Esmt berlin scholarships

ESMT Berlin Scholarships: Application, Value, and Eligibility

Numerous scholarship opportunities are available for students attending the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin. Some of these are merit-based scholarships (awarded based on academic achievement) and need-based scholarships (awarded based on financial need).  The ESMT Berlin Scholarships are both partially and fully funded and offered to students based on their achievements, professional achievements, and academic excellence. Undoubtedly, the opportunity is for individuals with outstanding growth potential and powerful leadership experience.

Overview of the sponsoring organization

The scholarship is sponsored by the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin. ESMT is a non-profit higher education institution accredited by AACSB, AMBA, Equis, and FIBAA, and is devoted to justice, diversification, and inclusion in all its activities and communities. The institution is one of the best ten business schools in Germany and Europe. And is developed by leading international companies and offers Ph.D. programs, MBA, and master’s from different places worldwide. 

From the heart of Europe, they provide and develop new knowledge for social development and business. They build business leaders who act responsibly and think globally. ESMT prioritizes three areas: innovation, leadership, and analytics, which guide the school’s organizational and academic development and lead its research and program.

Overview of City

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the states of Germany. With a population of approximately 3.7 million people, Berlin is the second most populous city proper in the European Union and the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union. The city is known for its rich history, culture, and architecture. It is also home to many famous museums, including the Pergamon Museum and the Berlin Wall Museum.

There are several good schools in Berlin, both public and private, which offer a more globalized education. Berlin is a fantastic city for students! There are plenty of affordable places to live, and the nightlife is incredible. Student life in Berlin can be both exciting and challenging. There is a lot to do and see in the city, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

Scholarships options at ESMT Berlin

There are different scholarship options available at ESMT Berlin. Each scholarship option has its eligibility criteria, value, slots available, deadline, status, etc. The categories of the different scholarships include:

1. e-fellows MIM Scholarship

2. Outstanding Student Leadership Scholarship

3. DigitalFuture Summit MIM Scholarship

4. Regional Scholarships

  • ESMT Americas Scholarship
  • ESMT Asia Scholarship
  • ESMT Central and Eastern Europe Scholarship
  • ESMT Middle East and Africa Scholarship

5. TU9 Scholarship

6. 30%/ ESMT MIM Women’s Scholarship

7. 700+ GMAT Scholarship: Vanderbilt University the USA

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship offered at the European School of Management and Technology and Berlin is both partially and fully funded scholarships. And students across all disciplines are eligible to apply for any.

How Many Students Receive the ESMT Berlin Scholarships?

There are more than 28 scholarships on offer, and outstanding applicants are welcome at ESMT Berlin.

Applicable Courses

ESMT Berlin institute offers a Master in Management (MIM) for its scholarships. The program includes an internship and social impact project with applied courses, research, and many advanced business and management theories.

In the Master in Management (MIM), students will specialize in any of the following fields:

1. Business Analytics

2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation

3. Finance & Investments

4. Global & Digital Strategy

Also, there are many undergraduate courses on Scholarships at the institution.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship opportunity offered by the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin.

Applicants are to prepare the following documents;

  • Academic transcripts
  • Completed application form
  • English language proficiency test results
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letters of recommendation

Note that the application form must be submitted with the documents above through e-mail or the official website.

What Field of Study is eligible for the ESMT Berlin Scholarships?

ESMT Berlin institute offers a Master in Management (MIM) and undergraduate courses for its scholarships. The program includes an internship and social impact project with applied studies, research, and many advanced business and management theories.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for the ESMT Berlin Scholarships?

ESMT Berlin Scholarships for Postgraduate and Undergraduate Courses. Hence, undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

Fees & Funding

Is ESMT Berlin a good school?

ESMT Berlin is a top-ranked business school in Germany, offering programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. The school strongly focuses on international business and economics, and its faculty includes some of the world’s leading scholars in these fields. ESMT Berlin is an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing a career in business or economics.

Why is the ESMT Berlin famous?

ESMT Berlin is a world-renowned business school located in the heart of Germany’s capital. The school offers a range of programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, as well as executive education. Also, ESMT Berlin is known for its research on leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Is it hard to get into ESMT Berlin?

ESMT Berlin is a highly selective school with an acceptance rate of around 25%. However, if you have a solid academic record and are passionate about business and management, you have a good chance of being accepted. The admissions process is also very competitive, so be sure to put your best foot forward.

Why do students go to ESMT Berlin?

ESMT Berlin is a leading international business school that offers programs in management and technology. Students come to ESMT Berlin to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s global economy. The school’s faculty comprises internationally renowned scholars and practitioners, providing students with a world-class education.

Does the ESMT Berlin give good financial aid?

ESMT Berlin does offer financial aid, but the amount and type of assistance vary depending on the student’s circumstances. Aid is need-based and is determined by the student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Application Procedure

Applicants must first apply for admission to a degree program at the institution. After which, they can apply for the scholarship opportunity. You must write an essay according to the scholarship’s criteria and demonstrate an interest in promoting business development in your home country.

For more inquiries, visit the Financial Aid office of the Institution at

Schloßpl. 1,

10178 Berlin,


+49 30 212310