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Are you looking for a costless and more effective way toĀ jumpstart your career in the technology industry? Have you thought of participating in the Facebook Internship Program? If you are yet to consider it, we will give insight into various internship opportunities available to students and graduates at Facebook. As you most likely have a Facebook account to enable you to connect with friends worldwide, you may not know that Facebook hires interns in many countries, including the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina. Its internship program provides tech-savvy individuals a chance to expand their skill set, gain invaluable work experience, and create a network of like-minded persons, including industry experts.

Let’s get started with the basics.

Overview of the Facebook Internship Program

Facebook offers numerous opportunities for students and recent graduates to gather internship experience and improve their qualifications in many countries, such as the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, France, and Argentina. It seeks to hire highly motivated individuals, allowing them to work alongside professionals.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO), Facebook Internship Programs does not regard prospective interns’ ethnicity, age, country of origin, religion, sex, disability, health status, and other protected characteristics. The company provides accommodation and further aid to interns with disabilities of any form. To make such requests, emailĀ [email protected].

About Facebook

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook, now Meta, is a social networking website with about 2.9 billion active users per month. Mark co-founded Facebook with other students, including his roommate, at Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Facebook is available in 112 languages and accessible in different parts of the world except in blocked countries. Facebook requires its users to create an account with an internet-enabled smartphone, PC, or tablet in order to gain access and enjoy its vast features.

While creating the account, users will reveal some information about themselves based on their preferences. They can add friends, post photos, and share other multimedia files for their friends to see. Besides, they can modify their account privacy settings, allowing them to set who can and cannot see their activities on Facebook. It has a mobile app helpful for accessing user accounts and a separate app for chats.

Facebook has offices outside the United States in more than 40 countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, and France. It hires interns in most of its offices.

Why Intern at Facebook?

Here are some benefits of interning with Facebook.

Career development opportunities

  • Interning with Facebook will give you a great learning experience and improve your skill set. Moreover, there is an opportunity for you to gather work experience related to the technology industry.

Financial benefits

  • Facebook pays its interns to compensate them for their participation. As a Facebook intern, you will earn about $8,400 per month.

Access to world-class mentors

  • Facebook Internship Programs also create possibilities for one-on-one mentoring due to its offices’ open culture. Therefore, you can get guidance and advice from industry leaders throughout your internship with Facebook. Your manager will also give relevant support.

Good career prospects

  • Doing your internship in one of Facebook’s offices will enhance your employability, making it easy for you to secure employment after graduation. You may also qualify for a job offer to let you return as a full-time Facebook employee.

Grow a professional network.

  • Being part of Facebook’s interns will help you develop a professional network as you attend networking events and participate in other social activities. Furthermore, you will be able to have fun with professionals in the industry, which improves your relationship with them.

If you’re all set to take your career to the next level via Facebook Internship Program, what you need to do now is to know your eligibility status.

Eligibility Criteria for Facebook Internship Program

To qualify for an internship position in one of Facebook’s offices in the US or overseas, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be a student or a recent graduate of an accredited college or university. Besides, your discipline should relate to the internship position you wish to assume at Facebook.
  • Ability to code in at least one programming language, such as C++, JavaScript, Objective-C, Python, etc.
  • Be able to learn new concepts.
  • Possess relevant experience, varying depending on the internship position.
  • Be proficient in communicating in English.
  • Have a valid work visa or authorization in the country of employment throughout your internship.

Did you realize that you are eligible for internships at Facebook? Then, it would be best to apply immediately and stop hesitating.

How to Apply for Facebook Internship Program

Eligible persons who want to express their interest in Facebook Internships must complete an online application requiring access to a smartphone, tablet, or PC with a good internet connection.

Here is a stepwise process for landing an internship at Facebook.

Step 1: Check Facebook’s current positions for students

  • The first step in applying for this internship program is to visitĀ Facebook’s careers website to see various internship opportunities currently open to students and graduates.

Step 2: Fill out the online form for your preferred position

  • Click or tap on your preferred internship position. Once the page loads,Ā click the Apply to Job buttonĀ to access the online form. Afterward, you will have to fill out the form’s required fields, providing information on your personal details, education, experience & skills, and voluntary self-identification.

You must alsoĀ upload your resumeĀ in a supported format (such as .pdf or .docx) not exceeding 5MB.

Step 3: Review your application and submit

  • Before submitting your internship application, the system will summarize your inputs, requesting you to check for possible errors. After the check, you can submit your application, and that ends it all.

Be aware that you will have to attend an interview to finalize the entire process.

Facebook Internship Interview Questions

While preparing for your internship interview with Facebook, you need to sample the typical questions asked to guarantee your chances of landing the internship.

Here are some of the simple questions asked by Facebook interviewers.

  • Who is your role model?
  • Tell me about your coding experience.
  • What would you do if an interviewer didn’t show up?
  • Discuss a moment you had to overcome a challenging situation.
  • What do you do to stay motivated?
  • Serialize and deserialize this binary tree.
  • What is your favorite cookie, and why do you love it?
  • Tell me about your previous work history.
  • What is your favorite Facebook page?
  • Tell me about yourself and why you want to intern at Facebook.
  • What research methods do you know?
  • What would you change about Facebook?
  • Discuss your best collaboration experience.
  • What is the essential thing in teamwork?
  • What do you do to stay motivated?
  • How do you build relationships?
  • What project gives you pride?
  • What would you do to make a difference in a project?

Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Internship Programs

Is Facebook Internship prestigious?

Yes, Facebook internships are among the most reputable internship opportunities for students and recent graduates. It helps to gather tech-related experience and knowledge, offering higher compensation than other similar internships.

What are the internship positions available to interns at Facebook?

Facebook has numerous positions open to students and graduates looking forward to an internship experience. Hence, eligible persons can intern at Facebook as a solutions architect, research scientist, business engineer, CapEx strategic sourcing manager, software engineer, AI research scientist, strategic program manager, global operations, research engineer, UX researcher, or battery cell engineer specialized technical intern.

Do Facebook interns get paid?

Yes, students and new graduates who are having their internship at Facebook in the US are entitled to a monthly salary of approximately $8,400. The pay is receivable throughout their internship.

How hard is it to get a Facebook internship?

Landing an internship at Facebook, now Meta is highly competitive for both students and recent graduates. In fact, Meta Internships are more challenging to land than internships hosted by other renowned technology companies, such as Microsoft Corporation, Apple, and Google. However, Meta does not discriminate based on protected characteristics during its interns’ selection process. That means your age, nationality, sex, ethnic group, skin color, religion, health condition, sexual orientation, and disability cannot disqualify you from Meta Internship Program.

How long does Facebook Summer Internship last?

The summer internship program hosted by Facebook typically runs for 12 weeks, providing an opportunity to gain practical work experience helpful to kick-start a career in the technology industry.


Interning with Facebook has massive benefits focused on advancing the career of tech-savvy students and graduates. It offers a unique opportunity you should take advantage of, helping you to develop professionally, acquire relevant experience, and learn more skills. Above all, you will complete your internship with professional relationships and good career prospects.

So what is keeping you waiting from grabbing this opportunity? Apply now, as no time is best!