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If you are a student seeking a professional development opportunity in the energy sector, your search ends here with Exelon Internships. Its host, Exelon Corporation, is one of the largest energy companies in the United States. Therefore, participating in its internship programs will give you practical experience and help you gain a head start in your career. Of course, Exelon’s internship programs are open to students across diverse fields, including business, marketing, and engineering. They provide students with the chance to acquire relevant work experience, enhance their skill set, and improve their qualifications. Hence, this blog post will look into internship programs hosted by Exelon Corporation, including the criteria and steps to apply.

Overview of Exelon Corporation

Exelon Corporation seeks highly motivated students to assume a variety of intern positions in summer. As a result, it offers paid internship programs for students in different fields. Its internships are costless methods to propel your career in the energy industry. They often run for ten weeks, even though they may last up to twelve months, starting in June and ending in August.

Exelon is an equal opportunity employer that hires interns without considering their nationality, skin color, age, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and other protected characteristics. About 400 students can intern at Exelon Corporation every summer.

Internship Positions Available at Exelon Corporation, US

Exelon has many positions open to students with an impressive track record of academic achievements. Here are some positions currently available at Exelon offices.

  • Corporate Relations intern
  • Tangible Common Equity or Regional Engineering Commonwealth Edison summer intern
  • Finance & Accounting summer interns
  • Business/Communications/Human Resources/Marketing summer interns
  • IT/Computer Science/MIS/Cybersecurity summer interns
  • Supply Chain Management summer intern
  • Civil, Computer, and Mechanical Engineering summer interns
  • Aviation Maintenance summer intern
  • Flight Ops & Administration summer aviation interns

About Exelon Corporation

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Exelon Corporation is an energy company founded due to a merger between the Unicom Corporation and PECO Energy Company in 2000. It is one of the Fortune 100 Companies. Exelon specializes in electricity and natural gas products and services. Moreover, Exelon is the largest regulated electric utility and electric parent company (by revenue) in the US. The company has more than 33,000 employees and hires students for many intern positions.

Why Intern at Exelon Corporation?

The following are benefits and reasons to be part of Exelon Internship Programs this year.

Competitive monthly salary and perks

  • The pay for interns at Exelon Corporation is excellent, averaged at $23 per hour. Exelon interns also receive some perks, such as housing assistance/stipend for interns whose residence is at least 50 miles from the office. In fact, most of the company’s former interns reviewed that they received adequate compensation during their internship.

Career progression

  • Interning with Exelon Corporation will help you grow your skillset, expand your knowledge, and gather work experience relevant to the energy sector. Yet, you will still have a superb work-life balance, regardless of your schedule.

Chance to create a professional network

  • Networking opportunities are plentiful for students who intern at Exelon Corporation. Thus, you will complete your internship with contacts of industry leaders who will benefit your career.

Mentoring opportunities

  • Exelon Internship Programs will also allow you to get advice and support from your assigned mentor. Of course, Exelon employees are incredibly supportive at Exelon Corporation and will assist you at any time required.

Improve your employability

  • Participating in Exelon Internships will help you enhance your qualifications, making you eligible for more job opportunities.

When you are ready to take your career to the career level through Exelon Internship Programs, your next move should be to check your eligibility and apply.

Eligibility Criteria for Exelon Internships

To qualify for an intern position at Exelon Corporation, you must;

  • Presently be pursuing a degree in a relevant field, depending on the internship position you wish to get at Exelon
  • Maintain a good GPA and have an exceptional academic performance
  • Be keen to work in a team-oriented environment
  • Possess superb interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills
  • Be able to handle tasks logically and innovatively

After fulfilling the above requirements, feel free to undertake the following application procedures.

How to Apply for Exelon Internships

If you now want to express your interest in an intern position at Exelon Corporation, the first step is to visit the company’s careers webpage to search for currently available internship opportunities.

Upon finding one, click on it and follow the prompts to complete your internship application online.

Tips to Boost your Chances of Landing an Exelon Internship

Note the following to improve the likelihood of landing an internship at Exelon Corporation.

Create a unique resume and cover letter.

  • Making sure your resume is top-notch will increase your chances of getting an internship position at Exelon Internship. You should also ensure that your cover letter is captivating enough to Exelon’s recruiter and hiring manager.

Research extensively about Exelon Corporation

  • Another way to guarantee your chance of winning an internship at Exelon is to learn more about the company, as well as its products and services. Its offerings focus on the energy industry.

Prepare nice clothes for your internship interview.

Be ready to answer any question.

  • It will also help if you acquaint yourself with the questions commonly asked during an internship interview at Exelon Corporation.

Here are a few questions you may expect from your interviewer.

  • Have you ever had to adapt to another culture on a project or team?
  • Discuss any time when you had to prioritize your official tasks because of an overwhelming workload or could not spend enough time on projects as you would have.
  • Have you ever had to balance two things, and how did you cope? What actions did you take?
  • Recall a time you had to execute a challenging task but had to do it anyway. Why did you do it?
  • Is there a moment you had to do things differently to achieve a goal? (Answer based on the STAR method)
  • Describe a moment you had to employ your leadership skills.
  • Discuss a time you had to guarantee that everyone felt included in a situation.

Build your confidence

  • Exelon’s interviewer is more likely to hire calm interns who can control their feelings during their interview session. Helpful tips include sitting upright, making eye contact, and starting the interview with a handshake.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exelon Internships

How many interns does Exelon hire yearly?

Exelon Corporation hires up to 400 students into various internship positions every year in summer. These students work as interns for the company for varying periods. Besides, internships at Exelon are financially rewarding, providing an opportunity for learning, career advancement, skills development, and networking.

How long does Exelon Internships last?

Internships vary in duration at Exelon Corporation in the United States. They may last a few weeks, months, or one year, starting from ten weeks.

Does Exelon interview prospective interns?

Yes, prospective interns will have to undergo an interview as part of Exelon’s internship application process. Only students who pass the interview can start an internship.

How much do Exelon interns make?

According to Indeed.com, a global job website, the estimated salary of Exelon interns in the United States is about $23 per hour. Their pay is 31% more than the national average of US workers.

Can students with disabilities intern at Exelon?

Yes, Exelon Corporation hires students with disabilities and allows them to work as interns, regardless of their infirmity. The company offers accommodation to such persons based on an email request to [email protected].


Exelon Internships are one of the best internship opportunities for students who want a head start in the energy industry. Participating in the program will contribute to your career progression in various ways, including providing a chance to learn from professionals, have hands-on experience, and create meaningful relationships. So what else is holding you back from being part of this unique program this year? As there is no better time to propel your career than now, wait no more and apply today!