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If you are considering applying for an internship at Evernote and want to get a leg up on the competition, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing some insider tips for submitting a successful Evernote Internship Application. Whether you are already familiar with the process or just beginning your search, these key pieces of advice will help ensure that your application stands out from the masses.

Overview of Evernote Internship

Evernote is a software company that provides a productivity application for note-taking, organizing, and archiving. In addition, the company offers internships to students who are passionate about technology and want to gain experience in a fast-paced tech environment.

Evernote internships typically last for 12-16 weeks, and they are available in various departments, such as engineering, product management, design, marketing, and business development. The company also offers both summer and year-round internships.

During the internship, interns are paired with a mentor who provides guidance and support throughout their projects. Interns also have the chance to participate in various team-building activities, hackathons, and learning and development programs to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Evernote internships are open to students pursuing a degree in a related field, such as engineering, computer science, design, marketing, or business. The company also considers applicants who have completed their degrees within the past six months.

The company provides a competitive salary, and interns are also eligible for benefits such as housing, transportation, and meals. Evernote also encourages diversity and inclusivity and welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and identities. Discover more about the benefits of joining the Evernote internship program below!

What are the benefits of joining the Evernote Internship?

Joining the Evernote Internship is an excellent opportunity for ambitious individuals. The benefits of joining the Evernote Internship are:

  • Professional Development: You can work on challenging projects and receive guidance and feedback from experienced professionals.
  • Networking: In addition, you will be able to network with employees from diverse backgrounds and gain exposure to various industries.
  • Personal Growth: The internship program is designed to provide a supportive environment for interns to develop their skills, gain confidence, and grow personally and professionally.
  • Exposure to Innovative Technology: Evernote is a company that values innovation and provides interns with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology.
  • Competitive Compensation: Evernote offers competitive compensation to its interns, which includes a stipend, relocation assistance, and other benefits.
  • Fun Work Environment: The company offers a fun work environment with various social and team-building events that allow interns to build connections with their colleagues.
  • Possibility of Full-time Employment: Interns who perform exceptionally well during their internship may be offered full-time positions at Evernote after graduation.

But what are the Eligibility requirements for participating in this internship program? Let’s find out below!

Eligibility Requirements for the Evernote Internship

Are you interested in joining the Evernote team as an intern? If so, it is important to understand the eligibility requirements for the internship program. All applicants must meet these criteria before submitting an Evernote Internship application.

To be eligible for an Evernote Internship, you must:

  • You must have completed a minimum of two years of post-secondary education and must have the plan to continue your studies after completing the internship.
  • You should also possess strong communication skills, be tech-savvy, and have a passion for learning new technologies and software solutions.
  • Two years of experience with Java, JavaScript, and Python, including academics and internships.
  • Solid track record of starting projects from scratch and integrating them into existing architecture.
  • Unit testing and rapid release cycles come naturally to you.
  • Capable of learning new technologies, tools, and platforms fast
  • Experience developing web applications is an advantage.
  • Additionally, preference will be given to those who can demonstrate prior knowledge of Evernote products or services and experience working on mobile apps, cloud computing, or artificial intelligence development projects.

How to Apply for the Evernote Internship?

Here is a helpful guide to ensure your application stands out:

  • Research Evernote: Visit the website and learn about the company, its mission, and values. Familiarize yourself with the products and services they offer.
  • Find an Internship Position: Visit the Evernote Careers page and search for available internships. Read through the job descriptions, requirements, and application process.
  • Prepare your Resume and Cover Letter: Update your resume and create a cover letter that highlights your relevant skills and experience. Make sure to customize your application for the specific internship position you are applying for.
  • Apply Online: Follow the instructions on the job posting to submit your application online. You may need to create an account, fill out an application form, and attach your resume and cover letter.
  • Follow-up: After submitting your application, follow up with the company to show your interest in the position. You can send a follow-up email or call the company to check on the status of your application.

Resources for Finding the Evernote Internship program:

  • LinkedIn: This is an excellent resource for finding internships. You can search for companies and job titles, connect with professionals, and apply to job postings directly through the platform.
  • IndeedIndeed is a job search website aggregating job postings from various sources. You can search for internships by location, job title, and company. You can also set up job alerts to receive notifications when new internship positions become available.
  • College Career Centers: Your college career center may have resources and connections to help you find internships. They may also offer resume and cover letter writing workshops and interview preparation.
  • Networking: Networking with professionals in your field can be a valuable way to find internship opportunities. Attend and join industry events and professional organizations, and connect with alumni from your college to expand your network.

5 Insider Tips for an Evernote Internship Application

The first step toward a successful application can be difficult, but with these insider tips, you can ensure that your application stands out from the crowd.

Here are tips to take note of;

Research the company and its culture.

It is essential to know what the company stands for, its values, and its work environment. This will help you tailor your application and show that you align with their goals and culture.

Highlight your skills and achievements.

Your resume should emphasize the relevant skills and experiences that make you a strong fit for the role. In addition, include any relevant achievements or projects that demonstrate your expertise. Here’s how to list your internship experience on your resume!

Show your passion for the industry.

Evernote is a company that values innovation and technology. Remember to highlight your passion for the industry and how you’ve pursued this interest in your education or previous work experiences.

Customize your cover letter.

Your cover letter should not be a generic template. Instead, it should show your enthusiasm for the company, the specific role you are applying for, and how your skills and experience make you a perfect fit.

Practice your interview skills.

If you get called for an interview, practice your interview skills ahead of time. For example, you should articulate your experience and skills clearly and concisely and ask thoughtful questions about the company and the role. And on that note, discover some tips for preparing for an internship interview!

FAQs for Evernote Internship Application

Here, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this exciting opportunity.

How do I apply for an internship at Evernote?

You can apply for an internship at Evernote by visiting the company’s careers page, searching for available positions, and submitting an online application.

What are the requirements to be eligible for an internship at Evernote?

To be eligible for an internship at Evernote, you must be enrolled in a relevant degree program, possess strong academic credentials, and have relevant skills and experience related to the internship position you are applying for.

Are Evernote internships paid?

Yes, Evernote internships are paid positions, and interns receive competitive compensation.

How long do Evernote internships last?

The length of Evernote internships varies, but most internships last for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Can I apply for multiple internship positions at Evernote?

Yes, you can apply for multiple internship positions at Evernote. Still, you should ensure that you meet the requirements for each position and tailor your application accordingly.


We hope this article provides valuable insights for applying for an Evernote internship. But remember to tailor your application to the specific position, highlight your relevant skills and experience, and showcase your passion for Evernote’s mission. Good luck with your application!