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If you seek a unique and rewarding way to propel your career, your search ends here with the EY Summer Internship Programs, consisting of a wide range of opportunities provided by Ernst & Young Global Limited in the United Kingdom. Since EY has a supportive and challenging work environment, participating in its internships can take your career to the next level while enabling you to gain relevant work experience, improve your knowledge, upgrade your skills, and develop a professional network. This blog post will shed light on the benefits, criteria, and application procedures of EY Summer Internship Programs.

Overview of EY Summer Internship Programs

Ernst & Young Global Limited offers several summer internship programs, typically for university students in their penultimate year. The university can be in any country, provided a national body accredits it. EY Summer Internship Programs run for five weeks and help to kick-start a career in assurance, strategy & transactions, tax, or consulting. Besides, they assist students in gaining real insights and gathering relevant work experience.

About Ernst & Young Global Limited

Ernst & Young Global Limited is a professional services network established in 1989. Its center of operations is in London, England. EY is one of the world’s largest professional services networks, specializing in assurance services, digital strategy, financial advisory, legal, strategy consulting, and tax advisory services. Besides, EY is among the Big Four accounting firms in the US.

Benefits of Interning at Ernst & Young Global Limited

Here are various ways EY Summer Internship Programs positively impact students’ career and professional development.

Gain insights, learn, and develop relevant work experience.

  • Internships with Ernst & Young Global Limited allow students to have on-the-job learning and work experience. Moreover, it helps them to gain insights into their future career.

Financial benefits

  • Interning at Ernst & Young Global Limited is financially rewarding. Each EY intern is subject to a monthly stipend of about £2,000. When you eventually start your internship, you can use the money to subsidize your living expenses, including accommodation and feeding.

Develop your skills

  • Being part of EY’s Internship is helpful to students in gaining new skills and redefining their career objectives. All these come at no cost, facilitating students’ career advancement.

Opportunity to join a supportive team and collaborate on projects

  • Participating in EY Summer Internship Programs will enable you to join the company’s student community and be part of its incredible team. You will also have the chance to test your teamwork skills as you collaborate with others within the company.

Mentoring and coaching

  • Ernst & Young Global Limited also provides mentoring and coaching to interns, allowing them to get guidance, advice, and support from industry leaders.

Full-time job role and networking opportunities

  • Students who intern at EY can also expect to grow their network as they deal with clients and communicate directly with top-level managers. Furthermore, they may be lucky to secure a full-time job with Ernst & Young Global Limited after graduation.

Build your resume and enhance your employability.

  • EY interns also have the chance to boost their employability and resume, aimed at making it easy for them to get a job in the future.

To propel your career and gain the earlier-mentioned benefits through EY Summer Internships, check your eligibility and make plans to meet the criteria if you’re ineligible.

Eligibility Criteria for EY Summer Internship Programs

To become an intern at Ernst & Young Global Limited, you must fulfill the following requirements before starting your application.

  • Should currently be enrolled in a recognized university and be in your penultimate year
  • Must possess outstanding academic achievements
  • Must have exceptional communication skills

If you meet the requirements stated above, you can go on with EY Internship Program’s application process, outlined in the next section.

How to Apply for EY Summer Internship Programs

See below to learn how to apply for internships at Ernst & Young Global Limited in the United Kingdom.

Log on to EY’s careers website and register.

  • As a newbie ready to make an online application for summer internships at Ernst & Young Global Limited, you must first register using an accessible email address.

Sign in to your account.

  • After registering on EY’s careers website, the next step is to sign in to your account via your email address and password.

Apply for your preferred EY Summer Internship

  • Once you’ve gained access to your account, search for your desired summer internship and submit your online application. Soon after applying for the internship, the company’s recruiter may invite you for an interview. Therefore, we recommend that you read our blog post to prepare for success ahead of your internship interview.

Frequently Asked Questions about EY Summer Internship Programs

Do EY summer interns get paid?

Yes, summer interns receive monthly pay at Ernst & Young Global Limited in the United Kingdom. The average monthly salary of EY interns is £2,000.

Is EY good for internships?

Yes, Ernst & Young Global Limited is one of the best places for internships in the United Kingdom. The company is ideal for starting a career in advisory and consulting.

How hard is it to get into EY as an intern?

Landing an internship at Ernst & Young Global Limited is quite challenging, as students from different world regions compete for them. Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of winning one of EY’s intern positions by maintaining good academic standing and preparing for your internship interview.

How long do EY Summer Internship Programs last?

The internship programs hosted by Ernst & Young Global Limited last for five weeks. They provide an opportunity for students to get paid work experience. The programs are best for students second last year in an accredited university.

Can international students work as an intern at Ernst & Young Global Limited?

Yes, Ernst & Young Global Limited accepts international students into various positions to help them to get a head start on their future careers.


EY Summer Internship Programs offer domestic and international students a fantastic opportunity to gather relevant work experience, develop their knowledge, and build professional connections. Above all, being part of this internship program will enable you to make good progress in your career. So why are you yet to grab this opportunity?