Epoka university scholarships

Epoka University Scholarships – Application and Eligibility

Epoka University scholarships are a range of partially and fully funded scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s students within the institution. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students for the entire study duration.

List of Scholarships Available to Epoka University Students in Albania

Epoka University offers two (2) scholarships, one for undergraduates and the other for graduate students.

1. Bachelor/Integrated Study Program Scholarship

Epoka University awards this scholarship based on academic achievements, i.e., your high school results & Albanian State Matura Exam or SAT exam results.

2. Master Study Program Scholarship

This scholarship offers a tuition discount ranging from 10% to 40% to graduates of Epoka University and other higher educational institutions. It’s awarded based on your academic performance in your first degree, i.e., your Cumulative GPA.

Who is the Sponsor of Epoka University Scholarships?

Epoka University is the self-sponsor of its scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s students from different parts of the world. It receives no external funding to contribute towards the availability of its scholarships.

Overview of Tirana City

Tirana is Albania’s capital and largest city. It has a population of more than 560,000. Out of this population are Epoka University students, approximately 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students.

Epoka University (EU) is a private institution of higher learning established in 2007 in this city. It grants degrees for bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate students. EU is home to international students from Turkey, Kosovo, Montenegro, the United States, Macedonia, Italy, Norway, Jordan, and other parts of the world. The university is one of the highly-ranked universities in Albania. Without a doubt, Epoka University students can benefit from several scholarships.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Epoka University Scholarships?

Scholarships awarded by Epoka University do not have a specific value, as they are a varying percentage applied to tuition fees for an academic year. For instance, the EU Bachelor/Integrated study program Scholarship applies from 50% to 100% discount on tuition fees, while Master study program Scholarship applies a tuition discount ranging from 10% to 50%.

How Many Students Receive Epoka University Scholarships?

The total number of Bachelor’s and Master’s students receiving yearly scholarships from Epoka University is unknown. However, many students are recipients of these scholarships every academic year.

Are Epoka University Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Epoka University offers partially and fully funded scholarships to eligible students enrolled in its Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Duration of Epoka University Scholarships

Epoka University scholarships last from when awarded until its recipient graduates from the university. That means each recipient will benefit from the scholarship for the entire duration of his or her program. Assuming your study period took longer than expected, you must pay your tuition fees without a discount.

Applicable Courses

Epoka University awards scholarships to Bachelor’s and Master’s students irrespective of their field of study.

Here are the study areas of Epoka University programs.

  • Computer Engineering
  • Law
  • Banking and Finance
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Architecture
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Civil Engineering

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Epoka University Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students can apply for Bachelor/Integrated study program Scholarship at Epoka University, Albania. The scholarship is specifically for undergraduates in the EU’s bachelor’s degree program.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the specific and general requirements for all scholarships offered at Epoka University, Albania.

  • Must have applied or be a continuing student of Epoka University
  • Should possess high academic achievements

Requirements for Bachelor/Integrated study program Scholarship Requirements

To qualify for this Epoka University scholarship as a bachelor’s student, your high school and Albania State Matura Exam result must not be less than 6,200. Assuming you are applying with your SAT result, your result must be 1,220, at a minimum.

Requirements for Master Study Program Scholarship

If you are a graduate of Epoka University and wish to apply for a Master’s Study Program Scholarship to further your education, your CGPA for your first degree must be at least 2.70. Students who are graduates of another university need to possess a CGPA of not less than 8.50.

Fees & Funding

Does Epoka University give scholarships?

Yes, Epoka University has scholarships of various award amounts available to its undergraduate and graduate students. To be opportune to benefit from one of these scholarships, you must fulfill some requirements and submit your application before the program’s commencement.

Are there Epoka University scholarships for international students?

Of course, Epoka University scholarships are open to applications from international students, regardless of their nationality. The university does not practice favoritism while deciding on scholarship recipients.

Are Epoka University scholarships easy to get?

No, Epoka University students do not find it easy to get scholarships. However, you can increase the likelihood of winning a scholarship by fulfilling all requirements before applying.

Does Epoka University offer a full scholarship?

Yes, Bachelor/Integrated Study Program Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship awarded to undergraduate Epoka University students. A minimum SAT result of 1,350 is required to get this scholarship. You are also eligible if Albania State Matura Exam or high school result is not less than 6,600.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Epoka University Scholarships

For full details on Epoka University scholarship application procedures, you can contact the institution through any of the means below.