensure to research thoroughly, network, and practice your interview techniques.